Kevin Williams isn’t ruling out a return to Vikings

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When the Vikings restructured Kevin Williams’ contract before last season to make him a free agent this year and added Sharrif Floyd in the draft, it seemed like a sign that they were planning for an eventual parting from the veteran defensive tackle.

Williams said Monday that Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman has told him that the Vikings want him back, however, and that his agent is talking to the Vikings as well as other teams. Williams passed on the chance to put odds on his chances of returning to Minnesota, but said he’s happy to stay put.

“I wouldn’t rule it out,” Williams said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “I would like to come back, but I’ll have to see if it’s a fit for both of us. I talked to Rick a couple of times and he said he wants me back. I have to see what the coaching staff is going to want.”

If Williams does return, the Vikings could take a longer look at him as a nose tackle while Floyd takes over the three-technique spot that Williams has held down for most of his tenure. Even if that’s a possibility, the Vikings may opt to go in a different direction as they did by re-signing Everson Griffen and moving on from Jared Allen at defensive end.

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  1. Kevin Williams has a chance to get the hell out of Minnesota. Why would he not take advantage of that opportunity? Doesn’t he want to win a World Championship title?

    And think of the poor sucker who’s going to be drafted by the Vikings at #8 in a couple of months. That guy’ll wish he was in Kevin Williams’s shoes.

    Run, Kevin. Run and don’t look back. Think of it as escaping a sinking ship on the only lifeboat. Oops, sorry Vikings fans. I shouldn’t have mentioned boats. That was insensitive.

  2. New England loves to load up on veteran defensive lineman. They had something crazy like 14 in camp a few seasons ago. What are the chances that both Williams and Allen sign low guarenteed money deals (with playing encentives) to join Belichick? How many defensive lineman who were long in the tooth played their final 2-3 years on the Patriots? It is the Belichick model for success.

  3. This guy was always humongous. He’s listed on his roto page as only being 311, but I’m pretty sure he only had one foot on the scale. Even if he leaves the Vikes he’ll probably catch on somewhere. He has always been healthy as he’s only missed 4 games in his whole career. I say put a couple extra weekly trips to the local country kitchen buffet in his contract and someone will give him a shot at nose guard.

  4. Kevin played like his old self last season. Would love to have him back at the right price. #93 will soon be retired at the new stadium either way.

  5. Kevin could take some snaps with Sharrif Floyd at UT, hopefully next to a new NT like Paul Soliai.

    I think Kevin Williams’ willingness to return to the Vikings will depend a lot on who the NT is.

  6. Many solid years on the team, respect no doubt. However, I think Linval Joseph is a better option at NT based on age and size. Division is up for grabs if the defense improves we lost many many close games last season.

  7. Keep the pieces of the puzzle in place from a last place team. I must admit I love spieladope as gm of that team.

  8. It would be nice to have Kevin finish his career with the Vikes, as he does still have something in the tank. Yet another Viking first round draft pick D-lineman success, much like all the other D-line Hall of Famers that have come through the organization — and pretty much exactly the opposite of the perennial series of first round D-line busts that have stole money from the state to the east.

  9. I don’t get it, the Vikings defense was terrible and now Spieladope is re-signing most of the same players that blew 4th Qtr leads last season.

    Logic doesn’t even enter into this, the Viking’s Qb play was so bad last year that they fired the entire coaching staff so what does Spielman do?
    He re-signs his second stringer…..with a raise.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  10. Remember when he was the last man standing in the infamous draft by Tice.. They wanted the kid who went to KC… KW went on to a great career

  11. Unlike the Packers who discard aging, but still productive players, the Vikings show some class and keep those they can. Different philosophies, but it explains why people leave GB for MN and not the other way around. That and the fact GB is cheap and has $50 mil in 3 players and 53 share the scraps.

  12. Love all the hate from the same old packer fans. It is funny that these few, you know who you are (can’t mention names for some reason or it doesn’t make the cut), have more posts on Vikings stories than Packer ones.

    Remember packer fans, 1973 to 1988, you had 1 winning season. But you only remember 9 championships with 9 10 teams in the league.

    Selective memory. The friend of the packer fan.

  13. If KW wants to come back, in a part time role for a reasonable contract, I say bring him back. He can back up both DT spots, behind Floyd and whoever is the new NT. If Floyd fails in a regular role, he’s there to step in, and is a much surer commodity than anyone else they could put there.

    Besides, there is more attention needed to the back 7 than can be addressed with just the draft or FA, so if retaining KW and signing a NT will shore up the DL for next season, I’m all for that. Heck, as far as I’m concerned, with the exception of a LG and a QB if a decent one is available at the time they pick, I would want the Vikings to be almost completely focused on fixing that back 7 from now until the third day of the draft.

    Incidentally, I can think of another nearby team who should probably be thinking the same way…. Although they will probably spend the 3 of their first 4 picks on WRs and TEs.

  14. I get it. The Packers had a bad stretch 25-40 years ago. So surely Minnesota would have taken advantage of that and racked up some SB victories during that span. So tell me, exactly how many SB WINS did the Vikings have from 73-88?

    Queue the number of division titles/playoff APPEARANCES but alas, no championship dates from Viking fans.

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