Seahawks could be waiting for Tate to get another offer

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By all appearances, the Seahawks had two major priorities in unrestricted free agency:  defensive end Michael Bennett and receiver Golden Tate.

Now that Bennett has opted to sign a four-year, $28.5 million contract, what happens with Tate?

It could be that the Seahawks are handling Tate the same way they handled Bennett, letting Tate look for offer(s) elsewhere and swooping in once it appears that Tate has a suitor or two.  With Bennett, showing up after another team thought the big free-agency fish was on the line worked, even with the Seahawks undercutting what he could have gotten elsewhere.

With Tate, there’s no guarantee the player will take less than he could get elsewhere to stay put.  First, Tate has to have a serious suitor on the line.  With a buyer’s market at the receiver position, Tate may not be getting significant offers; definitely not the five-year, $35 million package that as been floating around the Internet.

Regardless, the Seahawks seem to be content with letting someone else set the market before getting involved.  For now, it’s unclear whether anyone is.

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  1. 5 yr -35, now that is a joke, Tate is a Tier 2/3 W/O at best, dont know what the going rate is but 3-5 mill a yr seems about right.

  2. Don’t forget that it was Golden, who originated that “hometown discount” talk. I cringed a bit when I heard that, thinking he would live to regret saying it. As you’ve stated, its a buyer’s market for receivers, which will undoubtedly mean that Tate, can expect only minimal offer amounts. He’s a great player and superb on Special Teams, but his numbers are admittedly low, which won’t bode well for him beyond Renton.

  3. Smart move. Let him get an offer then figure out the difference in state income tax then give him essentially same deal but less money. Genius!! Got to love living in Washington. Hell even our sales tax is less than most states.

  4. In some ways its the best respect a team can pay to the player. It’s essentially saying lets let the market set your value and then we can talk some more. Most FAs want to see what other teams offer before they sign.

    The only thing that hurts Tate is that he lacks size. Everyone wants Megatrons which is understandable, but there are so few guys out there like that. I think Tate has not reached his apex as a player even yet. For those of us that have been watching him he really just started to get it these last two seasons.

    Is he a HoFer, no. But can he get you 10 TDs and 1000 yards. I think he can.

  5. Tate’s already openly said he’s willing to take a little less to stay in Seattle provided that the offer is respectable and in line with market value. Unless the Jets or Panthers or Titans or something are gonna overpay, it’s likely he stays a Seahawk.

  6. They should be. Almost 1,000 yds on a team that runs first and passes second isn’t bad. He could have 1,200-1,300 in a Brady, Brees, Manning offense. He’s a talented player with a ton of heart. I hope Schneider keeps him.

  7. It’s a business and it’s one that you need to have thick skin or you will become cynical. Tate has continued to improve each year and has proved durable and worthy of getting a fair #2 WR contract. He may get some offers, but suspect he won’t be happy with them. Hopefully, he gets a “fair” offer from the Hawks and gets to stay for years to come. The same for Baldwin.

    I like our receiving core and look for them to keep performing the same way that we saw them do in the playoffs.

    Good Luck Tomorrow Tate.

    Go Hawks!

  8. Tate is a beast with the ball in his hands. Can’t count the times he ha turned almost nothing into first downs with his unwillingness to go down easily. Tough year to be a FA WR, will probably see a limited market, a lot like DE’s last year.

  9. Tate’s not only small, he’s slow too. But he’s shifty, tough as nails, and a dynamic playmaker. I love the guy and hope the Seahawks can hang onto him, along with Baldwin. But I’d also like to see us pick up a legit #1 receiver and not overspend too much on #2/3 receivers like Tate and Baldwin.

  10. Tate is a good player and better PR than WR, but he is has too much ego for this team. Celebrating like a fool after the smallest of gains, its embarrassing. Russell even had to tell him off on the Super Bowl SoundFX about losing yards instead of diving forward, a constant mistake he makes. Pay Baldwin a few million a year and let this clown walk.
    The Golden Domers and the World Champs are two of my favorite teams but this guys act wears thin quick.

  11. Tate showed what a classless punk is when he went against the flow to jack up Sean Lee. Lee showed what class was when he said it was all part of the game. A 21,000 fine by the NFL provided balance against PCs “he’s a fierce competitor” commentary. I hope Tate get’s it some day and matures as a professional.

  12. Tate has made a few seriously wicked acrobatic catches over the years. Two of them last year both came against the Rams (looked like the same route and catch, just different uniforms/fields).

    There have been times he tried to make something out of nothing after the catch: sometimes he exploded, and sometimes he blew it. But he’s always been exciting to watch.

