Eagles sign Malcolm Jenkins, cut Patrick Chung

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The Eagles signed Patrick Chung as a free agent last year in hopes of solidifying their safety spot, but things didn’t work out as planned and the Eagles were back in the market for safeties this offseason.

They landed one on the first day of free agency. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Eagles signed former Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to a three-year, $16.25 million deal. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that $8.5 million of that total is guaranteed.

New Orleans made Jenkins the 14th overall pick of the 2010 draft, although he was a cornerback at that point in his career. He moved to safety the next season and has started all but seven games over the last four seasons. He’s been a solid player for the Saints, if a bit below the upper echelon of the league’s safeties, and should be a huge upgrade over the collection of players that the Eagles used at safety last season.

The Eagles cleared some room on the roster by announcing that they have released Chung after one subpar year with the team. Given the struggles of the rest of the safety unit last season, Jenkins may not be the only new face added at the position this offseason.

UPDATE 5:20 p.m. ET: The Eagles have announced the deal with Jenkins as well.

47 responses to “Eagles sign Malcolm Jenkins, cut Patrick Chung

  1. does anyone recall how this guy played in last yr’s playoff gm vs eagles ? that would be a good data pt.

    i recall keenan lewis blanketed desean jackson, to the tune of 0-0-0, til he got hurt, but don’t remember much about jenkins. what may not be a good thing…

  2. Now let’s get Byrd too! Nothing beats excess!

    Ok, now for a rational thought. Good move by the Birds, they got a quality guy (especially in relation to what they’ve had at the position the past few years), and didn’t have to break the bank to do it. Leaves enough money to go after some other needs on the Defensive side of the ball (i.e., PASS RUSHER!)

  3. Chung was “subpar”? I’m currently flapping my wings and blasting the Rocky soundtrack.

  4. I’d be ecstatic if the Eagles could land a 2nd safety that can come up and smash people. Not only the defense, but the entire football team feeds off of big hits. We haven’t had a guy capable of making that “statement hit” since B-Dawk.

  5. solid tackler, decent in coverage, just needs to be in the right position and he will be better than what we had. Did not have to break the bank to get him and if by some chance pryor drops to us in the draft we have our stud young guy to bring along. I like this move, offers flexibility.

  6. billy davis’ D uses hybrid safeties. guys who are adequate at both basic roles — defend the run and cover. earl wolff is also this type of safety. so jenkins won’t take wolff’s spot. he will complement him.

    this is different than the traditional model of 2 distinct safety types — strong and free. seatt best uses the traditional model with kam chancellor pounding the run game as the strong safety and earl thomas being the ballhawk as the free safety.

    the challenge with the traditional model is to find the ball hawk, the outstanding cover guy. it is easy to find a big hitter who is a liability in coverage.

  7. Malcolm Jenkins is an excellent safety when you need someone to miss a tackle.

    He should provide plenty of highlight film for opposing offensive players all year.

  8. Wow! Philly fans you have no idea what your team has just done. Malcom Jenkins is horrible! I am a Saints fan and have seen this guy first hand for the last few years. He has made me realize how good of a safety we had in Darren Sharper before we let him go for a 1st round bust. Jenkins is always a step to late to break up passes and he always wiffs on tackles because he aims below the knees to tackle. Good luck! You will need it when the team you plays drops back for a deep pass.

  9. If they would off Cary Williams, I would be so happy…that dude had a hand in Eagles loss….who can forget the horse collar tackle that gave the Saints awesome field position in the playoff game…..hate that guy!!

  10. Calling Chung’s one year in Philly “subpar” is a massive understatement. He had to be the worst safety in the NFL last season.

    Even if Jenkins is average he’ll look like the best safety in the NFL compared to Chung.

  11. At least Malcolm Jenkins got his SB ring when he was with the Saints he will never get back unless he leaves Philly in the future.

  12. If they sign Mike Mitchell yet, they should be pretty good. Howie said he wasn’t gonna spend big. Jenkins is a coverage safety with some pop, and Mitchell is a bone crusher, who covers well.

  13. Jenkins is a CB with Safety speed (or lack thereof). Bad angles and lack of instinct determining run or pass in the play action.
    Good luck with that Eagles.

  14. was hopin he would stay in nola. jenkins has shown all-pro flashes but also some terrible play mixed in. he played well last year though.

    i’ll never forget that play he made against the cowgirls on thanksgiving day.

  15. Grats to Philly. Jenkins may be solid but not great, but he a great locker room presence and very active in the community. A great all around team guy.

  16. As a Saints fan Eagle fans I think you’re going to be surprised on just how good mike jenkins is. And, to be honest he capable of making big plays. I’m sorry to see him go.

  17. Hrrmmm…. Who to trust…. 1st year coach that took his team to the playoffs and won the division orrrrrrr a bunch of random nobody fans of other teams on the internet… Geez that’s a hard one..

  18. One more “second tier” safety, and they are in good shape. A guy like Mitchell, or Bathea. They could probably get them on a similar deal. Then you can take your time with Wolff, and have enough money leftover to sign a CB, or a OLB

  19. Hated to see him go. But he’s got a ring and now he gets paid. Best of luck to him and his new team (except when they play N’awlins, of course).

  20. Saints team and team-mates know how good this guy is..Welcome to the Green Nation and The genius of Chip Kelly

  21. I am not thrilled about this signing, especially after seeing what TJ Ward signed for. Jenkins is a nice guy and great in the locker room. WOW that’s great! Sounds like something you would say when you have nothing else nice to say about the player. As soon as he misses a tackle in a huge spot, Eagle fans will have his throat. Chung was bad, but Jenkins lead the league in missed tackles last year (45?). Shame. I had hopes too.

  22. Not only did the Eagles not get Byrd, Ward or even Mitchell, but neither did Green Bay, Chicago, Dallas, or Tampa Bay. Calvin Pryor and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix aren’t going to be around at #22. They may not even be close. Now the Eagles would have to give up a ton to get one of these guys. This was an overly weak move.

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