Eagles sign Donnie Jones for three more years

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The Eagles won’t need to find a new punter this offseason.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the Eagles have re-signed punter Donnie Jones to a three-year deal. The deal is worth up to $6 million.

Jones’ return to the Eagles has been expected, but the team had to wait until the start of the new league year to get the deal done at anything more than the veteran’s minimum after Jones played for that amount last season.

Jones is coming off a very strong 2013 season, his first with the Eagles, that saw him drop 33-of-81 punts inside the opposition’s 20-yard line. Jones had a net average of 40.5 yards per punt, which set a franchise record.

Jones joins wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper as potential free agents to remain with the Eagles rather than seek their fortune elsewhere in 2014.

10 responses to “Eagles sign Donnie Jones for three more years

  1. This, along with dropping Chung from the roster, is a good start. with the 2 moves, they actually have more cap space. But it virtually makes it certain the Eagles will sign 2 FA S, unless they think they can get Pryor or Ha Ha in the draft.

    I’m thinking neither Ward or Byrd, but maybe 2 second tier. maybe Jenkins and Bathea or Mitchell? They could probably sign 2 of them for the price of Ward, then try to upgrade the CB position too(or OLB with some of the releases)

  2. Good job Howie. Now let’s get a real deal Pass Rusher and the secondary will be just fine. One more B+ grade Safety and possibly another corner and The Eagles become instant challangers to go far into the playoffs. Must get a Def End that commands a double team.

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