Falcons release Tony Gonzalez


Of all the moves made on Tuesday, the least expected comes from Atlanta.

The Falcons have released tight end Tony Gonzalez.

“This was a decision we had to make with the start of the new League year as we begin retooling our roster for 2014,” G.M. Thomas Dimitroff said in a release. “On behalf of the entire Falcons organization, we wish Tony all the best in his television career and thank him for everything he did for this franchise.”

Sure, he’s retired.  For that reason, the Falcons could have continued to hold his rights, at no cost or cap charge. But the Falcons never do anything without a good reason, and we trust they’ve got one for this move.

In cutting him loose, Gonzalez is now available to join any team that gets off to a great start in 2014 and believes that Gonzalez would be a key component for a stretch run.

Gonzalez has said that, given his decision to go to work for CBS, he won’t be coming back.  Either way, he now has 31 other options, if he chooses to yield to the temptation to unretire.