    Now that he’s bought into the system and has had a couple of years with his QB, he could be ready to take that next step. But if Harvin takes the majority of the kick returns, Tate gets even fewer opportunities to shine.

    And if I had to choose between he and Baldwin…ooooh, hard choice. Baldwin is like Wilson’s third-down security blanket. Hopefully they’ll both be back.

  13. As a Hawks fan, I just don’t want to see us overpay for him. I agree with the previous comment – somewhere in the $3-$5M range seems right.

    I think he fits our system well and is the kind of WR we need. He is a reliable short yard WR, which we need on 3rd down and 4-6 yards.

    What makes the Hawks work is all of the pieces and how they play together. The threat of the QB option, Beast Mode’s dominence, and crafty receivers who can get short yardage (and occassionally a deep ball) make it all work. It’s how the Hawks keep defenses honest.

    So in other words – keep him, but don’t overpay him.

  14. I think he will get lots of offers, since he doesn’t even have to catch the ball to score touchdowns.

    9/24/12 Worst call ever.

  15. Lets not just blindly state that Tate is slow, he ran a 4.42 forty, that’s consider that slow?

    He is in the top 5 for yards after the catch and has one of the best catch per attempt percentage, which means in a run first offense Tate made the most of his limited chances.

    He doesn’t take plays off, and is a great run blocker and punt returner the guy should be getting some better offers but the market for WRs is flooded. I think with some maturity Tate has plenty of room to improve and I hope is stays in Seattle.

  16. This is the business part of the game, and patience is a virtue. Unless someone backs a dump truck full of money up to Tate’s house, I think the Seahawks can and will match any offer.

    But letting someone make that first offer makes sense. Salary cap poker; you don’t want to tip your hand, and you don’t want to bet the farm.

    I predict he will get a 4-5 year deal that will average out to $4 to $4.5 mil per year, and, like Bennett, will be structured in such a way as to give them cap room next year, when a number of big contracts will be coming up.

  17. There was a time when 5-7 year contracts were relatively common, not anymore. The standard is more often 3-4 on teams where you have a track record, 1-3 when you’re fresh meat.

    Things change too fast and too much, no team wants to be locked up long term to contracts for players that are longer than the average tenure of Head coaches and GMs. 2-3 year contracts/extensions is perfect from a team perspective, allows constant re-evaluation and assessment of team and scheme needs.

  18. A lot of fans don’t seem to realize the differences between kickoff returners and punt returners. They are really to completely different skill sets and that is why most teams have different specialists to handle each different type.
    Likewise, you really hate to use typical receivers in either role because the impacts are harder than normal play impacts and there tends to be a lot higher injury % on such plays. On punts, the catches tend to be made in traffic, and you generally want a shifty running back type player taking your punts, someone who can shrug off one or two impacts and pick up 5-10 yards. On kick-offs you want sure hands but a lot more speed, with quick acceleration into openings.

    Harvin is a good to great Kickoff returner (but a bit fragile seeming).
    Tate is a good to great Punt returner who can take a knockout impact and jump up with the ball “thank-you sir, may I have another?”

  19. Eric Decker is the top receiver. As long as he is still available, he would be targeted first by teams shopping for a receiver. After he is gone, then teams will pursue the others, including Golden Tate.

  20. Andre Roberts signed a 4 year deal with the Redskins for $16 million. Golden Tate is the starter for the Super Bowl champs. Andre Roberts was a backup for the Arizona Cardinals, a team that missed the playoffs. That sets the floor for any team trying to sign Golden Tate. Minimum $4 million per year. He will probably get $5 million or more per year.

  21. Why not let Golden Tate go? and run Percy Harvin in his place and hope that he holds up for the whole season and use that money elsewhere like another DE, like Jared Allen or Demarcus Ware that would be a stout pass rush. #Beast mode defense.

  22. stay in seattle. its just a matter of time before you commit suicide like all the other people in that city. WIth that rain and dreary weather who wants to live there. Oh thats right. The space needle and 12 man. LOL> give me a break

  23. Golden Tate may be waiting to see how bad the free agent situation is in Seattle before deciding whether to re-sign. If he gives up a better deal to stay, he would want to make sure the Seahawks have a good chance of repeating. If not, then he may as well take the best offer and run.

  24. Congrats to Tate. He got a sweet offer, (a lot more than I thought he would be offered, to be honest) and he took them up on it. I’ll miss him on the team, but he isn’t irreplaceable.

    Good luck to him and Detroit. Maybe we’ll see them in the playoffs some time soon.

    I’ll bet he’s going to LOVE those yearly road trips to Green Bay. They seem to harbor some ill will, for some reason.

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