Report: Absent a trade, Bucs will cut Revis on Wednesday


Well, that was fast.

We speculated within the last hour that, if the Buccaneers can’t find a trade partner for cornerback Darrelle Revis, perhaps they’ll cut him.  “Perhaps” has now become “will.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bucs will indeed cut Revis on Wednesday if they can’t find a trade partner.  The move would avoid a $1.5 million roster bonus due Thursday.  It also would cause the Bucs to avoid having a fourth-round pick upgrade to a third-round pick as the final piece of compensation to the Jets for the trade that sent Revis to Tampa last year.

(Per a league source, the fourth-round pick upgrades if Revis is on the roster after 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.)

Last year at this time, he was due to be a free agent in 2014.  If he’s cut, he’ll be a free agent in 2014.  And he will have made $16 million in 2013 from the Bucs, along with a $1 million roster bonus from the Jets.

It’s unclear what he’ll get on the open market.  But if he’s cut he’ll be exactly in the same place he would have been but for the trade.

122 responses to “Report: Absent a trade, Bucs will cut Revis on Wednesday

  1. Wow, the best corner in football is going to be up for grabs for the second straight year.

    Whoever lands him will be that much better for it. My money is on the Broncos but it would be hilarious if he found his way back to the Jets somehow.

    What an awful trade by Tampa last year. They were completely fleeced by Idzik and the Jets.

  2. There is no way that Revis gets 16 million or the Bucs find a trading partner willing to take on that salary. That deal was a product of Al Davis paying Nnamdi a crazy contract that Revis held out on the Jets until they made him highest paid CB.

  3. The Seahawks aren’t cutting Richard Sherman. Because he’s a championship player. And the best corner in the game!

  4. This makes zero sense. The team doesn’t need the cap space and he played extremely well last year. If the Bucs cut him then they’re still out a 3rd round pick this year and now they badly need a corner as well. Stupid stupid move and a terrible first impression by the new GM if he actually does this – it’s Schiano level stupid.

  5. He knows after being with two hapless franchises that he wants somewhere with success.he will join the mike zimmer led vikings and we will have the 2 best CBs in the league and best secondary.SKOL

  6. “Guys, we will cut him if you don’t offer any trades. We mean it. Seriously, he will be a free agent who can be signed for less than his current contract, if you don’t propose something reasonable to us”.

  7. It was a smart move by TB to not guarantee Revis anything and this is exactly why. Revis made out great with 16 million and now TB isn’t stuck financially.

  8. What’s the point in even writing up a multi-year contract anymore? Every year all we hear about is how people either want to renegotiate their contracts, are forced to restructure their contracts, or are cut because their contracts are too large… It just doesn’t make any sense.

  9. What I don’t understand is how stuff like this comes out. Assuming it’s true, it had to have come from someone high up in Tampa Bay. Is there any motivation for letting this out that isn’t malicious? No way somebody trades for him when they can get him for free and work on a more reasonable contract.

  10. Revis is probably telling people that because he is fully healthy now, he is worth 20 mill/year.

  11. Interesting. We’ll see how much a championship means to him by who he signs with. At this point in his career, and the money he’s made, he could definately take less to be on a contender. Will he? We shall see.

  12. I’m ok with cutting him or trading him, hopefully it’s a trade to get some value but $42 million is pretty nice to have in cap space with the addition already of Anthony Collins.
    So should easily get Michael Johnson, Dexter M, Peanut Tillman, and Hester, with about 23 million left to spend!
    Hopefully next to go is Mike Williams via a trade! Would love to trade back pick up even more picks and get Nix to pair up with McCoy and Brandon Cooks.

  13. So they gave up first and fourth round picks for the privilege of paying the guy 16 million dollars for one losing season? Dang, THAT’S a good look for the Bucs franchise! Nice job of managing the assets on hand by the new FO and coaching staff, too.

  14. This confirms what everyone’s been suspecting: Richard Sherman is the best corner in the game, and it isn’t even close.

  15. Mevis is all about the money. He will simply end up with the highest bidder. I’d love to have his talent back with Jets, but he is a diva.

