Seahawks won’t lose Michael Bennett without a fight

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The Bears may expect to sign free agent defensive end Michael Bennett, but the Seahawks are still fighting to keep him.

Seattle General Manager John Schneider has identified keeping Bennett as a “top priority,” and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Seahawks are now the favorites to sign Bennett. Bennett led Seattle with 8.5 sacks last season, and after Red Bryant’s departure, the Seahawks would hate to lose another key player on the defensive line.

The fact that both the Bears and Seahawks are eager to sign Bennett will be good news for his bottom line. Whether it’s in Seattle or Chicago, Bennett is going to get paid somewhere.

Bennett is the No. 2 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

38 responses to “Seahawks won’t lose Michael Bennett without a fight

  1. OK, this is getting ridiculous. He’s leaving, he’s staying….in an hour he’ll be leaving again.

    I’ll check in tomorrow when a firm announcement is finally made.

    Until then: Stand by for Titanfall!

  2. I was really looking forward to Chicago overpaying for a situational DE. Guess with the loss of Red and Clemons not doing so well it does make sense. Now the only question is SHOULD seattle pay him this much in a depth riddled draft?

  3. He wants out of that laughable classless franchise.2chainz is a better rapper than the shehawks are a must be a relaxing exciting moment to leave the joke that is the shehawks franchise.

  4. The choice boils down to one thing, which is not money, since obviously both teams are willing to break the bank:

    Does the chance to stay on a SB favored team outweigh playing on the same team with your brother?

  5. What you rubes don’t understand is that it’s impossible for the Seahawks to overpay. We have the richest owner in the NFL and can pay bigger bonuses than anyone else.

    I’d still rather have Jared Allen.

  6. Did some Vikings fan just compare the Seahawks franchise to a rapper? A franchise worth 1.1 billion being compared to the hottest rapper. Great logic man.

    Ok, to be fair…..

    The Vikings are the justin beiber of the nfl. A laughable figure known for his bad decisions. With foolish followers

  7. Here is what he comes down to between the 2 teams:

    1. Get paid
    2. Play on the same team with your brother and make goofy Doublemint commercials with him.
    3. Go 8-8 and miss the playoffs the next 3 years

    1. Get paid
    2. Win more Super Bowls
    3. Show your brother your Super Bowl rings on the off season.

    Easy choice. Welcome back to Seattle, Michael.

  8. You have Sherman, Okung and Thomas entering the final years of their rookie deals and you’re about to hand out 8 mil a year to Bennett. You can’t keep everyone.

  9. Seahawks should try to keep the core together for a chance at going back to back.

    The 49ers have imploded so the division is theirs. If they keep the nucleus together another year, they’ll be a better team just on the fact that Wilson will be better. When you have the chance, you must get as many Super Bowls as you can.

  10. Bears will boost that money up to 9 mil per year. Seattle has Clemons, avril. You’re fine. Bears need him, Martellus will continue to push and Emery will get it done!

  11. Let’s see…. Play for a team that is aging and has an inconsistent, grumpy QB. Or play for the 2nd youngest team in the NFL that just won the SB and is poised to contend for years to come…

    Oh and let’s not forget… No State Income Tax in Washington. Nice call by bucrightoff. That could make a big difference, especially if there are guaranteed dollars or a signing bonus in both offers. (I presume Illinois does have an income tax.)

  12. This is the kind of stuff that happens when you win the SuperBowl. Other teams want your players and your coaches. Your team gets raided. It’s the gift and the curse. The Ravens went through this to some extent last year. The Dolphins grossly overpaid for Dannell Ellerbe even though the guy could never play 2 games in a row. The Seahawks have to be smart. Don’t overpay.

  13. Okung is making 7 million a year. Earl Thomas 5 million this year. Their deals are much different than Richard Sherman/Russell Wilson deals which came in the rookie cap era plus are late round picks. Plus the salary cap is said to keep ballooning thanks to the CBA.

    Michael Bennett is said to be offered 8.5 a year by Chicago and 8 million by Seattle. Seattle wins on Bennett we will more than likely lose Chris Clemons. So many fans are hoping this FA makes or breaks Seattle’s defense or chances to repeat-Keep dreaming. This team is stacked and all of our fans trust John Schneider and the scout team to add more talent.

  14. Viking fans are mostly cool but their are a few mad because the two teams have been signing each others players since the Hutch poison pill debacle and it has led to much success for the Seahawks while the Vikings future looks dim and sad.

  15. Why do people continually bring up the “tax” implications,haven’t we gone thru it enough?
    They pay taxes where the game that week was played not where they signed their contract so the amounts could be “tax free” for 8 weeks,10,16 it depends where they play the game as for endorsements they pay tax where they keep a home which could be in the team city or a completely other state and furthermore federal @ 39.6% is what hurts at essentially state tax doesn’t come into play very often if ever.

  16. Goodbye already Bennett!!!! Take your money driven life and go away – Seattle only wants players who want to win games not play rich and famous games – I say good riddance

  17. 1. Let him go.
    2. Sign Jared Allen on 1yr deal, or 2 for the same cost as 1 for Bennett.
    3. Sign Justin Tuck on 1yr deal, or 2 for the same cost as 1 for Bennett.
    4. Extend Earl Thomas.
    5. Rematch with SF next year in the Playoffs.

  18. Some people don’t understand the tax impact.

    You pay taxes based on what state the game is so if your home state has no income tax at least 8 games will not have a state income tax.

    This is as opposed to going to a team in a state with an income tax assuring at least 8 games will have a state income tax.

    Big difference.

    The Federal Income tax is neither here nor there as it applies to everyone.

    But let’s look at Bennet. If he got $8M and played in a state with a 10% state income tax it will cost him about $400,000 that he wouldn’t have to pay if he played in a state with no state income tax.

    That alone is more the difference between $8M and $8.5M.

  19. The logic of the “Tax Experts” on this thread amaze me. Under your logic teams would have to withhold taxes for each away game played in an income tax state, which is ludicrous. The companies’ base from which the payroll is sent is where the money is earned and ALL taxes are paid based on salary paid regardless of temporary out of town work to earn it. For a $8-$10 million salary plus playoff and endorsement money the savings are significant, and a big advantage in staying under the cap when signing players.

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