Source: Redskins had no 2013 cap space to carry over

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Earlier today, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reported that the Redskins opted not to carry over $1.3 million in cap space.  That was news to the Redskins.

Per a source with knowledge of the NFL’s calculations, the Redskins had no extra cap space in 2013.  They actually ended up over the cap by $834,732, based on the computation of so-called “not likely to be earned incentives.”

As a result, Washington’s cap for 2014 is $132,165,268, down from the $133 million available to every team.

Pelissero’s report presumably was based on the NFLPA’s calculations, which often differ from the NFL’s numbers.  For these purposes, the NFL’s figures are the rock, and the NFLPA’s are the scissors.

The Giants and Rams, also reported by Pelissero to have cap space that wasn’t carried over, also ended up over the cap due to incentives that are paid in one year and charged to the cap the next.

30 responses to “Source: Redskins had no 2013 cap space to carry over

  1. I think we all agree Pelissero should be publicly stripped, tarred, and feathered, while having rotten fruit and/or vegetables hurled at him

  2. 2013 Redskins . . . Record 3–13

    Division place – – Last in NFC East
    Playoff finish – – Did not qualify

    Worth every penny !

  3. I remember playing Madden years ago and in the 5th season of my ‘franchise’ I was somehow 42 million over the cap and had to cut almost everyone before preseason could begin and fill the roster with rookies just to play. It was fun! Never thought I would see that happen in real life to a real nfl franchise.

  4. Over-the-cap, under-achieved, gave up the 2nd pick in this year’s draft, in addition to several others, for a QB that will be injury plagued his entire career.

    Mismanagement is the Washington Redskins.

  5. The Washington R-Word are by far one of the dumbest organizations on the planet. How the hell did they tie-up all that money on bottem-level talent?

  6. The cap really has to go. It makes bigger teams richer, that’s all really. They try to use it as a terrible excuse for parity yet it seems baseball is doing fine.

  7. Even if they don’t need it, it seems like it would make sense to keep it. Maybe at some point they will want to sign a player but need one million to snag him over another team.

  8. Wrong!!! The Skins have plenty of cap space. Underneath Snyder’s cap between his ears there is plenty of space.

  9. Looking forward to watching Maclin Djax coop ertz McCoy do damage to your team behind one of the best O lines.


    A smiling eagles fan

    Ps- hahaha.

  10. At least it is cap money used in a salary cap season and not like the penalties assessed for salary used in an uncapped year.

    Roger seems to be learning as he goes.

  11. Hmm, how did the 5 time World Champion and 3 time Super Bowl Champions go over the cap? Let’s think long and hard because this is tricky for the atom splitters in here. The NFL, led by the owner of the Giants, stole 18 million of cap space from Washington in 2013. So while the Redskins actually operated roughly $17,200,000 under the cap that everyone else had, they were penalized. This will be the third straight year the giants owner has cheated us. However, we do not care because WE BELIIIEVE! HTTR! RG3 > Little Boy Blew

  12. No the cap needs to stay. Ever notice how in baseball it’s the same few teams that never have to rebuild? Yet there a few teams who are always rebuilding? And small market teams that do draft well can’t afford to keep those players & wind up being feeder systems for the larger market teams. The cap IS good for parity. It seems every year there’s a team in the playoffs who had 5 or fewer wins the year before. Without it the Cowboys, Redskins, & Giants would own every free agent because they’d throw stupid money at them.

    The cap is gooood.

  13. HAHA It was a joy to watch the Broncos smash them in October. DRC high stepping for 60 yards staring down Cousins, because RGWeak couldn’t hold up.

  14. It was joy to see the Skin destroy the Broncos 42-10 in the SB in 1987, that meant more then some meaningless regular season in October.

  15. HAHA yea it was a joy to watch the Seahawks smash the Broncos in February. Smith high stepping for 68 yards staring down Manning, because C5-C6 vertebra couldn’t hold up

  16. Lots of bashing the talent level based on the skins spending. Don’t forget the massive cap penalty. $18mm will buy a team 4-5 good quality players per year, maybe more.

  17. The Cowboys have much more salary cap problems then the Skins, at least we can actually sign players without having to cut or restructure someone to make room to sign someone..

  18. smh For you all who are gleefully wallowing in any negative news about the Redskins, you should probably know that the article is talking about the 2013 cap. The Redskins are actually around 24 million under the salary cap for the 2014 season.

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