Dolphins ask for property tax relief in stadium deal

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The Dolphins are offering a new deal for their much-discussed stadium renovations: We’ll pay for them if we don’t have to pay property taxes.

The team was rejected when it previously asked for direct public financing for Sun Life Stadium upgrades, but the Dolphins are now hoping that they’ll get more support if they offer to pay for the renovations themselves, while still getting help from the public in the form of not having to pay their property tax bill, which is currently about $3.8 million a year, according to the Miami Herald.

That $3.8 million a year goes to schools and other government services, so there will surely be some resistance to the deal among those who believe it would be a bad deal for the public and a sweetheart deal for billionaire owner Stephen Ross.

On the other hand, Ross paying the $350 million to renovate the stadium himself would be a much better deal for the public than the previous proposal, which called for $289 million in public money to pay for the stadium renovations. That deal was rejected. Ross hopes this deal can be struck, and the Dolphins can get renovations that will make Sun Life Stadium more attractive to ticket buyers, and a potential host of a future Super Bowl.

23 responses to “Dolphins ask for property tax relief in stadium deal

  1. F-U Ross, I am not paying for your crappy stadium, you want it fixed, you pay for it and pay your damn taxes. Why do this rich old white guys think they are special?

  2. This is a much better deal, however, to save face regarding pulling monies that go to schools, make the deal and include an offer to donate $1.5 or $2 million annually to those schools. As far as Government services, to heck with that, they pull too much money out of the rest of us as it is.

  3. By the way the Heat and Panthers pay no property taxes in South Florida. What Ross is asking for isn’t insane. It’s the norm in South Florida

  4. This is similar to what the Ricketts tried to do with Wrigley Field renovations, only they wanted an amusement tax to basically be waived.

  5. How about the billionaire pay for his own building upgrades and pay his property taxes? Have you seen the public schools in Dade and Broward? They need the money a lot more than the billionaire.

  6. This is reasonable… Most every Team has had their Stadium completely paid for by the Public. He is asking for $3M out $300M! The local economy benefits from this. Why is this different from any ANY Corporation in ANY State getting a sweetheart deal under the name of Economic Development, whether it is Tax Break or Incentives. Clearly Mr. Ross lost this battle and is only asking for basic courtesy. Nonetheless, bring on the Haters and Rich Guy don’t deserve, the Dolphins are moving to LA, etc.

  7. Hi “City Where My Company Is”: we do lots of great work here and provide benefits to the community. We are in need of new carpet, office chairs and laptops. Let’s split the bill with the tax payers! And btw, we don’t want to pay our tax bills for the next 5 years. Deal?


  8. Wow! These NFL owners are shameless. I’m sure he’ll get Roger Goodell to threaten to move the team to Los Angeles if the taxpayers don’t shell out the cash. Hang on to your wallets South Florida.

  9. You have to be frigging kidding me. But this is Florida, they’ll probably get what they want.

  10. So he is willing to pay 350 mil, at a lower interest rate than you and I would ever get (part of it borrowed from the league). But that 4 more is going to kill him?

  11. I am not in favor of publicly funded sports stadiums.

    Although… basketball/hockey/multi-use coliseums have more year round benefit.

    Giant football stadiums that are only used 8-10 times a year on the people’s dime is not a good investment.

  12. $350 – 400M will create a lot of jobs and help stimulate the Miami economy. Steven Ross is seeking a little help from government to partner with him. Make this happen.

  13. Bringing a superbowl back to miami is well worth the 3.8mil. Not to mention all the other events that will be held at the stadium or maybe a new stadium might get Beckham to use sunlife as a home field for his soccer team, all of which brings a crap load of money to the Miami economy. If you ask me this is a steal for the people.

    Btw these taxes, usually, come from hotal taxes. So im cool with snowbirds paying for it

  14. You guys just hate Ross and the dolphins. He’s not asking for anything the marlins and heat don’t have already. He does the renovations and turns the stadium over to the county. A county that has not paid a single dime to build or renovate the facility to begin with. This is very fair, but some folks just don’t see it that way I guess.

  15. Watch out, Miami! I know you all think Ross is a bumbling fool of an owner, but this is where he is brilliant. Ross generously gave, **cough**bribe**cough**, a bunch of upstate Representatives and Senators, who never had to face NYC voters, “campaign donations” to re-write real estate laws for NYC exactly the way Ross wanted them to. He may not know jack about running a football team, but he knows how to manipulate our crooked political system to his advantage as well as anyone. Expect long speeches about the “need to protect “small” businesses” and “how our economy will grow”. It’s all lies, but, hopefully you already knew anything a State Representative says that is actually truthful came out of their mouth by mistake.

  16. Ross is rich enough to afford the renovations and pay the tax man himself.

    Stop funding sports stadiums for billionaire owners at tax payers expense and pave a few roads or improve our education systems instead.

  17. The Dolphins “$3.8 million a year” in property taxes “goes to schools and other government services” – unlike every other pro franchise in the state of Florida, only the Dolphins pay property taxes. <— Information a real journalist might have thought to provide.

  18. This is how many companies are attracted to relocate their businesses…the new community gives them tax breaks. In turn, the new jobs generate revenue for the community. Like it or not, this is a good way of doing business. If government wasn’t so corrupt and wasteful I might feel differently. Don’t give me any crap about taking food out of kids mouths…more like “the corrupt politician” and his wife have to fly coach instead of first class.

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