Bennett’s playing time will be a factor in his negotiations

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The Seahawks played it cool with defensive end Michael Bennett.  Once the Bears leaked that they “expect” to sign Bennett, the Seahawks woke up.

Now, the Seahawks have jumped into the bidding, in an effort to close the deal.

It’ll be intriguing to see what Bennett ultimately gets.  There are reports that the Bears have offered $8.5 million per year, and that the Seahawks are willing to pay $8 million per year.  That’s a bargain, given that the Vikings signed defensive end Everson Griffin to a five-year deal worth $8.5 million annually.

(He’s the same Everson Griffen who has started one career game.  And who once was moved to linebacker for offseason workouts before moving back to defensive end in training camp.  And who has a history of off-field issues.)

Still, Bennett was nearly a part-time player in 2013, participating in 57 percent of the snaps.  Based on how the Seahawks used him and presumably how they plan to in 2014 and beyond, $8 million could be a very fair number — especially if the Bears will expect a lot more than 57-percent playing time for $8.5 million per year.

So now we wait, with the Seahawks having the ability for another 26 hours or so to not just negotiate but to make offers and to talk to the player directly and to get a deal done before Bennett can even go to Chicago.

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  1. If Seattle loses him at least it won’t be as bad as it was for the Lions to lose Avril to SEA for a nice rate. Not only can the Lions not afford to pluck Bennett as payback, but they couldn’t even protect Avril who only signed for $13MM over 2 years.

    This is so DEpressing.

  2. The Seahawks best out-look next season is 6-10 if they don’t take any PEDs like they did last season.

    They still have 0 superbowls.

    The last one has an asterisk for PED use.

  3. Bears are not quite the team the Seahawks are yet…
    It will be interesting to see if playing for his brother is really more important than what he just experienced last season with Seattle. Winning is still the reason for the season. Ice cold turf by Nov, QB that wont last 16 games, new coach and environment goes along way toward Re upping in Seattle is my hunch. Peppers will be gone if Bennett is a Bear, thus putting ,more attention on Bennett and ultimately reducing the national opinion of him.

  4. The posts about him are funny. Everyone thinks if he goes to Chicago, he’s already an overpaid bust. If he resigns with Seattle, then it’s all good.

    Ok, Seahawks won SB. Destroyed Denver. Very good team. However, how many dynasties have there been in the last 5-7 years? Most teams that win it all get lucky. No major injuries. Pull out games they should have lost of wierd flukes. Have opponents in their divisions have a run of bad luck. Don’t forget… one tipped pass in NFC championship from NOT going to SB.

  5. Honestly I say let him go. I think given our ability to find value in the draft we should make it a priority to restructure clemons, resign Tate, give Earl an extension and then use the leftover cash to shore up some other areas. At that point we could either draft a DE by trading up in the draft, or look to try and bring in a guy in a similar situation as Bennett was in last year. We really don’t have a lot of needs that need to be addressed so packaging a 1st and 2nd to trade up and get a better DE prospect may be our best and cheapest option anyway

  6. Bears need to sign this guy, he will get playing time here. And a lot of it, especially if we release peppers. I hope emery can get this deal done and then focus on getting Melton paid. Don’t worry about safties until the draft. Get Melton and Bennett, then you’ll have a line of Bennett, Melton, Ratliff, and Wottoon. That’s a damn good line in my opinion

  7. The Seahawks should spend and cajole and do everything they can this coming year cause after this their window will close. Russell Wilson is a nice guy and all but he wont be the lowest paid starting quarterback in football for long. Seahawks did a nice job of building a solid team using high draft picks acquired through years of mediocre football and and by being opportunistic in free agency. Enjoy one more year Hawks fans, after that, the team will descend back into mediocrity and the issues with Pete Carroll will resurface.

  8. All people have to say is how Seattle will fade over the next few years, really??? IS that a way to talk smack after a team just won the super bowl? What did your team do this year. Salary Cap will ultimately catch up with everyone, we get it!! For now we will just enjoy adding to the trophy case.

  9. That’s the new cycle in the nfl and its why its the greatest league in the world. Draft well and get over achievers in free agency. After this season the Seahawks are screwed unless they make the wise choice and just let Wilson walk and continue winning with that defence

  10. Adjusted for the Detroit and Michigan income taxes, the offers are equal. Where would you rather play, Seattle on a Super Bowl team or bombed out, bankrupt Detroit?

  11. I was kinda worried about this being out in the press so soon. Why would anyone on DaBears staff leak this info? Dummies.

  12. I love all the trash talking about Seattle. They take PED’s and cheat, stop crying the NFL is set up to punish those that take them. If you take PED’s you will get caught and you will get suspended. We were the best team last year and we won the Super Bowl. Everytime I read one of your stupid post I am gonna put my Super Bowl DVD in and watch it again.

  13. Is it any wonder the queens are in the cellar? They have to overpay to come to that wasteland.

  14. gangbang mickey that wasteland used to be lambeau field as it was in the 70s 80s and some of the 90s till reggie signed with them , I see them falling back after mrs Rodgers get hurt and cant play or just quits . the vikes will rise shortly and its the cheesers that will be back in the bottom for decades to come . sorry chump but it the way its going to be

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