Michael Bennett stays with Seattle


The Bears reportedly expected to land defensive end Michael Bennett.  If so, the Bears expected wrong.

Per a league source, defensive end Michael Bennett has reached an agreement to remain with the Seahawks.  It’s a four-year deal.

Bennett, the No. 2 man on the PFT Free Agent Hot 100, became a free agent last year, after finishing a contract with the Buccaneers.  He signed a one-year, $5 million deal with the Seahawks.

Despite participating in only 57 percent of the snaps, Bennett racked up eight sacks.  He’ll have four more years to do more of the same.

97 responses to “Michael Bennett stays with Seattle

  1. Hey Kaep, do you hear the footsteps??

    But lets stay rational here people. Signing Bennett, while big, is not the only piece. There were at least 52 other men suited up 19 times last year.

    When expectations are ridiculous, performance never seems to measure up.

    All that said, I’m glad he’s on our team.

    Now go get Baldwin and Tate in a uniform and lets get to work.

  2. I watched the NFL Films BR disc this weekend, and realized again just how much of an impact Bennett had for the Seahawks defense last season. His value cannot be measured by sacks alone. I think this was a smart move by the front office, but considering the inevitable upcoming contracts with a few other key players, time will tell…

  3. Smart for Seattle to go for the gusto now before they join the rest of us with 20M qbs

  4. As I said on the other Bennett article; the Seahawks aren’t going to lose someone they genuinely want to keep, and it’s really just as simple as that. That proved to be the case with Bennett and will be true with others. It’s just a matter of whom they feel has value and genuinely want to keep, that’s all.

  5. That’s cheaper then the Griffen deal. Too bad we don’t play the Vikings again. We could steam roll them again.
    We have Percy for 5 more years too.
    Suckas! We’re the Reining champions, haters!

  6. I’m on fence about this deal…. But hey, good for Bennett to stick it to a team – all I can say is he better his ass off for the kind of money they’re dishing out for an old man

  7. Seattle is going to be in a huge pickle when the rookie contracts run out and other top performers want to get paid top dollar. Their cap situation will make Jerry Jones’ cap situation look like a bumper crop of cash.

  8. Well, that’s gonna be an awkward family dinner.

    And here’s the thing…If he isn’t hungry for the extra playing time he’d have gotten with the Bears, and potentially took less money, too, then let Seattle keep him.

    If he signed for more than 8.5 mil, then it was the Seahawks who just got played, not the Bears.

  9. I like it if it makes it harder for them to retain Cliff Avril down the road so the Lions can get him back where he originally belonged! I get very attached to the few Lions players that were actually smart draft picks. We shouldn’t be losing any of them.

    Willie Young that the Lions were touting so highly ended up with 5 less Sacks and 5 less FFs than Avril last year, despite starting nearly every game. Willie Young had 760 snaps for 73.7% compared to Avril only having 551 snaps for 52.8%. That’s part of why we let Avril go because our scouts, coaches and managers said Young was going to have a big year. And of course Jason Jones was going to help out, you know the average journeyman player that lasted for 85 snaps. We stole him from the Seahawks when they took Avril, HA!!! Gosh we are so stupid.

    Also interesting to note that Bennett had the highest snap percantage of all SEA DLs las year.

  10. I love it. Chicago still has to rid themselves of Julius Peppers contract. No shame in reaching and coming up short Chicago. It happens.

  11. All the news coming out, I was certain he was gone to Chi-town. Love that we’re keeping him because he is without question one of the key players on our defense. I really hope Clem restructures his deal or Seattle doesn’t cut him. At the end of the year when his knee was fully healthy he was generating the type of pressure he did 3 years in a row for us.

    I don’t know what the contract numbers are but I highly doubt our GM broke the bank. Can’t wait to see Michael Bennett utilized to his full extent next year. Go Hawks!

  12. Bennett sacrificed some of his families future to stay in Seattle. Hopefully the fans(and management) of Seattle appreciate it. He won’t be the last to take a cut in Seattle if they wish to return the players they had. Should be interesting in the NFC west. May the best men win.

  13. I love the people counting Bennett’s money like it’s you paying him. Shut up and root for your team. You’re not the GM, owner, coach, or anything other than an armchair GM/owner/coach. Stay in your lane and let the football people make the football decisions.

