Cortland Finnegan representing himself, wants to win


Cortland Finnegan doesn’t have a team at the moment.

And when he finds another one, it will be without the benefit of an agent.

Finnegan told Josina Anderson of ESPN he wants to join a contender, but doesn’t think he needs to pay someone to help him find one.

I still feel like I can contribute and also benefit a team by bringing a young kid along,” he said. “What’s different now is that I don’t have an agent. I’m representing myself in this process. Let me tell you I am getting an upfront look at what’s it’s really like to talk to these General Managers, coordinators and coaches and take in how they really feel about you. I’m asking questions and getting answers that I would never get from an agent.

“Personally I think I’ve had some real conversations with a few teams. I may take a few visits but sometimes I feel like I can collect the information that I need on the phone. I know the teams that have a standard for winning already. That’s really my focus now.”

Finnegan’s play dropped off sharply last year, to the point that his patron Jeff Fisher cut him. That’s probably as clear a signal as could be sent.

But if a good team needs a veteran stable-pony, Finnegan seems inclined to accept a smaller role than in the past.

And with his smaller paycheck, saving the 3 percent might be a wise investment.