Branden Albert heads to Miami, gets $25 million guarantee


The NFL’s most dysfunctional offensive line is getting some veteran stability.

The Dolphins and free agent left tackle Branden Albert have agreed to a new contract. That’s been widely expected, so it’s no surprise that the deal got done just minutes after free agency officially started.

Albert’s deal is for $46 million over five years, with $25 million guaranteed, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Miami’s offensive line was a mess on the field and an even bigger mess off the field last season, with Jonathan Martin leaving the team and Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey all being accused of bullying him. It’s entirely possible that the Dolphins will need to find five new starters to open the season, but there’s no question about their starting left tackle: In Branden Albert, the Dolphins got their man.

38 responses to “Branden Albert heads to Miami, gets $25 million guarantee

  1. Good. And I like the Texans DT signing.
    Now resign Solial and finish that OL.

    See if you can get McKinnie back as a Starting LG (backup insurance if/when Abert gets hurt) and RT Strief from New Orleans.

    Heck, while you’re at it Hickey, call up OG Davin Joseph too! Lol

    Free Agency day, gotta love it!!!

  2. The guy is a consummate leader and sad to see him leave. He was always in the huddle motivating the team and you could see he was one of the leaders. Steady player that makes few errors. Not a great athlete but very technically sound.

  3. sweet, it was under $50 mil…..that alone is a win for the dolphins, and im sure that the deal is front loaded, dawn apownte is a contract genius.

  4. He threatened to go to the Fins last year but he stayed…he threatened to go to the Fins this year and KC said “go ahead”….he is better than any OL on Miami right now, that ain’t saying much…

  5. I guess Miami is really stupid huh? They were killed last year for not trading for Albert. A year later, guess who is in Miami? Brandon Albert.

  6. For the second straight year , the Fins get their guy in free agency.
    Whether you love him or hate him , Stephen Ross is determined to bring a winning franchise to South Florida.

  7. Good.
    Now resign Solial and finish that OL.

    See if you can get McKinnie back as a Starting LG (backup insurance if/when Albert gets hurt) and RT Strief from New Orleans.

    Heck, while you’re at it Hickey, call up OG Davin Joseph too! Lol

    Free Agency day, gotta love it!!!

  8. The Miami Dolphins, joke of a franchise that will never win another Superbowl and to make matters worse they play in a third world city where nobody speaks English

  9. It’s an upgrade over 2012, but he’s basically the same player as Jake Long, injuries and all, but alot more expensive. Had they kept Jake in the first place, this money could have been spent elsewhere. Oh well, what else should we expect from the most dysfunctional franchise in sports. I’m surprised they are not going after Dansby or Vontae Davis.

  10. And to think the Chiefs could have gotten something in return if they had traded him last year.

  11. Man. Miami Overpaid for B Albert. He was a Good Left Tackle for th Chiefs. never Elite. He misses at least 4 games a year with back issues. Good Luck though. Hope it works out for ya. Watch out for Incognito.

  12. Have fun scooping him off the field every 7 plays. Won’t be missed in KC. HIGHLY overrated player.

  13. Just another example of the Ravens yet again beating the Dolphins..

    Ravens sign the #1 Rated LT for 5yrs, $37M

    Dolphins sign the #2nd Rated LT for 5yrs, $46M

  14. Kansas City did not win. Jodave-0, come back when you have something smart to say. Bill

  15. I keep forgetting about all the experts on this site that know more than the GMs and coaches. I also keep forgetting the dolphins have improved the last two seasons under Philbin and finished with an ok 8 – 8 but yet are dysfunctional.

  16. Fins had nobody there. Best LT or not he was better than nothing. Gotta start somewhere and this dysfuntional team beat alot of good teams last year.

  17. He is good but not great. That said, he is better than anything Miami had.
    Now the Chiefs will move Fisher to the position they drafted him for.

  18. Per Dolphin fan beachside “he was better than nothing”. And that’s what you get for 46M/25M in Miami, aka New England’s beaaach. And people wonder why Miami has been irrelevant for 40 years.

  19. Way too much money for a guy that hasn’t shown that he can stay healthy, missed some games for injuries almost every year with the Chiefs.

  20. LOL to all the Know-It-Alls. The Dolphins paid what the market demanded and here are facts… We didn’t lose a Draft pick for him either. And still got our man. Sorry sour grapes KC Fans. Also, today of all days should be evident that these Big Contracts mean nothing.! Teams rent players and release them. Who cares if he gets $25M, that is chump change. It is all about how much a hit on the Cap annually. Finally, raise your hand if you knew Mike Wallace on got paid only $3.2M last. These Contracts are nonsense… Keep Hating, but get a Clue first.

  21. Albert only has one pro bowl which is still more than Monroe. Albert is better than Monroe period. Miami was crucified for not making this move last year. Miami is not the most dysfunctional franchise wannstache the Browns own that title but if you like you can find another team cry baby.

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