    “I won’t be happy/satisfied/willing to give my approval until I see the $$$”
    “Gotta see the guaranteed money. Only number that matters.”

    LOL. The guy worked his tail off, but his agent negotiated his deal. Whatever it is, it’s not your money to spend. You’re entitled to your opinion for sure, but stop acting like the Seahawks should consider your opinion.

    While you were reading this comment, by the way, you let the fries burn in the oil. Get back to work.

  14. The Seahawk and Vikings fans have something in common… for whatever reason they think that Percy Harvin was worth boasting about.

    He didn’t play for the Vikings and he will never play for the Seahawks.

    He ONLY plays for himself.

  15. Can you hear the cash register adding up?
    Bennett at $8mil, Harvin for $12mil, Okung at $8 mil, Avril at $7mil, Clemmons at $7mil, with Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas going to ask for close to top dollar?

  16. It’s as if players want to play in Seattle.

    Go figure.

    Best team in the NFL.
    Best fans in the NFL.
    Best stadium in the NFL.
    Best front office in the NFL.
    Best coach in the NFL.
    Best city in the NFL.
    And no state income tax.

  17. I have a feeling that Clemons gets cut and “Hello Jared Allen”.

    And for all the people that claim Seattle will have cap issues when Russell Wilson’s contract is up, please do remember the salary cap continues to climb with estimations upwards of $150 million over the next few years.

  18. The bears got owned by seattle? More like seattle got owned by Michael Bennett. Man, its going to be fun seeing this team run out of money when their actually good players (Wilson, Sherman, Thomas) need to be resigned. At least they’ll have Percy at $12mil a year to return in a kick in the SB that they won’t reach without the more important players.

  19. ‘Bennett will make $28.5 million over four years. He gets $10 million in 2014, $16 million through the first two years, and $21 million over three.

    Of the total, $16 million is guaranteed. It’s unclear how much is fully guaranteed beyond the first year.

    It’s an average of $7.125 million per year, less than the $8.5 million average the Vikings paid to defensive end Everson Griffen on a five-year deal. Griffen has one career start, and 17.5 career sacks, all in the last three seasons. Bennett has 23.5 sacks over the last three years.’

    I’d say that’s a pretty damn good job of negotiating by the Seahawks. The fact that the Vikings signed Everson Griffin for more money than Bennett got is laughable. Just like Sam Shields getting paid more than Brent Grimes.

  20. WOW…that is too much money for him. I was happy to see Seattle was going to be able to put his huge contract on another team and backfill his spot with their depth.

    Bennett played Seattle. Damn…there are more important pieces to tie up than Bennett. UGH!!!!

  21. I always thought Bennett would not be as effective playing for someone else. Now he has the best of all worlds–a defense that turns him loose to get sacks, and a dominant secondary to force the QBs to hold the ball. Maybe Seattle will sign Martellus away from Chicago!

  22. Don’t care about his money……just happy to have him remain with the team. Go Hawks!

    See the Tweet by Sherman? He asked Martellujs: “You mad Bro”

  23. Memo to fellow Seahawks fans:

    QUIT FREAKING OUT over the 4 years/34 million.

    He won’t ever see all of that money!

    The contact is only guaranteed for 16 million…not 34 million. My bet is that Bennett will play only 2 or maybe 3 years of that deal.

  24. As a Bears fan I can say this is GREAT news. Not a knock on Bennett or Seatle (I think it was smart for Seatle to resign him) but I don’t see this guy as any more than a situational system pass rusher. (which is why even in Seattle he isn’t an every down DE) if he’d would have come to the Bears he would have been expected to be the #1 DE, every down, taking on double teams, etc… and I just don’t see him as that good of a player.

    Seatle probably overpaid for him, but you can do that while your best players are a bunch of mid rounders playing on their rookie contracts. These sorta bloated contracts will eventually come back to bite the Seahawks (and you’ll end up with your defensive end making more than Aaron Rodgers.. like the Bears have with Peppers), but for now its a good deal.

  25. Tate will sign for $4.5 to $5m. Offer Jared Allen something cheap but focus on saving cap space for Sherman, Thomas and Wilson. Seattle didn’t even reach it’s potention in 2013/2014. Wait tell Harvin plays every game and we see more of Michael. Seattle’s offense will explode!

