Mike Mitchell headed from Panthers to Steelers

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For some players, taking a one-year contract is a stepping stone to something bigger.

Few played that card better last year than safety Mike Mitchell.

He turned a successful one-year stint with the Panthers into a new deal with the Steelers, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribiune.

Mitchell was considered a draft bust in Oakland, but had four interceptions and brought a physical presence to the Panthers secondary this offseason.

If he pairs with Troy Polamalu, it gives the Steelers a stout pair on run downs, with problems otherwise.

47 responses to “Mike Mitchell headed from Panthers to Steelers

  1. Mike Mitchell is a solid tackler but a liability in coverage that was masked by the great Panthers front 7.

    I’m surprised the Steelers signed him… hes not 35 and out of his prime.

  2. This will prove to be the best signing of the offseason. Well done. If you needed an extra reminder as to why the Steelers are superior, just look at this signing. Alternatively, look at our trophy case.

  3. Solid day one signing. Gotta address the cornerback and linebacker situation this off season as well. Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.

  4. He gets a chance to show he belongs on the field and can handle being alongside Troy.

    The Steelers will, nevertheless, be drafting for the future and this gives their kids a chance to learn the system.

  5. I like that my Steelers still trying to keep that physicality on the back end no matter how the NFL is with with fines.

  6. Look in Green Bays trophy case – they have 13 – including a hammering of the Steelers for their most recent. The NFL didn’t start in 1970.

  7. you sure you’ve got that right? He isn’t collecting social security yet. He can’t play for the steelers

    He doesn’t beat his girlfriend or try to bleach his kids so he couldn’t play for the a Ravens right?
    Funny all the raven capologists were saying the steelers couldn’t sign anybody. Trolls in a Baltimore like to feel good so I’ll give them a pass and a pat on the head and tell them , someday you’ll learn skippy to speak when spoken to.

  8. He wasn’t a bust in Oakland. He was just young and reckless, and couldn’t beat out Branch at SS. And with Huff wasting the other safety spot, he never got a real chance.

  9. Huge steelers fan…but this dude is average at best…A liability in pass coverage. .which is where the steelers need to improve..given how pass happy the NFL has become..I hope that he proves me wrong…I’m sure he is a good player and great run stopper…just pray he can improve his pass coverage as well.

  10. Gaining Depth & youth @ safety… TP43,Allen, Shamarko, Mitchell & a draft pick. Next up Cb i’m guessing… The Steelers brass been aggressive this year. Looks like the whole AFC north is except for 1…

  11. As a Panthers fan, I say good riddance. Now that no-covering, cheap-shot artist belongs to someone else.

    I will enjoy his personal fouls and getting burned now that he’s gone.

  12. Wasn’t a bust in Oakland…this dude is old school and plays super hard, freaking guided missle in the secondary. Raiders wish they had him back I guarantee you that. Reggie is not smart enough to bring back good talent.

  13. It brings great depth to the Steeler secondary. He can
    be moved around a bit so Troy can go to the hybrid LB/S when needed. This ends Ryan Clark career as Steeler and ensures that Steelers draft a CB or WR in draft now.

    If Ray Rice goes to jail (Like he should) for beating the crap out of his wife, I see the Steelers and Bengals atop the AFC North.

  14. Now in all reality the defense is no longer old. Troy may be our oldest player on D and he is an all pro. Ike taylor needs replaced and I think that will happen in the draft. We have studs at linebacker, Id love to see Mike Evans in black and gold though, our offense started to hum the last 6 games and can be potentially a top 3 unit if we get a guy like Evans.

  15. Way to go shakespeare22! Pittsburgh did not win a thing for almost 40 years (established 1933-first division title 1972)

  16. So why is everyone saying he’s a liability in the passing game and a plus in the run game? It’s exactly opposite. He had 4 picks last year and graded out very well among safeties in the pass game, graded out well in blitzing, but wasn’t as good in the run game. He’s a big hitter though. So pretty much he sounds like a younger faster Ryan Clark

  17. Steelers could sign Tebow and these trolls would call it the best signing ever.

    Congrats on nabbing the fifth best safety in free agency.

    Whenever this troll comments on steeler threads the exact opposite happens therefor I am elated at the trolls post. The steelers rarely dip into free agency, but when they do…bingo success= James Farrior.

  18. Mitchell leaves something to be desired in coverage, but he brings the heat. Lit up multiple players this season for Carolina. Steelers’ fans will like him.

  19. I like the move a lot. He should be very comparable to Ryan Clark of a couple years ago, which I would be more than ok with. Now they can focus elsewhere in the draft. Very good move, and surprising for the Steelers who always seem so cash strapped to go out and make a move. Farrior and Clark are the last two impact free agents I can really remember them signing.

  20. Ryan Clark was a great free agent signing for the Steelers.
    If Mike Mitchell plays safety half as well as Clark, it”ll be a
    terrific signing. This allows Colbert the opportunity to focus
    on other needs. like CB, WR or LB.

  21. Well..that’s the nail in Ryan Clark’s coffin..Don’t know what that says about Shamarko Thomas..

  22. Evidently he can play both safety positions. This year with Troy. Next year with Shamarko.

  23. NoFool

    Not sure where your “opposite” comment comes from? Care to reference that boss? Maybe an example or two? Also great job referencing Farrior as your free agent success! I mean 2002.. Just like it was yesterday right??

  24. Look in Green Bays trophy case – they have 13 – including a hammering of the Steelers for their most recent. The NFL didn’t start in 1970.


    And it didn’t END in 1970, either. New age football PROVED to be the toughest era to win in. Guess what? We have double the trophies named after your organization. OUCH! Oh, and not sure losing by 6 points is a “hammering.” If Mendy doesn’t fumble, we have #7. But don’t worry, that’s coming in 2014. HERE WE GO!

  25. I love this signing! They got quality help where it was needed. I don’t think this means Shamarko is done, at all.

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