Byrd bags giant deal from Saints

Former Bills safety Jairus Byrd wanted $9 million per year.  And he got it.  Exactly.

According to multiple reports, the Saints have given Byrd a six-year deal with a total value of $54 million.  Of the amount, $28 million is guaranteed.

Unknown (for now) is the amount that’s fully guaranteed at the time of signing, and the amount that is guaranteed for injury only.

The structure also will say much about the expected duration of the deal.  High salaries and cap numbers in future years make it less likely that all six years of the deal will be completed.

Given the Saints’ current cap crunch, it’s likely that the contract has been loaded up with bigger dollars later in the deal.

Byrd has no connection to any member of the New Orleans coaching staff.  However, it’s possible that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan knows what former Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine thinks of Byrd, via Jets coach (and Rob’s twin brother) Rex Ryan, who employed Pettine before he went to Buffalo.

43 responses to “Byrd bags giant deal from Saints

  1. The Bills needed to pay him $9 mill per less than they needed his services. Glad they didn’t overpay for him. He didn’t want to be there anyways.

  2. Pretty soon the Saints will be fielding a 3 man team composed of Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Jairus Byrd.

  3. In particular their 2016 year is already way loaded up beyond what even the Lions have on schedule for that year, or any other team. That’s not even factoring in Jimmy Graham for that year either.

  4. Now, if the Saints lose on the Graham deal in arbitration, they’re dead. They couldn’t afford to pay him what he wants anymore.

    Oh when the Saints, go marching out…

  5. Kinda a bit much for a safety, that # should be meant for super QB & franchise LT & ultra pass rushing beast. The Saints are typical Americans: spending money unwisely wit’ money they ain’t got. LOOK OUT !!!

  6. 28M guaranteed isn’t too shabby. But we all know that he wont be there for the duration of that 6 years.

  7. If we resigned him, it’s unlikely that we would have had the dollars to commit to A. Williams, Marcel Dareus and Stephon Gilmore over the next few years.

    It also would create cap problems for the next 2 years from a FA perspective, which would slow down the rebuild process – which if this rebuild is going according to schedule, should be ramping up for playoff runs in the next 1-2 seasons. If that doesn’ t happen then it doesn’t matter who they signed because ANOTHER new staff will be brought in, these players will leave and the process will start again anyways, albeit with the highest paid safety on your roster.

    Yes, it’s sad to see him go. But this is the reality of being a losing team. You have to go prove you’re building a winner if you want star players to come/stick around at fair market value. Let’s hope 2014 is one of those seasons for us. Let’s Go Buffalo.

  8. Thank god Whaley didn’t sign him to that contract!!…..great player, but not worth that amount of money for a player turning 28 with foot issues. Genius to let Levitre go at the price point he was at last year….and this will prove the same.

  9. Lol like I said In the other post. Skins fan here that wanted Byrd, but damn not for that much. Good luck with that. I’m sure the Saints will be trying to unload him in a couple of years. You have to give his agent credit. He found the one team that would pay him 9 million a year, because not even Mr. Snyder himself wanted to pay him that and that says something.

  10. Wow, 9 million a year… for a safety? How can Saint fans be happy with this? You’re offense is in shambles, you are in terrible cap shape (especially with deals like this), and was the safety position even an area of this much importance? I see all the NO fans coming to defend this deal because it’s “backloaded” (even though I’ve yet to see this proven) and Byrd won’t be around for 6 years to claim that money…yet there’s 28 million guaranteed?! I get that the fans are excited with a big splash signing, but this is obviously a terrible team decision. How can a team that is seemingly so well coached be so poorly managed?

  11. Also rans pay attention. Saints are in win now mode. Exactly at the time the CAP is expanding. Brees has 4 or more elite years and the Saints are reloading. Disabuse yourselves of Saints not signing Graham. When they win the FA designation Saints will trade JG after next year where he’s only due 120% of this year’s salary or roughly 8.6mm. They may even place the tag on JG again for that amount and restructure Brees’ contract to create more room with the projected CAP.

  12. Pretty risky move. However, if he can produce a 6-8 int type season the next year or two, that could make a big difference because the Saints seem to have the most success when their defense produces turnovers consistently. So having a guy with a track record of being able to do that may be more valuable to the Saints and may justify the numbers. But outside of producing turnovers I don’t see him being worth 9 mil

  13. In addition to the Pettine/Rob Ryan connection there’s HC Doug Marrone who not only played for the Saints but was also the OC for a time during the Sean Payton era.

  14. Smart move for the team, this and adding a solid CB via the draft will help a ton. What about protecting Drew Brees though? There line was atrocious and I still don’t believe in the Rob Ryan schemes, even though it was a major upgrade for NO last season.

  15. I actually think I am the only Saints fan that wants JG to be traded. In my opinion he is a system TE.

    He made his monster stats this year against weak Defenses . Then Disappeared against the Good Defenses.

    I would rather get the picks then to keep him.
    Is he good yes. Great no. Whether you like Drew Brees or not. He made JG.

  16. Are Saints trading Graham for best safety and 2 first round draft picks? Is Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton fighting fire with fire by setting up a younger team? There’s another Super Bowl team coming together and it may be now.

  17. Love all the posts from the amateur capologists that think they know more than one of the best GM’s in the NFL, Mickey Loomis. The haters just wish their team would step up and make a move..

  18. theblender22 says:
    Mar 11, 2014 10:54 PM
    Wow, 9 million a year… for a safety? How can Saint fans be happy with this? You’re offense is in shambles…”
    Offense in shambles? Then I guess 28 other teams’ offenses are in shambles too as the Saints were the #4 offense in the league last year lol

  19. meatcarroll says:
    Mar 11, 2014 10:13 PM
    Pretty soon the Saints will be fielding a 3 man team composed of Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Jairus Byrd.
    Translation: Saints gave our defense the most fits out of all the playoff teams last year and I’m scared they’re getting better………lol

  20. Brees is done. I lost a lot of respect for him after that game in Seattle last year. He was literally a deer in the headlights. Plus Byrd has plantar fasciitis which never goes away but comes back unexpectedly. He’s definetly gona miss some games because of that. Bills knew that that’s why they basically let him walk.

  21. Could be setting up a trade for Graham, Ben Watson is a complete tight end, and not too shabby in his own right, Get something of value for Jimmy, and keep building the defense, while adding another playmaker 0n offense…

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