Report: Jairus Byrd looking for $9 million per season

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Safety Jairus Byrd ranks 12th on PFT‘s list of the Hot 100 free agents, but he’s reportedly looking to rank even higher when it comes to compensation among NFL safeties.

James Walker of reports that the safety is looking for an average salary of around $9 million from any team that wants to sign him when such signings become a possibility on Tuesday. There’s no word on whether he’s found interest at that price tag over the weekend.

If Byrd did land a deal averaging $9 million a year, he’d slot in behind Eric Berry and just ahead of Eric Weddle and Dashon Goldson when it comes to highest averages among safeties. Byrd’s desire to secure a contract in that range led to a long standoff with the Bills after they placed the franchise tag on him last season as Buffalo wasn’t willing to meet his price for a long-term deal.

There have been reports of interest in Byrd from both Miami and St. Louis, although predicted interest from the Browns has yet to materialize. Geoff Mosher of adds that the Eagles, who need safety help, haven’t shown much interest “yet,” which may have something to do with the price tag that Byrd is looking for this offseason.

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  1. that might be what he is “looking for” but at that price I wouldn’t sit by the phone waiting, Jairus…

  2. Aside from his rookie season (which included that insane 4 game stretch where he had 7 INTs) his numbers are pretty average. I would only pay him half of that.

  3. For $9 mil/year I don’t know if the Eagles should show interest. look how our last expensive DB payout went with Asomugha…

  4. So this pretty much means reports he was offered a three year, ten million dollar deal are bogus, right? Regardless, not sure why Buffalo is letting this man go.

  5. Buffalo offered him 3 years and $30 million and he rejected it. He says he ‘wants to stay’ in Buffalo, but you know that’s a load of sh….

  6. As the old adage says “Want in one hand and poop in the other. Which one fills up first?” He’s probably legitimately worth 5.5 to 6 at this point. Unless he wants to price himself out of the market.

  7. Really thought he’d be a great fit for the Eagles, but $9mil per year is probably not do-able in Philly. We still need to extend Cox, Thornton, Kendricks, and Foles beyond this season. I can see why reports are that we’re looking at more affordable guys like Malcolm Jenkins and Mitchell.

    Disappointing, but I wouldn’t want to deal with another Nnamdi situation, and 9mil per is too much for a safety unless it’s Ed Reed/Brian Dawkins

  8. Byrd was insistent that he wouldn’t mind staying in Buffalo. They offer him 10 mil a year which he rejects now he states he is looking for 9 mil a year. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he is full of crap.

  9. Honestly, I thought he’d want more. Look at the deals some other players have gotten in the past few days. He wants out of Buffalo. Can’t blame him for that.

  10. If the Vikes want him he’d have to be a Packer first and I don’t think that’s happening.

  11. That is the going rate for a top safety going into a contract year. It will happen next year and every year after. The report of the Bills offering 10 million a year is bogus. Jbyrd would’ve been signed to a long term deal by now. This should’ve been done awhile ago. This is not Byrds fault. This is the Bills’ fault for spending stupidly on underachievers, and then trying to get a bargain when it’s time to sign someone who produces at a pro bowl level every year.

  12. Alright. enough with this Nnamdi talk.

    you can’t use that as a point of reference at ALLLLLL..

    Nnamdi was touted as one of the leagues best man to man cover corners..
    That was his game. Find their #1, stay on him the entire game.
    They brought in DMC, another top man to man CB..

    what did the brain trust of Reid & Castillo do??


    it was at that moment I knew their was no future with Reid.
    that’s like buying a Ferrari and trying to take it 4 wheeling..

    add that to the list of arrogant and idiotic mistakes made at the end of his tenure..

  13. now if you’re saying you don’t want to commit 10 mill fully guaranteed to a guy that was injured ,, i’m with that.

    it’s not about what some one did before, it’s about what you think they can do moving forward.

    if Howie see’s this kid reverting back to making 7 pics a season,, then of course he is worth the scratch..

    that being said, they are more than capable or working out a deal that won’t hit our salary cap with the full $10 mil.

    I’m still on the side of the “batting average” approach

    Howie “steely eyed” Roseman has got this under control fellas.

  14. He wants 9 Million a year, has plantar fasciitis in both feet, and had basically the same numbers as Jim Leonard last year…..Eugene Parker is at it again….

  15. You can’t blame him for not wanting to stay with the Bills. Players only have so many years to play in the league and he didn’t want to spend his prime years playing for a hapless franchise.

  16. Byrd has definitely BEEN worth 9 million a year.

    New team, new coaches, new system, new players…. will you CONTINUE to be worth 9 mill a year?

  17. The “reported” Bills offer was a 4 year deal with the first 3 years averaging around $10 million per year.

    Most deals are back loaded to make the agent look like he got the player more money.

    A front loaded deal would benefit the team as an opening offer and also absorb flexibility of a signing-bonus.

  18. As a Die Hard Bills fan…..He is becoming all about “ME” and not a team player. If he wanted to be a Bill he would have signed. So to me “SEE YA” and good luck with your wish of $9M/year.

    I will bet though…if he does sign with any team that is willing to pay him anywhere near what he wants… his so called “Plantar Fasciitis” is miraculously healed and will never happen again.

  19. Too many are believing the Bills offered a legit $10 mill/year. The Bills’ GM, Whaley, is actually looking pretty smart right now about not tagging Byrd if he wants a shot at signing him long-term. Byrd is asking for way above his market value, so Whaley is going to let him test the market and find out for himself. Once Byrd sees his market value more clearly, he will be more likely to resign with the Bills for a reasonable rate.

    Byrd has consistently told his teammates (most importantly his fellow DBs) he wants to stay in Buffalo. Don’t write it off yet.

  20. Eugene Parker is one of the most notorious agents out there, if Byrd should give your team their money’s worth at a 9 million dollar season, odds are he holds out the next year for more.

  21. Buffalo had offered him $30 million over three years t start with and that is still not enough? If so, then screw him. Pull the offer and pay someone else a few million less that can just do a steady job and not have to be All Pro. Save the money for other guys.
    Give him a take it now or leave it for good. If he walks, so be it.

  22. I doubt that report was bogus. They have been trying for a couple years to sign him long term. His agent is too damn greedy. Let him go to the Raiders. If he thinks the Bills are bad, wait until he sees the Raiders.
    Neither the Raiders, the Dolphins, the Rams or the Vikes are anywhere near being a real contender, same as the Bills this upcoming year.
    If someone thinks he will sign for $5 million, good luck. I would say the chances are higher that Brett Favre will come out of retirement and lead the Pack to another Super Bowl win.

  23. Do I Doubt Buffalo offered him $30 mil over 3? No.

    Do I Doubt Buffalo offered him $10 a year? Yes.

    Do I Doubt Jarius wants to stay in Buffalo? No.

    Do I Doubt Jarius is being as cooperative as he claims? Yes.

    We’re talking about a guy who faked a soft foot injury THAT DOESN’T GO AWAY. The reason the Bills didn’t tag him this year is because he was just going to hold out again. He had 1 incredible season, and then he had another DECENT season last year. That’s 2. Across how many years?

    Jarius, baby, we love you here in Buffalo. We really want you to stay. But we’ve been losing for so long now…we don’t have time for your antics. Let’s meet halfway and get a deal done. Otherwise, we’re gonna be stuck here blaming you.

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