  26. This is a smart move. He’ll cost the team 16 million (average of 8) for the first two years, pay him more this year when RW3, Sherm and ET3 are still cheap. Bigger contracts will kick in in 15 when Avril will also be off the books.

    Miller and Clemons are likely gone at this point, too.

  27. Strange-seeming choice for Bennett to make. He could have been paid more money, played alongside his brother, and had weaker offensive lines to work against in Chicago. And he’s already won a Super Bowl, so it’s not as though there’s unfinished team business to return for.

    I wonder if we’ll get a good explanation for it.

  28. Of course he was going to sign with the Seachickens. Who in the right mind would turn down an endless supply of HGH and all the weed you can smoke to babysit Jay Cutler?

  29. MB’s brother plays on offense so he wouldn’t have been able to play alongside him.

    8 million a year, front loaded this year with only 16 million guaranteed is exactly what he is worth.

    Excellent job John and Pete!!

  30. League sources confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Bennett signed a four-year, $28.5 million deal, with $16 million guaranteed. Bennett will earn $10 million in the first year, $6 million in the second year, $5 million in the third year and $7.5 million in the final year.

    Michael Bennett’s twitter acct:

    I m back I m happy super bow champ .The 12th man is the biggest reason I came back the best fan
    1:09 PM – 10 Mar 2014

  31. Jeff Fisher, Ken Whisenhunt and Jim Harbaugh all simultaneously dropped the F-bomb and threw their cell phones out of their car windows when this hit the news.

    Harbaugh’s phone bounced off a lawn statue and landed next to Crabtree’s swimming pool. Kaepernick would like to remind everyone that the throw was 3 inches short of a championship. Crabtree continues to sulk.

    Niner fans continue to brag about the 1980s while riding around on trendy fixed gear bicycles.

  32. That’s too bad. Makes you wonder if he let them think he was coming to Chicago to get more $.

    Oh well. After Michael Johnson!


  33. Some real sour grapes from these Bears fans. Hilarious.

    A few days ago, they were all over the internet talking about how Chicago signing Michael Bennett would be the first step of Seattle’s undoing.

    Now that Bennett is officially a Seahawk, suddenly they’re better off with Julius Peppers or Jared Allen.

    The 12th Man is getting drunk off everyone else’s sour grapes, and has been for a few years. Your tears are delicious.


  34. Hungry Hobo! Hungry Hobo! Hungry Hobo!

    This Seahawk fan couldn’t be happier right now. Bennett fits the Seahawk scheme perfectly and will have more sacks next year as coaches didn’t really figure out the best way to use him until about halfway through the season.

    There is no free agent I wanted more. John Schneider is the best GM in football. Fans who think he overpaid must not have been paying attention last year.

  35. It is good to see Seahawks fans crawling out from whatever rock they have been under for the past 40 years…

  36. Chicago played Seattle and ran the price up on what 40% of the “fans” said was a guy who wasn’t worth it, at least when they thought he was leaving.

  37. Good player, good signing for the Hawks. The cap may be rising but the Hawks are probably gonna’ need to get while the gettin’ is good. With approximately 81 million presently allocated to only 10 players (not including Bennet’s new deal) John & Pete will need to start making some tough choices next year when several high profile rookie contracts coming due it’s going to be very difficult to keep this roster intact. Of their 19 players scheduled for free agency in 2015, not all are big names but they do need to be paid or replacements found. Of course, on the other hand, several of the 19 are impact players (Clemmons, Thomas, Avril, Wright, Sherman) who are gonna’ want to be paid! Kearse, Maxwell, Smith may also want a larger piece of the pie as well.

  38. It was meant to be, I mean, the percent of plays that he was on the field matches the completion percentage of Wilson in the playoffs last year, around 53%.

  39. Glad to not have to see Michael Bennett’s ugly celebration dance every other Bears game. Don’t feel he’d have as many chances to do that dance in Chicago with the double teams, lack of other D Line talent here.

  40. This has no impact on $ available for signing Wilson and Sherman, the deal is front loaded. Unlike most fans, Hawks fans can actually trust what their GM is doing.

  41. Unless he is getting all 28.5 million this year it will effect what money is available to resign players such as Sherman, Wilson, ET3, Wright, Avril, Smith, Kearse, etc….. next year and the year after.

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