Patriots hang onto Michael Hoomanawanui for two more

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The Patriots turned to Michael Hoomanawanui last year when their tight end position was a mess on and off the field.

Monday, he was rewarded for it.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, Hoomanawanui agreed to a two-year deal to stay with the Patriots.

While he was a solid complementary tight end, the Patriots obviously need a healthy Rob Gronkowski this year, as Hoomanawanui posted 12 receptions for the season, scoring one touchdown.

14 responses to “Patriots hang onto Michael Hoomanawanui for two more

  1. Michael hoomawoomie is the worst linebacker in the NFL

    Why? Hoomanawanui is a non-factor. Really hoping this isn’t the biggest splash the Patriots make in free agency.

    LB??? non-factor?? Don’t go by the news – watch the game. He is a blocking TE so you will not see it in the stats

  2. .

    The guy was a street free agent. Now he’s got a team and a two year contract. He’s a poor man’s rags to riches story.


  3. I like Hoomanawanui. He’s a blocking TE so obviously he’s not the two-headed monster that we have in Gronk (or had in Hernandez). But still, his TD last year was a great catch just at the right time. He’s the kind of player that you know what he will do plays after plays. But then, once in a while, he will surprise you with a great catch. Good move Pats!

  4. Moves like these are why we are amongest the final 4 teams in the league year in and year out.

    #PatsNation #StandUp !!


    How about a cupcake schedule? Playing the Jets, Dolphins and Bills 6x a year pads their win totals.

    How about tape doesn’t lie? Belichick is a genius at signing scrubs as UDFA’s. However, once these scrubs get some tape, they get exposed and he cuts them.

    How about SF and Seattle? You really think in a Super Bowl, Brady can beat their defenses in a with Edelman and Amendola and Hoomanawanui?

  5. Hooman was a gerat run blocker.Having him @ TE is like have a 6th Olineman out there. He was a key part of Blount having all those rushing yards down the stretch

  6. That TD was awesome, (he does that from time to time) he is not a Gronk or a graham, but he is a solid TE for what he does.

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