Giants among the early calls to Andrew Quarless

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The influence of new Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is already evident, based on their targets in free agency.

According to, the Giants have shown early interest in Packers tight end Andrew Quarless.

Of course, they’re not the only ones, as six other teams are reportedly also in the mix during the legal tampering window — though we don’t know how many or to what degree those teams are interested.

Quarless has caught 56 passes in four years, but he’s been playing behind Jermichael Finley, so McAdoo apparently thinks he is ready to step out on his own now.

We’ll see if that interest turns into something more tangible, like an actual offer, starting tomorrow.

19 responses to “Giants among the early calls to Andrew Quarless

  1. …if only Adrian Robinson or Larry Donnell would step up and play. They have every opportunity to learn McAdoo’s offense and become contributors. McAdoo ought to sit down with each of them, and then both together… there’s room for one of you, but not both. One of you will emerge from the bench to contribute, while the other is cut.

  2. Quarless seems like a guy with unexplored potential. It’ll be interesting to see how much talent he has when he’s used on most downs. Seems like he has the desire and work ethic.

  3. Let me guess, another one year deal for a TE.
    This will be (I believe) the 4th TE in 4 years.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  4. I think he’s the most valuable free agent the Packers have unsigned. Bostick will replace Finley in the passing game if he doesn’t return, but they don’t have a guy like Quarless to help in the running game. He’s a block-first TE, with the athletic ability to be a force in the passing game (he and Finley are almost the exact same size – both around 6’4″ 255 lbs). The passing game won’t suffer if he leaves, but the running game will if they don’t find an adequate replacement.

  5. I highly doubt the Giants view this guy as the answer, but he will come on the cheap and he knows McAdoo’s system. Seems like a smart signing. He’ll also add depth at a position that I believe they will address in the first two rounds of the draft. A lot of deep talent there.

  6. Andrew Quarless is best known for scoring a phantom touchdown against the Vikings in 2010. Without that touchdown, which should have been overturned on replay, the Packers would not have made the playoffs and would not have won the Super Bowl.

  7. Quarless is an OK TE. Lots of injury concerns, and I don’t know if Rodgers helped make him appear better than he is, or if Quarless, has some game. I think he would be ok as a 2nd TE.

  8. He probably wants to get out of Green Bay before he breaks his neck, blows out his knee or pulls his hammy like 70% of his former teammates who apparently are treated by a training staff that got their degrees on-line.

  9. To me this sounds like an agent leaking news, as the guy is basically an OK option as a #2 TE.

    He had a shot to be a#1 option as a rookie and didn’t really do much. In 2011 he couldn’t crack the top 2 TE positions on the team. He missed all of 2012.

    With Finley out and backup QBs that liked to check down he started to get some balls thrown his way and did OK.

    My guess is he’ll sign for 2yrs/3.5M to whoever gives him a shot to compete for a starting job.

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