Michael Bennett: Tough to tell Martellus I wasn’t going to Chicago


As recently as this morning, it looked like brothers Michael Bennett and Martellus Bennett would be playing together in Chicago this year, as defensive end Michael was expected to sign with the Bears, where Martellus plays tight end. But then Michael had a change of heart and decided to stick with a team he loves in Seattle.

Martellus had been talking about his enthusiasm for playing with his brother, and Michael said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that it was tough to break the news to Martellus that they wouldn’t play together after all.

“It was so hard to tell my brother that I was going to re-sign in Seattle but he understood, he knows its best for me,” Michael Bennett said.

Ultimately, Michael decided that he had a good thing going with the Seahawks, and he didn’t want to leave the defending champions.

“Sometimes guys go to different places and sign big time contracts and it just doesn’t work out. I love playing in Seattle,” Bennett said.

He loves playing Seattle so much that he was willing to leave money on the table to stay there, and walk away from a chance to play with his brother.

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  1. Smart move. Who wants to be part of a team with Cutler at QB?

    When Martellus decides that money isn’t everything, maybe he can come join his brother in Seattle and win a couple Superbowl rings in the process. We’d welcome him with open arms.

  2. Smart business decision. Grab another ring or two and catch up with your brother down the road. Seattle is not very strong at TE. Perhaps the reunion will happen with Martellus joining him at some time.

  3. I’m surprised Seattle re-signed him. They are going to have some serious cap problems in the next year or two when that young talent wants a similar payday. I also get the feeling Bennett was playing for a contract last year so Seattle may not get as much production from him next year as they did last year. Only time will tell.

  4. It wasn’t meant to be and you got overpaid. That is the same contract amount as Forte and I think McCoy or Rice! Ridiculous…. I’m glad the Bears interest drew him a payday in Seattle.

  5. Yeah he probably was initially resistant to the idea of plotting a way to force a trade to Seattle. It doesn’t count as tampering or get busted if you use a player as a middleman right?

  6. He likely didn’t leave any money on the table. While the pre-tax amount that Chicago was offering was higher, the fact that Washington doesn’t have state income tax, means he probably was being offered a comparable amount if not more to stay in Seattle, where he was expected to play less and he already knows he likes.

  7. Team success doesn’t stay for long in the NFL. Case in point being the Texans and the Falcons. He would have been better off taking the money and playing alongside his brother. Besides not much separates the Bears and the Hawks. That opportunity will never come for them again.

  8. I hope Bennett plays well after he gets a big check. Sometimes players don’t play as hard after the big check. Prove me wrong Michael.

  9. He did NOT “take less” to stay in Seattle. He said himself he got as much guaranteed money as anybody. He only took less on paper for years he’d never play out anyway.

    And the Seahawks will have no cap problems at all. There’s plenty of space to sign whoever they want to keep. Just give up on that fantasy.

  10. Bennett really telling his brother “I’m glad I didnt have to go to the vikings” Thanks for the help this past year Bennett and the years to come!!!

  11. Seattle has competition every Tuesday (if I remember right).
    If you don’t keep your game up you don’t play.

  12. That’s going to go to those sea chickens heads. He won’t sniff the Super Bowl again. Take the money and play with your Brother

  13. Viking fans have so little to cheer for/root for/celebrate that they have to spend their time on Seahawk threads. It does make me smile when I read their posts. How sad to be in the League for over half a century and still not have any rings. Are the Vikings even a real NFL team anymore? Didn’t they move to the CFL?

  14. With all the money the bucs have wasted the past couple of years they should both be in tampa. Glad dom and schiahole are gone but it always starts at the top. Come on tampa lets support the #byebyeGlazers movement

  15. Good for him I guess. He seems like a likable guy. Not sure why he’d want to play for a community that throws garbage at other players when they are hurt – I guess it’s true what everyone says about Seattle. Btw, the basketball team in Oklahoma awesome.

  16. All you Seattle fans were bashing Michael Bennett when you thought he was heading to Chicago. Now that he re-signed? Nothing but love. #Classic

  17. Wow. Chicago fans are sad today. Like 5 posts in a row. Two stories ago it was how bad Seattle would miss this guy now it’s thank goodness we didn’t get him.

    Thanks for the intelligent and thought provoking banter guys.

    Btw what’s the difference between kellen Davis and his old teammates? Hint it’s shiny and in his right hand.

  18. Don’t be so quick to say he gave a home town discount and settled for less. He may have gotten more dollars in Chicago, but Ill. has a state income tax as does the city. What he got from Seattle could easily been equal to (or maybe even better than) what what the Bears were willing to pay. Here in Seattle, he already has started getting marketing deals also. He would have to start over from scratch there and again take the tax hits.
    Town loves him
    Team Loves him
    Account loves him
    Agent loves him
    Sorry Bro, he stays in Seattle

  19. The whole tax thing is so not legit. Players pay taxes based on where they played the game? How many away games do you have and when you do you pay taxes that that city has set. He took a significant paycut to stay and thats all fine and dandy. Seattle people were all sayin let hom go because they have such a crazy D, and you do. You are extremely fortunate to have good players and great team chemistry but I dont think the moneys gonns be there when russell sherman and many others come outta their rookie contracts!

  20. I’m neutral on this one / I think it’s all politics / i imagine he was going to stay and was just testing the waters / he did say he wanted to be a seahawk 100% but, eh… What do I know, seriously

  21. osiris33 says:
    Mar 10, 2014 9:02 PM
    He did NOT “take less” to stay in Seattle. He said himself he got as much guaranteed money as anybody. He only took less on paper for years he’d never play out anyway.

    And the Seahawks will have no cap problems at all. There’s plenty of space to sign whoever they want to keep. Just give up on that fantasy.

    Sorry dude, it’s not gonna happen. Unless the Seahawks stars play for the bare minimum, no way they’ll be able to keep this team intact in the next year or so. Wilson will get overpaid, Sherman is gonna want 20mil a year, Thomas will command 10+mil and so on. Had not for the cap increase, the hawks would have loss Bennett

  22. The cap went up 10 million this year and likely will do same next year with new TV deals starting.

    Plenty of money to sign who we want. So sorry Charley. LOL!

  23. The tax thing is legit, you get paid based on where the game is played, meaning that if your home stadium is in the state of washington, then you don’t pay income tax on half of your games. The taxes paid for away games will even out, but there would be a significant difference between taxes paid for 8 games a year in Chicago vs Seattle.

  24. As a Bears fan, I’m okay with it. There’s really no need to make it rain on free agents this year anyway, just enough to fill up some holes and do the heavy lifting in the draft. Otherwise we’d get to spend another year with Chicago area sportswriters having an anxiety attack over free agents. “We’re right up against the cap how will we ever afford to re-sign Brandon Marshall?!?!”

  25. Yep. Enjoy your payday my man. Your brother sure did prop it up. Let’s hope he finally pans out for Chicago, or you both may end up on NFL Network next year finding HIM a job….

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