Brandon Pettigrew hopes teams value blocking at tight end

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The looming battle about whether Jimmy Graham should be viewed as a tight end or wide receiver for franchise tag purposes underscores the changing responsibilities of the tight end position in the NFL.

One free agent tight end hopes that things haven’t changed so much that blocking skills have been devalued. Brandon Pettigrew hasn’t put up receiving numbers like Graham or some of the league’s other prolific pass catchers at the position, but he hopes there are teams that appreciate how often he was positioned on the line to help as a blocker when surveying the free agent market.

“I want to be used as a tight end,” Pettigrew said, via USA Today. “I want to be utilized for my run-blocking and my pass-receiving skill set.”

With Graham tagged and Dennis Pitta re-signing with the Ravens, Pettigrew is joined by Jermichael Finley and Garrett Graham at the top of the list of available tight ends. Finley’s 2013 neck injury could be a red flag for teams while Graham has limited experience as the lead guy at the position. That should lead teams to take a long look at Pettigrew and his eventual contract will tell us how much of a price teams will pay for a tight end who leads with skills that have seemed outdated at times in recent years.

18 responses to “Brandon Pettigrew hopes teams value blocking at tight end

  1. People in Detroit all know that Brandon Pettigrew has considerable talent to block at the point of attack. But, we also know he developed a preternatural ability to kill drives with his penchant for 2nd and third down drops. He’ll likely be compensated as such.

  2. Agree with comments so far. The guy not only can’t catch, but he’s an average at best blocker. Not the guy they thought they were getting out of Oklahoma State. Feel sorry for whatever team lands him.

  3. Pettigrew has stone hands and has regressed as a blocker over the past two years. I will be pleased if the Lions do not re-sign him so we can see what these young TEs can do.

  4. Fauria, Michael Williams, and Veldman will be the Lions TE’s this year. Michael Williams is a better blocker than most TE’s anywhere. Alabama used him as a FB and primary blocker at the line. And he can catch better the Petti.

  5. This was another draft pick that was a reach and not even our most pressing positional concern at the time. We still don’t have a young stud DB or LB on the team even now! But back then we needed this TE in the 1st, yeah that made a lot of sense. Gosh our team is stupid.

  6. thestrategyexpert, on behalf of all Lions fans, please quit pretending that you are intelligent. All you do is spout off about how you wouldn’t have drafted (insert failed draft pick here) and instead would have drafted (insert star player that was drafted late because no one saw it coming here). You are an expert in personnel viewed in hindsight and a moron when it comes to reality. Thanks.

  7. He’d better improve his blocking given all the passes I’ve seen him drop when he played my team.

  8. thestategyexpert:

    Must be nice to dump on the Lions all day. How many first rounders have become average players for other teams? You act like its only the Lions that miss on picks. Levy (who the Lions groomed) is a LB stud. Yes, they have missed on CB but that is a tough position in the NFL and Slay will be better this year. Stupid is such an easy word to throw around when your trolling in your parents basement.

  9. He does not drop passes….. they hit him in the chest between the numbers and they just fall to the ground!!!!

  10. You guys have no idea what you’re talking about. Jimmy Graham drops more than Pettigrew, but hey, he plays for the Saints, so it’s OK!

    Facts: Graham, targeted 131, catches 85, drops 15.
    15% drop rate.

    Pettigrew, targeted 85, catches 59, drops 9.
    13.8% drop rate.

    Tell me again how he has stone hands!

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