Dolphins sign Louis Delmas


Louis Delmas is taking his talents to South Beach.

The Dolphins have signed Delmas, a safety who has played his entire career in Detroit, to a one-year contract. The deal has a maximum value of $3.5 million.

Delmas is an above-average starting safety when he’s healthy, but the problem is that he’s often not healthy. Although he did play in all 16 games last year, he often missed practice time to rest his ailing knees. And he missed 13 games in the two seasons before last.

A 2009 second-round pick of the Lions, Delmas had three interceptions, two sacks and 48 total tackles last season.

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  1. Louis and Branden Albert can keep each other company while they are injured (and Miami pays them)

  2. WOW!….What are they doing, overpaying AGAIN for names, and then for 15th year in a row…have zero depth.

    I understand Ross needs NAMES to attract fans, …but this is just continuation of last year.

    Dolphins….right now….may be worst franchise in all of pro sports!!!

  3. Grimes proved his worth with his contract, giving Delmas a chance to do the same is a good calculated risk.

    Better that than overpay Jarius Byrd, and thus fail to be able to fill any other good holes.

    If it’s a bust, the pain is minimal. If it’s a boom, they look smart.

    I like it.

  4. All deals should be no longer than 1-3 years. There would be a lot less cutting/restructuring after 2 to 3 years of big contracts.

    There’s a good reason the league has a nickname of Not For Long…

    Average career in the NFL is 3 years. Just saying.

  5. A player can sign with another team prior to opening of FA if the played had been cut/released from previous team. Example D Jackson with Indy

  6. For all those wondering, a player who was released from their team is allowed to sign with another team at any time. Delmas was allowed to sign with another team because he was released. Other free agents must wait for free agency to begin.

  7. Good signing. Maybe their doing something wrong in detroit since all their players are always hurt. No risk in a one year prove it deal.

  8. He probably has to play all 16 to get that $3.5M.

    Sweet deal for the Fins if he stays healthy.

    Brandon Albert would be a bad signing at the suggested price imo.

  9. Enjoy him Miami, he doesn’t practice due to being a china doll but he will look great on Sundays as he makes a flying out of control dive at a opposing player missing him in the process.

  10. Dolphis fans, Delmas is ok in coverage (not horrible, not fantastic). He has a good nose for the football and helps create turnovers (fumbles and interceptions).

    He’s kind of an old school strong-safety/monster back. Detroit didn’t use a strong-safety, and so didn’t get the most out of him.

    The biggest minus is that he fashions himself as being a sort of Ronnie Lott/Andre Waters kind of hitter, but he’s not at the level of either of those guys. He sometimes misses tackles — that’s a big problem. But you’ll see him deliver some major (legal) hits. You’ll love that.

    The biggest plus is his intensity. He makes everyone around him play better. Detroit always saw a big difference in the defense when he was on the field. Keeping his knee healthy enough for him to play the full season will be important.

    I’m guessing part of the reason The Dolphins signed him was to help change the locker room culture. Delmas is going to take a leadership role immediately. He isn’t afraid of exerting his will on much larger players.

  11. The funniest part of any AFC East deal is that these teams are still trying. No one is going to unseat the Patriots in the division. Save your money. Although it is sort of adorable that each year around this time Miami or Buffalo or the Jets make a “splash.” It’s cute that they think they can compete.

  12. I’d say the Lions fans will see him on Thanksgiving, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure his knees will hold up thru November.

  13. Folks, you do know that the Lions CUT Delmas last week? He is NOT a free agent! Good in coverage when healthy…and stop with the “he’s never healthy” stuff…why do you folks think players hit free agency?
    1. Team he plays for can’t afford him
    2. He sucks so who gives a crap?
    3. Injuries year before or year before that

    And who said Delmas was not a team player? (that actually describes Jairus Byrd to a tee…if he played WR he’d be considered a prima donna)

    Maybe he was tired of practicing with Schwart around…

  14. I dont mean to sound like a hater, but the Dolphins seem to be really desperate. I mean, they will really need to bring a new OL, gave a 60M contract to a bust, have some problems at defense too, but signing Delmas just like that seems so quick.
    I gotta give credit to some Phins players that really rock (Hartline, for example) but Im sad to see this franchise like this. Last year at week 3-4 I saw them like bringing some competition for the AFCEast title, but they failed. Bad.

  15. Wow someone told Delmas and Albert that owner Stephen Ross will pay them even if they leave the team as Jonathan Martin did. All they have to do is cry BULLYING…….

  16. Good move? One of the best safeties?

    The coach who drafted Delmas is now a defensive coordinator in need of a safety…and they didn’t even bring him in for a visit…I think that says enough about him.

    Have fun with that, Miami.

  17. Two more things…

    If an AFC East team plays Detroit on Thanksgiving, it will be Jim Scwartz returning with the Bills…not Miami.

