Report: Bears targeting Lamarr Houston after missing on Michael Bennett

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After being unable to pry Michael Bennett away from the Seattle Seahawks, the Chicago Bears have turned their attentions toward another pass rusher set to hit the market.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bears are now pushing hard to sign Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston.

Chicago is in need of pass rush help. The team is attempting to trade high-priced defensive end Julius Peppers and could end up releasing him if unable to find a trading partner. With a massive cap number for 2014, a trade of Peppers would seem to be unlikely. Losing Peppers would only increase the need for capable pass rushers in Chicago.

Houston is coming off the best season of his career with the Raiders. Houston compiled 69 tackles with six sacks and two forced fumbles this season for Oakland. He’s also been durable, appearing in all 64 games over the last four seasons.

With Bennett signing with Seattle and Greg Hardy and Brian Orakpo being tagged by Carolina and Washington, respectively, Houston – along with Cincinnati’s Michael Johnson – could be the top defensive ends to actually reach free agency on Tuesday. With competent pass rushers always in demand, it could make the fight for their services more lucrative than initially anticipated.

17 responses to “Report: Bears targeting Lamarr Houston after missing on Michael Bennett

  1. I would go after the Safties and look for pass rushers via the draft. Because honestly the only true pass rush is J. Allen and maybe Micheal Johnson now if they get houston at a steal of a price .

  2. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Bears are now pushing hard to sign Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston.

    Anything that begins with According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network can pretty much instantly be discounted. That guy is the WORST. Rumor milling spitballer.

  3. Funny how the Seahawks fans were saying they were better off without Bennett when they thought he would sign with the Bears, and now that he’s signed with SEA, they are saying how great it is to have him back. Enjoy your SB win. It will be your last one. See you in Green hell

  4. This is a solid player ..and will come at a much MUCH better price. I like players like this…the guy that puts in work, not frail with injuries..this is how stars are born. Lets just hope the bears greatly tighten up that defense because it was horrific last year, granted many injuries but still greatly lacking. Love the two rookie offensive linemen the bears had playing last season though..

  5. I will miss Houston, met him once, really nice guy. He played with a lot passion and was good against the run. Not trying to sound bitter, but I just never saw him as an elite pass rusher. I am glad the Raiders did not tag him, because his salary for one year would be through the roof. Good luck in Chicago.

  6. Seahawks overpaid for Bennett??? 7.13 million a year compared to the Bears offer of 8.5 million.

    Someone needs some remedial math! LOL, Hawks win again.

  7. Houston is not a top-tier DE, which is okay because he’s not getting top-tier money. The Bears don’t really need to make it rain on free agents to win anyway – just enough to plug up some holes and create draft flexibility.

    You use free agency to help you win over the next 10 months. You use the draft to help you win over the next 10 years. Teams that find the right balance are the ones that you see on TV in January and February year in and year out.

  8. Better him than a guy who chose less money and a reduced role in Seattle because he didn’t want the pressure of being counted on to produce in Chicago.

  9. Granted Houston is not necessarily an “elite” pass rusher; best that the Raiders have, though, which makes him appear indispensible rather than actually qualifying for that status from a league-wide perspective. We’ll likely end up with Peppers when all is said and done if history is any kind of barometer.

    Losing Veldheer is another matter altogether; Raiders management & fans (including myself) will rue the day that this rare talent didn’t get franchised; he’s definitely worth the top 3 $ it would have cost them to keep him. Not to rub it in or anything, but I saw this coming a mile away! How in hell did Oakland believe they could get Veldheer (or anyone good for that matter) resigned at a more “cap friendly” number before actively demonstrating to these players that they truly intend to dramatically improve the team? As much as it pains me to say it, why would any free agent player with marketable skills currently on their roster want to stay in Oakland? That being said, who can blame Veldheer for being “disloyal” and moving on (even to a perennial loder like Arizona (with all due respect to Fitzgerald), particularly when the Raiders are trying to low-ball him?

    Shoulda tagged Veldheer…..kiss him goodbye!

  10. Very good defensive end. Not elite, but very good. He’d look better on a better defence.

    Not what I’d call a “pass rusher” though. He’s never had more than six sacks in a season. He got six last year, but he was playing half the time as a standup right defensive end / hybrid OLB type more because the Raiders didn’t have anyone else who could play there. For an averagely talented team, he’d be a LDE in a 4-3 or either side in a 3-4, or possibly a 3-technique DT in a 4-3.

    He’ll be a good one, but you wouldn’t want to overpay him. Bill Polian reckons he’s in the top tier of free agents this year. He’s good and he’s young, but I don’t see him at that level. I suspect Reggie doesn’t either, and won’t overpay for him.

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