Mack’s agent confident a deal can be crafted that Browns won’t match

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Last week, the Browns applied the transition tag to center Alex Mack, guaranteeing him $10 million for 2014, if/when he signs the offer.  He hasn’t signed it yet.

Peter King of reported Monday that Mack’s agent is “confident” that he can structure an offer sheet with a “reasonable likelihood” the Browns won’t match.  It’s important for any team that signs Mack to an offer sheet to believe the Browns won’t match it; otherwise, the new team will have negotiated Mack’s new contract for no fee or other compensation.

With the poison pill no longer available and the Browns flush with cap space, it will be hard to get the Browns not to match the offer.  While Mack’s agent may believe that he knows the limits of the Browns’ budget on a long-term deal, the plan surely will be revisited if/when another team signs Mack to a long-term deal beyond anything the Browns previously have offered — especially since the Browns will receive no compensation if Mack leaves.

The negotiations become more interesting if the Rams have perhaps decided to move on from 33-year-old center Scott Wells.  Mack’s agent, Marvin Demoff, is the father of Rams COO Kevin Demoff.  The two of them could work together to come up with an offer that the Browns would be inclined not to match.

Or maybe the son will do the father a favor, signing Mack to an offer sheet that they both know the Browns eventually will match.  In the interim, Wells perhaps could be squeezed to reduce his $5.5 million base salary.

Regardless, the smarter play for Mack seems to be taking the guaranteed $10 million for 2014 and hitting the open market in 2015, when the salary cap reaches as high as $145 million and it would cost Cleveland $12 million to restrict him for a second straight year.

34 responses to “Mack’s agent confident a deal can be crafted that Browns won’t match

  1. Strong RUMOR has the Jags having a deal ready for 4pm and it’s a WHOPPER of a payday for Mack that the Browns won’t match. If so they need him with their Center retiring and he’s a pure badass on the line. If the Browns keep him they will pay thats a fact!

  2. Is that $10 million a bonus of some kind or his guaranteed pay? $10 million for a Center? Sounds kinda high to me.

  3. LMAO!

    I mean, really lame!

    Sports Agents = the “slick” dude that sold you your 1st car off of Jerry’s RePoLand Discount Mart.

    Freakin Awesome!

  4. So, the whole intent of Mack’s agent is to get Mack out of Cleveland? Why not just state that?

    I understand that a lot of the players want out of the Browns, especially due to the events of the last 2-3 years. (It must be absolutely miserable to work under those conditions.)

    However, I believe that the current management is headed in the right direction, and if you’ve survived the recent mess, why not see this through? You can be part of the biggest turn around in sports!

    Someday, the Browns will finally get their ring, and you can’t imagine a more appreciative fan base going absolutely nuts when that day comes. I just hope I live long enough to see it.

  5. The Browns should let Mack walk. He is turning out to be a very greedy individual who thinks he is more talented than he really is. In my opinion the Browns offensive line is weak and needs a complete overhaul. Very overrated!

  6. Jags dont have a center and 58M in cap space. Welcome to Jax Alex and a great centerpiece of an OL rebuild. Add anither top guard in FA and 1 in the draft. Luke Joeckel back healthy and a great find at RT last year in Pazshtor

  7. If he wants that huge contract he can go. Very solid center but I don’t think elite. ( my opinion ). Our line play all around has not been that good since Eric steinbach was released. Spend the money elsewhere on this team .

  8. My gut feeling as a Browns’ fan for more than fifty years is that I would prefer to retain him, but if he wants to move on then so be it. I hope some team goes broke signing him …..

  9. No way he’s going anywhere this year. The Browns have more cap space than most nfl teams and would look like fools if he walked and didn’t get compensation. Any long term deal negotiated by his agent will be the deal the Browns match, and would keep him in northeast Ohio long term. If he really wants to leave Cleveland, sign the tender and leave next year.

  10. Like most pros Mack was a pro bowler his contract year. I am sure it helped to work aside Joe Thomas all those years too. If Mack wants out that bad then “Be gone”. Good luck next to an average left tackle. Lets see if you can carry the Oline like the stud you think you are.

  11. Mack’s agent sounds like a real peach. How exactly can you say with a straight face that you can come up with an offer the Browns can’t match? They have 50 MILLION in cap space. So unless some team offers him 51 million for the first year, then good luck. If the Browns want to keep Mack, they definitely can.

  12. Cincinnati’s line would look better with Alex Mack.

    Of course… Bengals owner mike brown is too cheap to overpay for Mack.

  13. I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty confident most centres would want to play on a team with a solid offense and with a starting QB in place so they can build that relationship.

    If you’re going to get paid for blocking for a QB and snapping the ball, reading the offense wouldn’t you like to do it somewhere stable?

    If I was Mack and I had an offer from a team like Atlanta 0r Baltimore I’d take it. Cleveland really haven’t earnt his loyalty.

  14. A rival team like the steelers? Flush with cap space steelers? Yea right! The browns would call the bluff and the steelers dire cap situation become infinitely worse.

    This agent is a real price of work. Either he is an idiot or he’s one of the biggest douchenozzles on the planet.

  15. If Mack wants to leave – good riddance. We haven’t had a QB worth protecting in 50+ years.

    As a Browns fan I am starting to just shrug my shoulders and move on.

  16. If I were the Browns I would sign the Center from New Orleans, let Mack walk, and draft one late. Way too much cash for a Center who is an average run blocker.

  17. Mack is rated as the one of the top 2 centers in the NFL. But none are getting 10 mill a year as the Browns are willing to pay for his services. It sounds like Mack wants out of Cleveland, so just let him go. After all, the Browns record has not improved with Mack and I doubt if it will worsen without him.

  18. No way the Rams sign him. They can get by with Tim Barnes or Barrett Jones at center. They dont have a ton of money to spend and have far more pressing needs at other positions (OT, OG, OLB, CB, S)


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