Steelers to cut LaMarr Woodley on Tuesday

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When linebacker Jason Worilds signed his transition tag with the Steelers, he was guaranteed a one-year contract at $9.754 million if he can’t reach agreement on a long-term deal with the Steelers.

He also appears to have guaranteed the end of linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s run in Pittsburgh. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Steelers will release Woodley when the league year begins on Tuesday. PFT has confirmed that Woodley will be let go.

It’s a move that most saw coming as Woodley’s $13.6 million cap hit and recent injury history made him vulnerable even before Worilds got tagged. Woodley has missed 14 games over the last three seasons and drew criticism last year for his approach to offseason workouts while recording just five sacks off the edge for Pittsburgh.

Now he’ll need to go elsewhere in hopes of a bounce-back season as Pittsburgh sticks with Worilds and Jarvis Jones at outside linebacker. There will be plenty of teams looking for help in the pass rush, although Woodley will likely be settling for a deal that better fits his current circumstances than the one that’s coming to an end with the Steelers.

Woodley’s release will be designated a June 1 cut, allowing the Steelers to spread out the remaining cap hit. Doing so clears over $10 million from the cap this season.

40 responses to “Steelers to cut LaMarr Woodley on Tuesday

  1. The Pittsburgh Steelers are signing all their 40 year old players who are five years away from living in a retirement home.

    While they’re letting to of their young talent.

    Notice how the Vikings sign the players in their prime and young?

    A laughable franchise.

  2. Good to see Pittsburgh doing the guy a favor and letting him leave that armpit of a city. He will move onto bigger and better things and get to watch from afar the foreseeable and impending train wreck of demise.

  3. He started his career on a rocket. After he signed his big contract, he got fat, and coincidentally or not, started getting repeatedly injured. Is still a good player…”when healthy” Better to take the bullet now, and free up cap space for next year, than to sit around and hope he has been getting into better shape this offseason.

  4. ^^ Steelers let a 29 years old Woodley go in favor or a newly 26 year old Jason Worilds.

    They have no intention of resigning Ryan Clark or Brett Keisel. The let Larry Foote go. Ike Taylor could be released any day now.

    The “old” mantra is just that, old. Their best defensive players — Worilds, Heyward, Allen, Timmons, McClendon and Jones average about 26 years old.

    Everyone points to Troy and says they refuse to get younger. No, they refuse to get worse to get younger in a sport where being younger doesnt score you a single extra point. Troy was a pro-bowler last season and they didnt give him any more money for 3 years than they would have for one.

    Keep calling the Steelers old as they quietly and successfully rebuild by way of two 8-8 seasons. If thats rebuilding, I’ll take it.

  5. Im a ravens fan ad will miss watching him compete (when he’s healthy) but hope he has success elsewhere! And where all the Viking trolls come from? Ur team doesn’t have a quarterback and a horrible defense, u guys make it feel so good watching u guys lose to the ravens in the snow bowl last year!!

  6. Trolls, you can’t have it both ways. They are releasing older under performing players for younger guys(Foote and Woodly for Jones/Worilds and Wilson/Williams)while extending older productive guys to play and mentor the young guys(Polamalu for Thomas and Miller for Palmer/Paulson). The offense and defense played very well down the stretch and look primed to make a splash next season.

  7. I don’t get how every time a team releases a vet for cap reasons the Steeler trolls (who can’t possibly have jobs) are quick to comment about their great run organization. Yet when this happens they think it’s a great move to save money.

  8. I like the move! Woirlds seems more hungry right now than Woodly… lol.. But seriously Worlds work ethic is better even with a new contract. But really Steelers fans get a bad rep cause soon as a new post hits there are more haters than Steeler fans, I keep seeing pathetic franchise! The Steelers?.. Comical

  9. Well, he’s usually out of shape and the kinds of injuries he gets, the hammies, the pulls, his quad problem from a couple years back, are all the kinds of injuries that out of shape guys get. He’s turned out to be maybe not the best guy in the locker room either. He is unlikely to be worth a contract extention/rework, and no WAY he’d ever take a pay cut, all those burgers he snarfs down cost big bank. When he was resigned, he was in shape, got a lot of sacks and looked to be good for years to come. He would have got that kind of cash somewhere else if not with the steelers. Oh well gotta take this one on the chin, save his salary, eat the bonus, and move on. Good luck out there woods, but you need a good work ethic more than good luck.

  10. If there is one thing that we knew for sure is that the Steelers can most certainly play fine without Woodley. Another thing we knew was that a lot of fat was going to be trimmed off of the roster this year. A reason why true Steeler fans knew that we were not in “salary cap hell”. The organization has a few more moves to make and they will again own the division. Oh and that’s a good thing considering how pathetic the Bengals were representing our division. Choke!!! Oh by the way can someone send the Bengals front office a memo. Marvin Lewis has never won a playoff game coming up on 12 years. I guess if you are lead by pathetic, why wouldn’t the rest be pathetic.

  11. Lamar played the game as an Elite Pass Rusher. Then he got paid as an Elite Pass Rusher.
    Then he no longer played the game as an Elite Pass Rusher. In that period he was injury prone and lost the advantage of having an Elite Pass Rusher on the other side in a healthy James Harrison.
    I hope he finds some success elsewhere, but for the Steelers, it’s time to move on.

  12. Hate to see Woods go, he was an intracle part of the steelers superbowl run a few years back. I was hoping they would be able to keep him but the steelers were obviously stuck with to many outside lbs at the position after drafting Jarvis. I believe the steelers made the right decision going with the younger Worilds. The Woods cap, age and injuries obviously made it difficult for the steelers to keep him.

  13. Pretty happy with this move. Worilds played better than Woodley at LOLB this season when he got the chance. Let’s hope he stays hungry.

  14. Shame what happened to Woodley after he signed the big contract. He couldn’t stay healthy and frankly underperformed the contract when he was healthy. It seems to me he was best when playing opposite Harrison. Both declined at the same time.

    He was really great when he played well, which unfortunately was not often enough the past few years. I wish him well since there is no doubt someone will pick him up.

    This move will free up a ton of cap space, $10 mill! How many “experts” out there said the Steelers would have no room to sign players? Seems like they made the moves they had to make, and more are forthcoming.

    I expect a huge positive bounce back by the team this year and a return to the playoffs, maybe even the SB. Ben and a healthy OL with a nice RB should put a ton of points on the board. They have to do a good job with the draft picks this year to continue seeding talent for the future. Go Steelers!

  15. BTW, how did Dalton do in the playoffs this year? His DOCTOR said he was RUSTY around the BELT. What a bum.

  16. Well – Ask Vic just got a thousand emails requesting that Ted go out and buy LaMarr Woodley cause “He’z an AllpRo and he’z awezomes!”

  17. Sad day. Saw it coming. And can’t argue with it. As others have said, LaMarr is a high-ticket linebacker who, for whatever reasons, hasn’t lived up to his contract. But I loved the Big Wolverine, and I’ll miss him. Wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

  18. It is a sad day. He hasn’t produced and everytime you turn around he was injured. No question though when he is healthy is a beast. He was a huge part of our super bowl run. Good luck to him in the future. We will miss you Wood

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