Bengals hang onto return man Brandon Tate

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The Bengals biggest free agent name of the year probably won’t return, but at least their return man will.

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, Bengals wide receiver Brandon Tate has re-signed with the team.

Tate has yet to make much of a dent on offense, either with the Patriots or the Bengals, but was a solid return man, averaging 26.1 yards per kickoff and 9.3 yards per punt last year.

With the Bengals expected to lose free agent defensive end Michael Johnson, likely to the Buccaneers, they need to keep as many existing pieces in place as they can.

8 responses to “Bengals hang onto return man Brandon Tate

  1. Not much of a wide receiver… but… good special teamer and team player.

    9th in the NFL in avg. kickoff return yards

  2. Ok signing.,, Anything is better then the old days with Kewain Ratliff as the kickoff returner…. That guy literally caused me to bust a TV out of frustration. He only ran Vertical or Backwards with the ball, or he danced around and took a 3 yard loss on a kickoff… Those were really hard years being a Bengals fan.

  3. Why we continue to waste a roster spot on this guy is beyond me…Just another case where Mike Brown is content with mediocrity on his ball club. Can’t wait until we sign Andy Dalton to a long term deal…After that I will finally be officially finished with Cincinnati Bengals.

  4. Actually… those were better years than BEFORE signing Marvin Lewis.

    All the Keiwan Ratcliff years were .500 or above… but… YES…. he was terrible.

  5. They should chop a bunch of mediocre receivers and add a REAL #2 wide receiver.

    So… Andy Dalton has someone dependable (other than A.J. Green) to catch balls.

    Marvin Jones would be a good #3 wide receiver… but… he is NOT a high quality #2 wide receiver.

  6. Get back in your dumpster Cincinnati! Somehow you got out last year but now it’s back to the bottom where you belong.

    How dare you disgrace the AFC North by not winning a playoff game for the first time in over 6 years!!! If it wasn’t for Cleveland, clearly you’d be the Brown stain of Ohio.

  7. this guy has been returning punts and kick offs for the last 3-4 years and average at best – this is bengals big splash in FA??

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