Steelers looking for corners, at many different price points

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Here’s even more evidence why you have to take the legal tampering “interest,” in certain players with a grain of salt.

The Steelers clearly need to restock their secondary. Thus, according to Scott Brown of, they’ve “inquired about” cornerbacks including Alterraun Verner of the Titans, Captain Munnerlyn of the Panthers and Nolan Carroll of the Dolphins.

In other news, I am considering “inquiring about” a filet from the Capital Grille tonight, either that or perhaps running through the McDonald’s drive-thru for something off the value menu.

Verner figures to cash in on the suddenly inflated cornerback market, set by Brent Grimes and Sam Shields.

Munnerlyn had high hopes a year ago, but settled for a cut-rate one-year deal with the Panthers. Carroll is young and being replaced by more expensive parts.

So the fact they’re interested in players at vastly different price points should indicate a few things.

Yes, they need corners.

No, they probably can’t afford Verner, but might be interested in knowing which teams might.

And once he signs elsewhere, they can turn their attention back to the cheaper items on the menu.

12 responses to “Steelers looking for corners, at many different price points

  1. The retirement home that is the Pittsburgh steelers should be looking for anyone who doesn’t need to take a prostate exam.meanwhile the vikings have young talented players ready for success.SKOL

  2. They can be patient. Given the QB play in the afcn, they don’t even need a secondary 6 weeks of the season, unless they want to pad their int stats.

  3. For all the morons still making jokes about the steelers defense being old and slow. You don’t know what you’re talking about. If the steelers release Ike Taylor as they might, the average age of the defense will be approximately 26 years old. Carry on with your lives…

  4. You hillbillies, pay attention now.

    Its pretty common for a cb to move to safety. After all, former Steelers 1st ballot hall of famer Rod Woodson made that move. The Steelers secondary coach once even moved from safety to corner for his team back in his day, and if you dont know who he is, go away from this comments thread immediately. Suffice to say, they think they can coach such a move very well.

    The Steelers have just such a candidate for just such a move in current corner cortez allen. Given his build and playing style, I’d ironically compare him to ed reed, although no where as accomplished of course.

    Put it all together: This draft is rich and deep in corners. They are going to get a bunch more cap space from lamar woodley, so they can even look at free agents. Its a passing game league these days. The steelers used what they called a quarters set to great advantage in last year’s 6-2 finish, which had 3 linemen, 2 lbs, 3 corners and 3 safeties. Secondary help is the area of defense where the steelers most need help due to ryan clark probably going sports analyst and ike taylor getting old.

    Too long, didnt read? Short version: Shush. They got this.

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