  16. I say he pulls a Deion circa 1994, signs 1 year cap (and Kap) friendly deal with the 49ers, they go on to break thru the Seahawks for #6.

  17. The Seahawks thank you for making it clear to Sherman that if you hold out for $16 million you will never see they end of the contract.

  18. Too much money, nobody is going to pick up that cap hit

    There will be a line 20 teams long to sign him as a FA though

    Dark horse, back to the NYJ (I’m not a Jets fan)

  19. So THIS is what it feels like to be a Browns fan. Ugh. Worst first impression to a fan base ever.

    Lovie Smith: “There is a place for a great cover corner on this defense”

    “We will live and die by how we play man coverage”

    Right, Lovie. Right.

  20. This sounds like a kinecky Hicky. Maybe he is taking his deal making talents to South Beach from Tampa. Miami will be dumb enough to pay him. If your not sure say “Walla….less”

  21. Revis island just joined Atlantis. Two islands that have vanished from the face of the earth. Ok that a little over dramatic but I can’t stand the guy

  22. Rumor has it the browns already have a deal in place for Donte Whitner , now hearing they want to take a run at Revis. If it happens you have Haden, Whitner, and Revis , Wow that could be the most dominate shutdown DB lineup in NFL history.

  23. Revis should be much improved, health-wise this coming season. He will be picked up for about 3/4ths what he was expecting to earn. Still a good chunk of change……one year deal that is a prove it year.

    He will try to pick a contender and not go with the biggest cash, in my opinion. He needs that to prove his marketability.

  24. No wonder why Lovie got no job in 2013.

    The only thing new he put in his defense was punching balls out of players with possession.

    I’m very proud that Chicago does not employ him anymore. He’s overrated because he does things in unnecessarily complicated fashion.

  25. Join the patriots we love corner backs who get hurt. Heck then talib could join the pathetic redskins or Vikings and look like a super star while never playing in a big important game again

  26. If the Jets re-sign him, this will be the coup trade of all times. However, the Panthers and 49ers would be wise to charge hard for him. He could be their missing piece.

  27. Unfortunately I do have friends that are 49ers fans (I know…it sucks). They are blowing up my phone that Revis is going to end up in Santa Clara.

    All I can say? LOL @ that.

    For one, no way Santa Clara will pay him.

    For two, can you even begin to imagine Jim Harbaugh and Darrelle Revis trying to coexist??


  28. What this shows, more than anything else, is how poorly so many teams are managed and how quickly they would reverse course if there were no political fallout attached to admitting a mistake. Only in cases like this one—where a new coach and GM are in place—do teams feel that they can go ahead and call a spade a spade. The rest of the time, they’ll insist that their draft busts are going to improve, that their bad FA signings will turn it around, etc. But it’s all lies. Deep down, they have the same feeling that most fans do. They just can’t admit it.

  29. Man…. The guy has become a sideshow. He’s gonna want $25 mil or something ridiculous.
    Whatever he gets won’t be enough for him.
    Lots of future drama coming.

  30. Just imagine Revis and Jared Allen heading to Denver on cheap “championship” deals. …

    And then, as usual, Peyton chokes in the playoffs and they never get the rings they deserve!

  31. Lovie has said that he inherited a lot of personnel that doesn’t fit his style. I think this is a byproduct of the churn of front offices in the NFL.

    Previous regime: It’s a QB-centric league and we have to beat the Saints to win our division. We need a shutdown CB.

    Current regime: Too expensive, doesn’t fit the persona I was as the new coach.

    It’s crazy to see such a change in ONE year. I think the pay isn’t the big issue. It’s the draft picks they gave up.

    What the Hawks proved is that you need to build a young nucleus that fits into your system. Cap is there every year, but the opportunity for great 3rd and 4th year players is diminished with each pick given away.

  32. Wow, this makes the Sam Shields deal look even shiddier! TThompson could’ve ponied up a few more M and got a player that actually performs like a top tier lock-down DB, not just gets paid like one! I wish there was a chance my G-Men would grab him to play across from Amukamara but we all know that ain’t happenin’!!LOL

  33. “The best corner in the game” they said.

