Jerry Jones: DeMarcus Ware and I will talk, he may come back

Getty Images

Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones released the team’s longtime star pass rusher DeMarcus Ware today, but Jones said Ware’s days in Dallas aren’t necessarily over.

Jones released a statement shortly after the decision to cut Ware became official, saying that Ware would be open to coming back, and the Cowboys would be open to bringing him back.

“After meeting this afternoon, DeMarcus and I agreed on an understanding that would allow him to explore the options he will have for the 2014 season and beyond,” Jones said. “We were also in very strong agreement that playing for the Dallas Cowboys would be one of the options we would both be exploring.”

But if Ware is going to come back, it will be at a discount: The Cowboys cut Ware because it saved $7.4 million on their 2014 salary cap, and the Cowboys don’t have much cap space. It seems quite likely that some team that does have a lot of cap space will make Ware a deal better than what Jones can offer.

So while Jones may want Ware to remain in Dallas, there’s a good chance he’ll go elsewhere. Maybe soon.