Bears, Lamarr Houston reach five-year deal

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The Bears, who were expected to be big-time players for pass-rush help in free agency, have added one of the top defensive ends available in the Class of 2014.

According to Adam Schefter of, the Bears have agreed with Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston on a five-year, $35 million contract.

Houston, 26, recorded 69 tackles and six tackles in 2013. He was the ninth-ranked free agent and third-ranked free agent on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.

Houston’s arrival comes as the Bears reportedly look to move 33-year-old defensive end Julius Peppers.

35 responses to “Bears, Lamarr Houston reach five-year deal

  1. I seriously have no idea what the Raider front office is doing. Not signing Houston and Veldeer are going to come back to bite us big time.

  2. “Houston, 26 recorded 69 tackles and six tackles in 2013. He was the ninth-ranked free agent and third-ranked free agent on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.”

    Woof. Your editing skills are almost as bad as the Chicago Bears defense.

  3. So he actually had 75 tackles?

    Seriously, though, this is great news, especially after Michael Bennett played Seattle by pretending to be interested in the Bears.

  4. I love how these people rip apart the Raiders players but once they sign somewhere else they suddenly are superstars who were just on a bad team.

  5. Houston, 26, recorded 69 tackles and six tackles in 2013. He was the ninth-ranked free agent and third-ranked free agent on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.


  6. HELL YEA. Didnt over pay for a Situational pass rusher in bennet. Instead we got a younger, Cheaper,Better player in Houston. This kid is a beast . That aBoy Phil

  7. Too much to pay for run stuffer. I for one am glad Reggie let him walk for that price.

    The Veldheer move on the other hand is somewhat of a head scratcher. Perhaps the team doctors see something others don’t having to deal with his injury last year?

  8. Not too much to pay a run stuffer. The Bears need an anchor somewhere on the line and that is what he is. This signing, along with retaining Ratliff, should hopefully bolster what was one of the worst run defenses in recent memory.

    Seriously, you people calling him a run stuffer, did you watch the Bears last year? While their pass rush was woeful, the run defense was even worse.

  9. Houstons NOT worth the money. I always thought he would be great but it just never happened. He reminds me of Tommy Kelly, all the physical tools but just couldn’t put it together. He’ll show flashes but they’re few and far between.

  10. Despite popular belief he is not replacing Peppers, but Melton he is. Peppers and Wright’s replacements coming soon as Mundy is obviously competition for conte. Stay tuned….

  11. raidadon says:
    Mar 11, 2014 4:39 PM
    Humboldt! What a buffoon! Who from the Raiders organization used to take ya lunch money?


    The Chargers have been bullying and taking the Raiders lunch money for over a decade now.

    What a worthless team you have, there. The two players I could actually name on your team are now wearing different colors because they refused to languish in perpetual sub-mediocrity.

  12. therealtruth210 says:
    Mar 11, 2014 4:48 PM
    Wonder when the losers chargers will ever win a Super Bowl


    You ought to be much more worried about when(if?) the Raiders will ever have another winning season. If you win fewer than 9 games this year, it will be 12 years in a row without a winning season.

    In the last 11 years, you have never once finished above the Chargers in divisional rankings. You have finished 3rd or 4th (mostly 4th) in the division during that time.

    Your team has had more “starting” QB’s in 11 years than I can count, while the Chargers were making choices like “Who do we keep, Brees or Rivers?” Your team was busy deciding between Jamarcus Russel and Jason Campbell and Terrelle Pryor.

    Furthermore, the last time the Raiders actually won one of your coveted Super Bowls, I wasn’t born yet, and probably everyone on the Raiders (except for your best player, the place kicker) weren’t born yet either. You don’t see the Chiefs hootin’ and hollerin’ about their Super Bowl from the 1960’s, why…? Aside from the fact that KC fans have class while Raiders fans don’t; it’s also because Lombardis begin to metaphorically tarnish after about 10 years. Bragging rights are hard to utilize when NOBODY REMEMBERS THE LAST TIME YOU WON SOMETHING.

    I’m almost 30 years old. As a Chargers fan, all I can say is that, during my lifetime, the Raiders have been the biggest failures in the entire league, year-after-year. I’d rather be a Browns, Lions or Jaguars (or indeed, Chargers) fan over being a Raiders fan. At least all these teams have been CONSEQUENTIAL at some point in the last decade, instead of a perennial stepping stone like your team has become.

    My 7 month old daughter is going to grow-up and watch the Chargers demolish your little league squad, year-after-year, like I did growing-up. We will bond every year while pointing and laughing at the miserable season records your team will inevitably continue to earn. I thank you for this.

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