Bucs visit up first for Josh McCown

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Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht and coach Lovie Smith have made no secret of their desire to add a veteran quarterback to the roster to at least compete with Mike Glennon this offseason.

They’ll have their chance to convince one soon. Jason LaCanfora of CBS reports that the team will host Josh McCown on his first visit of free agency. The Texans and Jets are also slated to meet with McCown, but players often wind up signing with the first team that they meet with after free agency officially opens.

McCown has been linked to the Bucs often since the team made their intentions to add a quarterback in free agency known. He’s coming off a strong season for the Bears that saw him perform very well while Jay Cutler was injured. There are questions about how well he’d do without Bears coach Marc Trestman pulling the strings on offense and he’s not a long-term solution with his 35th birthday fast approaching, but the Bucs aren’t comfortable handing the job to Glennon so it behooves them to go after one of the few appealing options on the list of free agent quarterbacks.

A return to the Bears is also a possibility, but the opportunity to win a starting job could wind up being a big factor in McCown’s ultimate decision.

10 responses to “Bucs visit up first for Josh McCown

  1. With all due respect there are 6 reasons why McCown succeeded….. Tresman Marshall Bennet Jeffrey Forte and the O line!!! There are 7 why he wont succeed as a starter or as a backup….the 6 reasons above plus its Lovie.

  2. only Lovie Smith would derail the career of agood young QB like Glennon for a backup like McCown. once again he shows he is not willing to adapt to the strength of his personal. McCowan will fit perfectly in his run on first and second down then throw a wide reciever screen on third down offenise philosophy. if they cut glennon today he would be the starter tommarow for the jags,browns or raiders. Lovie has no clue when it comes to offense. as bad as grossman was with the bears they always had a chance to score with his bombs to berrian..Ido not blame him for the bears super bowl loss as much as Ido theidiot who thought it would be a good idea to take Thomas Jones out of the after he had a 60 yd. td run in favor of arookie who fumbled on his first carry to give the momentum and game to the colts

  3. Lovie Smith is taking a gamble here with his new offensive coordinator and new team his first year. He is being decisive with a plan, but it is a plan frought with risk. If his new offensive coordinator (supposedly a good one from California) cannot make McCown work, then his decision making is going to be questioned already his first year on the job. It almost seems like a no-win situation. He would be better off getting a QB in the draft and doing that instead as there are really no good QB free agents besides the possiblity of McCown surprising people.

  4. The Buccs are going to have to lie or over pay to get McCown. He wants a chance to start and Houston and the Jets gives him a better opportunity to do that. Houston makes the most sense because they can get back into contention quicker than the other two teams.

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