    Also, as for the Patriots, they are falling and I would bet anything that Buffalo sweeps them this year. Not saying the Bills take the division…but keep kidding yourselves saying they are that far off now.

  18. Good signing. Wait until you see the deal. Max $3.5 million. I’m sure much of the salary will be tied to number of snaps. Haters can yap all they want, we will see how much of a joke the phins are when they hit the field next season.

    Funny to hear Raven, Chiefs, Vikings, and other fans who’s teams have done absolutely nothing recently either. We shall see next year who is for real and who is not. I like the roster Miami is putting together and Delmas if healthy is an upgrade for them at very little cost.

  19. No free agent will ever sign in Miami.

    Said a bunch of really stupid people, over and over, even as free agents were signing in Miami…

  20. As a phin fan, i can’t until he picks off Brady to win the game just like it happened last time

  21. His speed and ability to get to the wrong spot on the field is rivaled only by his ability to be out of control when he reads the play wrong. Great signing! You’ll know what I mean when he takes off the head of an overthrow receiver resulting in a first in goal penalty.

  22. Sadly this is probably the beginning of the end for Louis.

    Thanks for your time in Detroit.

  23. Two things. 1. Most of the people commenting here know nothing about football. 2. If you think a deal that is worth at max 3.5 million is over paying your a idiot. I guess anything over the league minimum is over paid.

  24. As a 50 year Lion’s fan, I can honestly say that Delmas is slightly above average in coverage, but misses way too many tackles in the open field. He just can’t play it safe – he is reckless and dives at the knees of the ball carrier. He whiffs as often as he connects – which is not a good sign for the Safety.

    He is a loudmouth – which motivates some peers, but he can’t control his mouth and has been known to draw unsportsman-like penalties for bitching at refs. He is a main reason the Lion’s D has had so many personal fouls – the team followed his lead.

    His knees won’t allow him to practice, so the defensive backfield is never on the same page. You can’t just show up on game day without practicing with the rest of the secondary – it just doesn’t work.

    He will love the culture in Miami, which would also worry me very much. He is just a mad dog – on the field, and unfortunately off the field as well.

    I’m glad he is not Detroit’s problem any more.

  25. He’s an intense personality and great locker room guy who played/plays with reckless abandon on the field; he was liked in Detroit. And if I had to venture a guess I think he will be liked in Miami as well.

    I will say this though…the guy does have degenerative knees (both knees, it’s chronic, and it’s not going to get better), it’s the reason he hasn’t played regularly for the past few seasons. And while he did play this past season he barely was able to practice during the week. This certainly showed on the field, Lou has definitely lost a step (or two) he was consistently late in reacting to the plays in coverage and run support. It’s part of the reason you have been hearing about missed tackles and forfeiture of big plays in the passing game.

    It wasn’t the scheme, coaches, or scenery that was the problem for him in Detroit; he actually ticked off all those boxes. It was plain and simple, health and performance. Detroit did the same thing as Fins’ have done in giving him a short term incentive laden deal, and they cut him a season after. For a team that is desperately of need at the position, it’s certainly a glaring buyer be ware. So people expecting him to be an upgrade over Clemons (who clearly has his own performance issues) I think might be in for some disappointment.

    This isn’t to bad mouth the guy, I certainly wish him all the success with Miami, but I think it’s fair game to be honest about where he is as a player currently.

  26. He fits a need they have on a one year contract that dosen’t have a garantee that he starts. Btw, owner Ross will spend 400 million to renovate sun life stadium starting tommorrow.

  27. For those asking, Delmas wasn’t an unrestricted free agent. He was a ‘street free agent’ – waived by his team from last year before his contract expired.

    So much like Red Bryant was cut by Seattle and signed in Jacksonville – anybody could have signed him prior to the start of free agency tomorrow at 3PM CST or whenever it is.

  28. His Deal is less than $2.5M! How can anyone say this is a bad move for a risk free deal to get the 8th ranked Safety!! It has nothing but upside. Heck, Brent Grimes was a steal last year on a 1 year deal. Knock it off with the “overpaid” crap already. The market will pay if their is a need. Every team pays and has the same Overall budget.

  29. Lions fan. Delmas was a terrible investment for Mia. Watching him for years, the label of Bob Sanders couldn’t be more true.

    He’s all hype and really the only thing he brings, when he’s on the field, is energy. He is a poor tackler, takes some of the worst angles in pursuit and when a play is over he just jaws like he made some highlight play.

    We always hoped he’d live up to the hype but never did. Show me deal or not, he’s nothing but an average S and I truly believe Mitchell from Car would’ve been a much better investment for Mia. He took Mia because of the city, not the team.

  30. I wish LOSS and Philbin would take their talents OR LACK THEREOF, elsewhere! SELL THE TEAM, LOSS! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

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