49ers sign Antoine Bethea to four-year deal


San Francisco will swap departed safety Donte Whitner for a slightly less expensive alternative.

Shortly after Whitner signed with the Browns for $7 million a year, the 49ers have signed safety Antoine Bethea to a four-year contract that’s worth between $5 million and $6 million a year, according to several reports.

“Indy it’s been real,” Bethea wrote on Twitter. “Fans and city showed me nothing but love my eight years there and greeted me w/ open arms Appreciate all the support! Glad to be a Niner!! Going to the Bay!”

The 29-year-old Bethea has spent his entire eight-year NFL career in Indianapolis and has started all 16 games for six consecutive seasons. Bethea is the No. 39 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

37 responses to “49ers sign Antoine Bethea to four-year deal

  1. Looking at today’s whiner news, I think they’re hitting the hippie lettuce a little too hard. Put the hookah down and step away, Balke.

  2. Bethea was a stalwart on the Indy defense for years. I’m going to miss him on the Colts. As a late round pick, he made himself a very good career.

  3. 49ers fans are crowing on their message boards about Bethea being good in pass coverage.

    LOL @ that.

    Ummm….no he isn’t, 9ers fans.

  4. We Supposedly downgraded letting Goldson walk too. Except a rookie was better his first year than Dashon was in any of his 7. Ijs

  5. I don’t like this swap. Money was close between the two players and I personally believe Whittner is a far better player. Not a niners or browns fan but that’s my opinion.

  6. I hope my Niners have some plans to draft a DB in the 1st or 2nd round. That can cover and at the same time come down hill and hit. Or Beast Mode going to feast on this secondary. Whitner loved contact and the only thing Eric Reid can tackle is his own teammates. I agree needed to upgrade on coverage skills but have to tackle also.

  7. Has anyone noticed how pathetic the Colts D has been for years? He was part of it for 8 of them, poor guy was never a part of a good D. This is the equivalent of the Ravens signing Michelle Huff last year, underwhelming. They should have held onto Whitner.

  8. wonder if any of that is guaranteed. What if they draft a safety and he shines in training camp. Is Bethea gone then?

  9. Niners continue to knock on the door. This is a good pick-up. I’m sure they will be drafting a safety. Keep hating Haters…if you know football you know the Niners are the only team capable of taking the current champs down. Niners are not perfect but they are doing a lot of things right!

  10. Please don’t mention that he has more tackles than any DB in the league during his career, that he’s better in coverage and will probably step up because he’s going to a much better defense. That might be pertinent.

    And hey, you’re only four hours behind NFL.com in reporting substantial NFL news since it is, you know, substantial NFL news. What a joke.

  11. Holes are forming all over that defense and it’s only gonna get worse if Kaep gets 18-20 million. The window to win a SB with this team is slamming shut…watch your fingers Baalke!

  12. We will turn him into all All Pro now just like we did with Whitner, Goldson, Rogers, Bowman, Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, etc.

  13. I don’t get it. Professional Analysts who know football say this is a great signing and a suitable replacement but the wanna be arm chair QB’s/GM’s and Haters say this an awful signing and a down grade. The very same things said about Gholdson.

    Who to believe? I’m confused…

  14. funny how the seatrolls are always so worried about what the niners are doing, shouldnt they be on the post about tate leaving and trying to justify that its all ok? hilarious

  15. Nice photo of Bethea dropping an interception. Based on how close he was, he is now considered the 49ers top DB.

  16. Whitner improved a lot in his time in SF, but wasn’t worth 7 mil per annum. When he first came here his ball skills were terrible. But he could always hit. D-Coordinator Fangio and the DB coach helped him improve a lot in three years. Bethea is very similar and cheaper, so there won’t be much difference on the field. He came cheaper, that’s why it worked out this way. Fangio and his defensive staff will get any player to play his best. That’s the constant. Niners’ D will be stout as long as Fangio is around.

  17. Bethea has been a rock in Indy for years. Possibly the most underrated safety in the league.

    While I hate to see him go he was deserving of a solid payday and the Colts had to prioritize. Bethea still has some years left, but he is racking up some miles as well.

    A smart move for both teams here. Niners get a very formidable safety and the Colts can use the money elsewhere in what appears to be a very active offseason for them w/ nearly 40 million in cap space.

  18. Good signing by 49ers, exactly what the other team across the bay needed to do, hut the Raiders McKenzie only has speed dial set up for I-R talent.

  19. I would have to say it was a tough call but I would say Whitner and Bethea cancel each other out it comes out equal either way. Bethea can hit but he cant really tackle

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