Bennett definitely leaning toward staying with the Seahawks

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Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett apparently is choosing a potential Seahawks dynasty over his brother’s vision of a “Black Duck Dynasty.”

Per a league source, Bennett definitely is leaning toward staying with the Seahawks.  A decision could be made later today.

At issue are salary and, presumably, anticipated playing time.  While the Bears reportedly are offering $8.5 million per year and the Seahawks are offering $8 million, the Seahawks used him only 57 percent of the time in 2013.  The Bears could want him on the field more frequently than that.

Bennett is the No. 2 free agent on PFT’s Hot 100 list.  He could be off the market before it even opens.

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  1. Over-rated just watch. He’s a system guy. Individually, he’s not talented enough to make an immediate impact on arrival. He had a lot of good players around him in Seattle that helped raised his stock. And he’s due for a big pay day. But someone’s gona over pay him his true value.

  2. I am not so sure about all I this. I get the impression that Bennett’s representation has played this perfect. He wants Chicago. Chicago wants him. So at the last minute all of a sudden “Seattle is interested”. And now all of a sudden he is leaning toward staying in Seattle. I think they are playing the bears to get more money. If Seattle wast interested a month ago, why the desperation to keep him now. Doesn’t add up

  3. So……… he wants more money but not the playing time to go with it. Sounds like a great guy to be around if things go bad. “Not my fault”

  4. One hopes that team loyalty would play a part in his decisions, but reality is the bugaboo. Eight mil is a nice income to work a little over half the time during the season. Bennett should also keep in mind the temperate climate in Seattle, and those harsh, windy days at Soldier Field. What good is a half-a-mil when you’re freezing your butt off, waiting for Rodgers to finish his pre-snap reads?

    Play at Seattle and you’ll visit warm SF and AZ. Go to Chi, and its frigid Green Bay and Siberia-like Minneapolis. Some choice.

  5. I hope the Seahawks get him since he isn’t worth 8MM/year. He wouldn’t quite be a cap-killer, but I don’t share PFT’s high opinion of him as a player.

  6. Are you basically saying Bennett is willing to take less money in exchange for not having to play as much?

    I hope you are misstating or misrepresenting this because if you aren’t, he sure doesn’t sound like a guy I would want on my team.

  7. Now we get to hear all the Hawk fans talk about how this is such a great signing when just a couple days ago they were calling him overrated.

  8. Seattle needs to be real careful here. You start shelling out this kind of coin for all your above average players – you will be broke when Sherman, Wilson, Thomas etc. come due.

  9. He isn’t paying state income tax in Washington…
    He’d being paying Millions in Illinois!

  10. Biggest factor; Unless the Bears beat them by more than his State Tax Bill will be there, he will remain in Seattle and hope to play with his brother at the next pro bowl……But that maybe up to his brother improving……

  11. Marty B was funny for about a week until it got old. Hes just a guy who tries way to hard all the time to be funny and different. I think while Michael would like to play with his brother he also knows they would eventually get sick of eachother and butt heads.

  12. He is definitely a good fit with the Hawk system but he is not worth a cent more than 8 million year, if even that.

    Take him out of the Hawk system to be the main guy on some other team and he is going to be double-teamed and disappear.

    Buyer beware!

  13. It would be nice to be play with your brother, but then he realized that Cutler was going to be his QB.

    All QBs have up and down games, but Cutler is more likely to cost the team a game than Wilson is.

  14. I’m a Seahawks fan, and follow a few different fan boards. I haven’t seen many Seahawk fans saying he’s overrated. Maybe a few yahoo’s here and there.

    Mostly I heard about how he can rush from the inside and the outside, he’s good against the pass and the run, and his team-leading 8.5 sacks, while nice, doesn’t reflect his true value to the team.

    Would he do as well in Chicago? Hard to say. There is a synergy to the DL; the more good rushers you have, the better everyone does. Last year, Seattle had Bennett, Avril and McDonald all performing well, making for some very tough choices for opposing offensive lines. On a team with an otherwise pedestrian D-line, Bennett might not be the difference-maker he was on the Seahawks. But for the Seahawks, he’s well worth $8 million.

    Ask Peyton Manning how much he would have paid to NOT have to face Bennett…:)

  15. If he really wants less money and less playing time in Seattle, they can keep him. Better the Bears go after guys who want to be on the field as much as possible.

    Something’s not sounding right here.

  16. But he won’t sign for a week. Him and his agent are yearpraying Oakland offers him twelve mill a

  17. For those who don’t understand about the playing time thing, I’ll elaborate. Pete and Dan Quinn (Gus Bradley before him), have devised a rotational system, that allows players to rest after a play, or a few. Players also shift along the line as the situation demands. This means that by the 4th Quarter, when most defenses are getting tired and weary, the Hawks’ D is still fresh and as ready to play as they were in the First Qtr.

    So, Bennett gets to target the QB for a few plays, then its Irwins’ turn, then Avril, then McDonald, and maybe Mebane gets a shot, and on and on. Its no different really than rolling Thurmond into Maxwell’s spot to spell him. Its all about having the best advantage that can be had.

    Other teams would like to do it Pete’s way, but without the depth at the key positions it just doesn’t work as well. Its also why the Seahawks will stay young, for when many finish their rookie contracts, they’ll be replaced by other rookies. We get ’em cheap, train them to be pros, then let them go elsewhere to get rich.

  18. I honestly believe MB was just a part of an awesome scheme that works well in Pete’s system. With Sherman, Wilson and Thomas getting ready to eat up payroll, spending 8 mil a year seems expensive, but hey…Pete and John Schneider know way more than I do..and I’m sure they have a great plan for the immediate future. I think Avril made a bunch of key strips and tips that went straight into MB’s waiting arms and hands…again, MB was just a piece of that incredible defense. Go Hawks!!

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