    Traded once and cut once within 2 years.

    Because the best corners in the league get traded and cut.

    Revis hasn’t lived up to the name since 3 years ago. How his name keeps popping up in the nay conversation is beyond me.

  34. I think he’ll get an offer from most of the teams in the NFL. I’m glad Al isn’t still alive because he’d get $20M to be a Raider. I’d still like to see Oakland get him, but not at more than $10M/yr. I do think NE makes a run at him and I think AZ makes a run at him. I don’t think he fits the Niners system and Seattle just doesn’t need him. There are plenty of teams out there that want him, just not many foolish enough to overpay for him.

  35. My prediction is the NFL will continue pander to the Seagulls based on their deals with Microsoft and NIKE, but being that Revis will sign with SF, the niners will go on to beat the seahawks and the officials in 2014 nfc title game, and bring home #6 against the NE Spygates.

  36. If you follow the money, you will find Darrelle. My guess would be that the Factory of Sadness will be rolling out a top 5 D next yr and a shiny new CB. He knows the system under Pettine and lord knows the Browns have the cash to front load a deal while he still has some good yrs left. Bonus for Darrelle, he never has to cover Josh Gordon. 4yrs/56 mill 28 guaranteed. Browns challenge for the North because the mighty have all fallen. That’s my crystal ball outlook. What you got?

  37. Lovie just realized how big a mistake he made by taking the Tampa job and is now trying to get fired…You do not cut a guy you paid a 1st and a 4th for and get nothing in return, you can blame the trade on Dominik, but if they cut Revis, you can’t blame getting nothing in return on him, that would be Smith & Licht who you would blame. There are no cap issues and there are no CBs on the market who are anywhere near as good, not even at half the price, if Smith and Licht do this, they will start off by pissing off the fan base, not a very good way to start off, especially with as fickle a fan base as the Tampa fans are.

  38. What really, REALLY gets me worked up is that this is all on the hands of the mastermind GM Mark Dominick… Instead of realizing the entire city of Tampa has it out for him for executing this deal and laying low for a minute, what does he do? He goes on Sirius radio and explains how the Bucs can fix HIS mess! That’s like an arsonist telling the fire department how to put out an apartment building he set ablaze.

    Anger sharks are swimming in Tampa…

  39. Imagine if Schneider manages to work a magic deal that lands Revis opposite Sherman… Where would you throw the ball?

  40. Hard to believe he was going to hit the market this year, seems like 2 years ago he signed a monster contract and then complained about not making enough money a year later

  41. meatcarroll says:
    Mar 10, 2014 9:31 PM
    The Seahawks aren’t cutting Richard Sherman. Because he’s a championship player. And the best corner in the game!


    the Seahawks arent cutting Richard Sherman because they have a QB that only makes like 500K and sherman is due to make 1.3MM in 2014….. We’ll see when all these guys start coming up for contracts who the seahawks wont cut.

  42. People criticizing him for his contract demands, please look around at these headlines. Steve Smith will cost the Panthers more to cut, than keep and they’re going to get rid of him. Over 30 players have to take 1 or 2 year deals just to stay in the league now, regardless of how they play. Revis is the smartest guy in the NFL because he works for Revis and is getting paid the maximum amount for someone as good as he is while he still can. The NFL model under this new CBA that they bent the players over with by promising to reallocate the rookie wage scale money to but predictably didn’t is pay a QB and one or 2 other players, and everyone else, especially over 30, get screwed. Other players around the league would be wise to watch Revis’ moves and follow in his footsteps so they don’t end up on the wrong end of the stick still waiting for a payday as a loyal soldier who never gets it after the team has used them up.

  43. well first off IMO No CB are worth the money that makes them second highest paid players on the team next to QBS. However the market is calling for that with clearly second tier players like Vonte Davis and Grimes both getting 39 mil.So with that said I believe Revis is the top 1 or 2 CB so I would be estatic if my 9ers could get him somehow without it affecting the 9ers abulity to keep Iupati,Crabs,A.Smith and Kap so unless Revis just wants to be on a wining team and takes some low amount doubt it happens but would love to have him.

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