Jets tackle Austin Howard visiting the Raiders

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The Raiders have money to spend, and they’re willing to spend it.

After landing Rams tackle Rodger Saffold earlier in the day, they’re looking at more offensive line help.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Jets right tackle Austin Howard is visiting the Raiders.

Howard’s a solid run-blocker, and the Raiders clearly need multiple players up front. There’s a chance Saffold could still be a guard, but with the money they paid him earlier in the day, that seems unlikely.

Coupled with finishing a one-year deal for running back Darren McFadden, the Raiders are making an emphasis of being more physical.

Now if they just had a quarterback.

28 responses to “Jets tackle Austin Howard visiting the Raiders

  1. well I know there are a lot of DMC haters, but I am not one of them…..get some maulers,and he will get you some yards.

    Reunite him with Michael Bush!

  2. Sure, more physical for what…maybe 6 or 7 games a year? Then watch your big money guys hit IR?

  3. With a good defense, and strong O line/run game you don’t need a QB.

    Colin Kaepercrap
    Russell Wilson

    Were still in the building process. Excuse these writers, BUT we know better.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Now if they just had a quarterback.

    And a GM.

    And a head coach.

    And a durable running back.

    And a #1 WR.

    And a defensive line.

    And depth across the board.

    And any hope of winning 6 games this year……

  5. I’m tired of the dmac haters. How can you hate on someone who gives it his all in practice and in game?? People act like he purposely gets hurt. He’s always been a proud raider. Valdheer hasn5 been exactly healthy himself. Valdheer and Houston didn’t want to be here anymore, bye felicias! Still a lot of money, on pace to sign to starting OL, and plenty of FA action to go. This is a extremely deep draft class at WR,OL, and DE let’s not throw our money away like the dolphins and the dream team. And I’m excited to see what latavious murrey has to offer, he’s a bruiser rdy to play! And quick question to my fellow raidernation, DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT’S UP WITH DAVID AUSBERRY?? Someone fill me in plz. #RAIDERNATION!

  6. Letting Houston go puzzles me. This move sort of brings me back. We still need another RT and TE and WR. The QB question is Matt McGloin’s to answer. If he can get some protection and stability around him there is a good chance he’s the QB for the Raiders in 2014.

  7. Valdheer’s Mother tweeted that he didn’t get the offer that Safford got. She also said that word has it that Reggie is determined to rid the team of all of Al Davis’ players and replace them with his own. Seems to be true. After seeing that Jennings was out, he decided to resign McFadden for one year. Man this dude is clueless and the only people that will suffer is The Nation!

  8. Everything Reggie has done since and including last year’s draft is puzzling to me. And today is killing me, keeping McFragile, Jennings gone, Veldheer and Houston gone…signed the pushover from the Rams who was ranked low, injured a lot. What’s next? Re-sign Rolando McClain? JaMarcus?? Nix? Barnes?oh yeah…

  9. The most underrated RT in the NFL. Very solid in pass protection and twice as nice in the run game. I wish we could have him back but the raiders have too much money!!! Austin you will be missed.

  10. If RM is rebuilding this team I don’t see how when you let your best OL, best DL and best RB walk away from a team that you admit lacks talent and overpay a guard to ride on IR.

  11. If McKenzie lets Alterraun Verner get away Mark Davis has to fire him now and give the Raiders a shot at a decent draft.


  13. Since we didn’t hear anything about the talks between RM and JV and Huston I don’t want to speculate. However, before I would given Safford a contract I would’ve given that contact to Monroe. As for Lamar how do you replace an player who can play all over the line and was used out of position.

  14. When McFadden was at his peak genious McKenzie brought in a west coast offense that made McFadden ineffective. McKenzie is the problem.

  15. My thoughts are Mckenzie is playing the waiting game to let other teams over pay for free agents. Later in the week when salaries come down a bit, the Raiders will fill many holes with the abundance of cash. I hope?!

  16. For all you idiots that are criticizing Reggie for not signing Veldheer and houston back. News flash!!! If both of those guys wanted to be back they would have signed with the raiders. Especially Veldheer who signed with AZ for a million less.. Neither one wanted to come back!!!! So we dont need THEM!!!

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