Andre Caldwell stays with the Broncos


With receiver Eric Decker likely to leave Denver, one of the team’s receivers will be staying put.

Per a league source, the Broncos have struck a two-year deal with Andre Caldwell.  The package, we’re told, covers two years, with a value of $3.45 million.

Appearing in 16 games with two starts in 2013, Caldwell had only 16 catches for 200 yards.  Whether he gets a chance to replace Decker or continues to serve as an understudy, he’ll be staying for the next two years.

12 responses to “Andre Caldwell stays with the Broncos

  1. He’s probably going to be nearly as productive as Decker because Peyton could make the corpse of my grandpa produce decent numbers.

  2. Then him and the donkeys can get blown out in the SB won’t be the pathetic cheating shehawks this time.mike zimmer led vikings will shock the NFL.SKOL

  3. Just to further explain the lack of quality of Andy Dalton’s wide receivers (other than A.J. Green)….

    This guy (caldwell) was Dalton’s #3 wide receiver in 2011 (Dalton’s rookie season)… and… he was terrible. Dropped passes, alligator arms, and running around looking confused… and then… pointing at other players. caldwell finished the season with 37 rec. – 317 yards.

    caldwell was not re-signed by the Bengals and signed with Denver to play with Peyton Manning.

    With Peyton Manning…. a healthy caldwell totaled 1 reception and 18 yards for the season WITH PEYTON MANNING.

    16 rec. – 200 yards in 2013 WITH PEYTON MANNING.

  4. ‘Whether he gets a chance to replace Decker or continues to serve as an understudy, he’ll be staying for the next two years.”

    Not necessarily. What about all the guys being cut today with “years” left on their deals (and some have fairly low salaries, too)?

    There was a guy yesterday cut after signing 11 days ago. NFL contracts are year to year IF the guy makes a team (unless it’s the first year with a huge bonus).

  5. “Andre Caldwell > every pathetic receiver on the vikings”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    EXCEPT jerome simpson.

    In Cincinnati… simpson was the #2 wr and caldwell was the #3 wr.

  6. Really? Talk about a guy who’s production is similar to a 7th round wideout. If their is anyone on our team who should be repleaced by a guy in the draft, its Caldwell, not Decker.

  7. C’mon guys…he’s a good back -up receiver. And he’s learned a lot. If you recall Peyton got on him when he made mistakes when they first started playing together. Bubba’s come a long way. He’s gotten better, even if he’s not high on my list…

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