Colts look like favorites to land Arthur Jones

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Colts coach Chuck Pagano may be reunited with one of his old players on the Ravens today.

Arthur Jones, a Baltimore defensive lineman who played in Pagano’s system when Pagano was the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, could sign with the Colts today on a deal that will pay him $6 million to $7 million a year, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

The 6-foot-3, 315-pound Jones is a good fit for what Pagano wants to do defensively and could end up on the same defensive line as Cory Redding, who also followed Pagano from Baltimore to Indianapolis.

Jones is the oldest of three brothers in the athletic Jones family. His youngest brother is Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones, and their middle brother is UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones is the No. 30 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

34 responses to “Colts look like favorites to land Arthur Jones

  1. The Colts current staff wants a much more physical punishing style of defense. D’Qwell Jackson and Arthur Jones would be a great start toward that end with their front 7.

  2. Congrats Art! Wish you could have stayed in Purple but for a guy who was a 5th round pick and borderline prospect you rose up into a Superbowl champ and great player for the Ravens.

  3. I can’t say I understand what Grigson’s philosophy is supposed to be.

    He trades away high picks for mediocre talent.

    Hands out big contracts to average free agents.

    I get that he’s trying to win now while Luck is on his rookie deal. It just seems like he is going about it all wrong.

  4. At that rate the Ravens ought to be able to re-sign him. I really hate to see this guy go. He’s been great for the Ravens.

  5. I like Arthur Jones but have questions about how well Jackson might fit in. He went from the 13th ranked ILB in ’12 to 42nd ranked ILB in ’13 (PFF) and the 7th worst ILB against the pass. Also on the wrong side of 30. An upgrade but how much remains to be seen. Cleveland cut him and they have a TON of cap space.
    Andrew Luck has been a band-aid for the many holes this team has. We’ll see how it works out. But trading a 1st round pick (that they could really use) for a 2nd string running back last season was not a good start.

  6. You mean the GM of the year last year??? We have the best young QB in the league and you have the most overpaid QB in the league. Oh, and a RB who punches women.

  7. doctorrustbelt says:
    Mar 11, 2014 9:43 AM

    The decline continues.

    The Wizard of $120,000,000
    I can’t wait until Dalton demands, then gets, a bigger deal from the Bengals. And he’s going to do it with exactly zero playoff wins. You’ll need another 10 day hiatus after that goes down.

  8. Agree with rc33 above, anyone that thinks DQ Jackson is going to be a significant upgrade/impact at LB is def not aware of his limitations & declining performance.

  9. I will admit that this past offseason was not one of Grigson’s finest….but he drafted all of our starting skill positions other than Reggie Wayne on offense two years ago. When Vick Ballard and Dwayne Allen come back this season, you will see why he was voted the Executive of the Year.

  10. Dr. Rustbelt;

    Can’t wait to see what you guys pay Dalton.

    Will a 90 million dollar deal for a QB with no playoff wins seem better than 120 with 9 and a superbowl MVP?

    BTW do you even have a GM or is Mike Brown too cheap to pay for that too?

  11. Kinda difficult to label Andrew Luck as the “best young QB in the league” when, you know, Russell Wilson just won the Super Bowl.

    And like any bad comedian, you really need some new material if you’re going to label Flacco as the “most overpaid QB in the league.” There are at least six other QBs who have more guaranteed money in their current contracts than Flacco, including the likes of Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, and Tony Romo.

  12. Saying any athlete is overpaid is redundant. I under stand its a business, I understand they help bring in hundreds of millions per team per year, but it’s still a kids game where they get paid millions.

    southpaw2k, Ryan and Flacco are similar in skill, you seen what they did when neither of them had weapons last year. Cutler is probably a step behind them, probably cause it seems he lacks heart. Romo is about 10 steps behind. He has all the weapons, had some good defenses(not recently), but he is also probably the reason the Cowboys even won 8 games this year.

    Flacco gets the brunt of jokes because he labeled himself as elite, demanded top pay, and requires his receivers and RBs to be above average to succeed. If he were elite, he would make due with what he had and been in the playoffs last year. That is the reason why people call him terrible, but he is slightly above average and durable. He ranks somewhere between 10-15 and should be paid as such, not as top 5.

  13. You really just said you’d rather have Cutler or Romo over Flacco? Are you running a fever of 105 or something?

  14. “And id rather have all those QBs over Flacco.”

    Really? Those other qbs have 2 playoff wins between them. Joe has won more playoff games on the road than their combined playoff win total. Awesome.

  15. Flacco is the textbook example of a QB who receives too many accolades and too much blame. No one seemed to notice or care how putrid the Ravens’ offensive line was last season, and it was primarily because it couldn’t offer rushing or pass protection that Flacco had the kind of season he did. If he has an adequate line in front of him, he has the ability to be every bit as good as Brees, Manning, and Brady. If his timing is off, he’s every bit as awful as Sanchez and Romo.

  16. Flacco isn’t Brady or Peyton, but he is clutch. The Pats are the only team that has more SB rings than Flacco this century…so if you’re not for one of a few teams who have the same or more wins, you’re just jealous. Keep cutting him up while your team losses year after year.

    The Ravens lose good players every year to wannabe over-paying teams, but B’more is usually in the hunt at the end of the year. So…until that changes…

    In Oz We Trust.

  17. You mean the GM of the year last year??? We have the best young QB in the league and you have the most overpaid QB in the league. Oh, and a RB who punches women.

    The most overpaid QB in the league? Huh. He is the same number of rings as Peyton, Brees and Rodgers.

  18. good luck art. we will miss you. and to all those that would rather have (fill in the blank) over flacco. you can have them. we will take Joe and the accompanying Lombardi trophy

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