Jermichael Finley to visit Seahawks for physical


Packers tight end Jermichael Finley won’t have to wait long to find out if he’s ready to be cleared.

The free agent is headed to Seattle tonight, and will take a physical for the Seahawks tomorrow, according to Rob Demovsky of

Finley’s condition has been a question since he had surgery to fuse two vertebrae in his neck, but all the recent reports have been optimistic.

If he’s well and signs there, he gives quarterback Russell Wilson another dynamic weapon in the passing game, on a team that barely needed last year’s big addition (Percy Harvin) to win a Super Bowl title.

Finley hinted at this move in January, saying he wouldn’t hesitate to hop on a plane.

And he didn’t.

41 responses to “Jermichael Finley to visit Seahawks for physical

  1. I’d rather keep Miller. Finley now has an injury history and he catches balls like someone dipped his fingers in KY Jelly. Someone like Aaron Rodgers. KY. Rodgers. Men.

  2. This is for sure good news for Seattle maternity ward nurses who need some extra overtime in 9 months.

  3. Interesting to see how much attention the Seahawks pay to the NFC North….

  4. Seattle now has basically the same defense, a better offense and can concentrate on O-line in the draft.
    Well played so far.

  5. If Finley stays healthy this is a great pickup. Miller surprisingly was the highest paid Seahawk last year and I do not see Finley demanding that kind of pay. Finley is also pretty versatile for a TE which could prove beneficial when Wilson scrambles.

  6. I’d be okay with a one year prove it type deal.
    He has been inconsistent, drops a lot of easy balls, and now the health concerns.
    I trust John and Pete will do what is best, they always do!

  7. when finley was with the packers….”he’s terrible….always hurt….drops everything….packers suck”… it’s, “oh, this is going to be great, he is going to make this offense so much better, he is versatile” seattle fan’s, always good for a laugh.

  8. Seattle is based on competing for the position each week.
    Whichever proves out in practice will be the started. I don’t expect either to be cut. (Providing Finley passes Physical)

  9. Not having to play on the rock hard tundra of the Cheese Bowl, will virtually guarantee that he’ll be healthier.

  10. One day he wants to play for Green Bay, next day he wants to play for any team. Couple days later he wants his family and no more football. He got hit in the head one too many times or going where money talks.

  11. This would be a helluva signing if we would get him. Zach miller, Luke Willson, jermichael finley that sounds good. That’s the best tight end group in the leauge in my opinion.

  12. Wow its so tough for me to say if this will be an upgrade of Zach Miller because he has been such a beast in blocking.

    If healthy the upside of Finley is just so appealing. Our GM and coach make the right moves. Exciting off-season for Seattle fans already. Rest of you sound kinda mad.

  13. Luke Willson is going to break out hugely this coming season…A one year prove it might make sense tho..two tight end stuff may add another wrinkle to Seattle’s offense. Lots to look forward to.

  14. … Hands of Stone … Good Riddance !!! …and he WILL Drop the Big One , ALWAYS !!! …

  15. Overrated. The guy never lived up to the hype. I would like to see him remain in a GB uniform, but only at a reasonable price. He owes THEM money.

  16. He may be cleared to take a hit again but will he have his old range of motion in his neck? If he can’t run deep down the seam while keeping his eyes on the QB anymore, his value is extremely diminished.

  17. Listen up Packer fans defense wins championships !!! I hate the hawks , but you got to hand it to them why do you think they won the title !!!!

    Until you realize that Ted t didnot draft and develop anyone on defense it was schnieder doing the deals !!!!

    This is not capers fault he actually did awesome for what he had to work with… Go ahead call for capers head whatever … TT has the final say on personal …

    This is sad no saftey no decent ilb one guy who can rush the passer and no one to stop the run.. Ya you might as well trade arod your wasting his career with that misreable d.. Sorry ass thompson

  18. @jhtobias. Ted loves free agency. He doesn’t participate other than to discard his own players for whatever reason thereby accumulating third round (well they are actually fourth since they come at the end of the third round) picks.

    And yes Schneider seems to have been a big factor in his drafting. Other than Lacy not much since he left in 2010 especially on defense.

  19. If you sign him Seattle, not only do you have to worry about future health but Finley, while he does make some plays, also drops more passes than any receiver/TE I’ve ever seen.

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