Niners, Dolphins announce Martin trade

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Tackle Jonathan Martin is indeed returning to the Bay Area.  And he’ll play for one of his head coaches at Stanford, Jim Harbaugh.

The 49ers and Dolphins have issued separate statements announcing the trade.  The Dolphins describe the compensation as an undisclosed draft pick.

The trade itself hinges on Martin passing a physical, as the 49ers pointed out in their statement announcing the trade.

“We feel that this move is in the best interests of all parties involved,” Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey said. “We wish Jonathan well.”

Owner Stephen Ross, we’re told, was fully on board with the decision to cut the cord on the team’s second-round pick in 2012.

The Dolphins deserve credit for not drawing the process out any longer than it’s already lingered.  As the franchise moves forward with a new left tackle and new hope — both for the team and for renovations at Sun Life Stadium — it made sense to make a fresh start quickly.  The Dolphins could have traded Martin no sooner than today.

UPDATE 11:12 p.m. ET:  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Dolphins will receive a conditional seventh-round pick in 2015, if Martin is on the 49ers’ opening-day roster.

74 responses to “Niners, Dolphins announce Martin trade

  1. How many of you Martin haters ever played a snap of football beyond high school? If you’re so good why not get a GM job or heck, take over for Harbaugh since he’s “doing such a bad job.” SMH at some of you.

  2. I liked the post better from Crabtree. But nice attempt at inserting your little nugget, whatever that was.

  3. A laughable franchise trading with a franchise on the decline for a hapless soft mediocre player.they like everyone else will watch the vikings achieve greatness.they should announce the banishment of shehawks and packer fans from the nfl while your at it too.SKOL

  4. Bye-Bye Sissy Boy. I hope the Niners enjoy the “Sensitivity Training” and the Seahawks enjoy the Division Titles ! As for the Dolphins what a great day to get rid of a Cancer and benefit from a 5th if he passes a Physical!

  5. Wow the fact that Miami received any compensation for this guy is amazing. Even if you set aside all of the off the field garbage you are left with the fact that Martin is not even a good linemen at the NFL level. This guy was mediocre at best!

  6. Loving all these fans calling him soft. What has MIA done lately? And the Niners?

    Who’s soft? Who’s smart enough to recognize talent when they see it? Watch and learn.

  7. Today alone could get a millionaire fired. Losing Whitner and trading for the guys today. Scratching my head because I don’t see this as improvements

  8. 2nd round talent for a 7th Round pick you don’t think Harbaugh can coach this kid back up? Think again.. Good depth move that cost nothing.

  9. Calling Martin a NFL left tackle is really pushing it.

    Forget about the physical, Jonathan needs a big time psychological exam…….Most likely the Dolphins get a 7th round pick. San Francisco will just LOVE Martin.

  10. Disgusting that this isn’t considered tampering. Harbaugh needs a lineman, and when his old Stanford player calls him in trouble, he tells him just to leave the team, knowing that he’ll get him soon enough for cheap.

  11. LOL!! The dude lost his starting job in Miami for gods sake.

    The whiners front office must be smokin some serious crack.

    Their free agency foray so far is a complete cluster fuk!

  12. As a Seahawks fan I wanted Martin or incognito as a reclamation project. Just to add depth to the offensive line .

    I know the pure hatred between Seahawks and niners fans but seriously The Seahawks have the most fun of any nfl team playing the game . It’s on film and a part of that fun is them banding together as brothers and talking sh!t to the opponents . Which is why so many people hate them and I understand .

    But if Martin gets into the game he will be abused by any opposing team mentally . But especially by Seahawks players who will beat him up physically and mentally . I think sf can make something of him .

    Lastly any Seahawks fan clowning the trades the niners Have made need to look at your own team .

    We both (niners and Seahawks ) have a ton of late rd compensatory picks . And have few available spots for those players to make the team . So of course you trade a cpl 6-7th rd picks for proven players who you know their ability who you believe need to be coached up . The Seahawks tend to keep those picks bc they’ve hit gold with about 6-7 starters in those rds . But that’s rare and the niners don’t have the same luck with drafting late rds as Seattle , so they take the educated decision of getting known commodities .

    Makes perfect sense, but for show id love to get incognito , but for psychotic reasons I’m not sure I want that cat on my team even if Pete can control some of these nut jobs . Lol

  13. Logically this trade makes good sense for both teams.
    49ers: Get a guy who has worked with Harbaugh, was once lauded as second round talent and if he doesn’t make the roster they give up nothing.
    Miami: They no longer have deal with the guy and he was not doing well for the, and possibly get a pick.

  14. To everyone who called him soft, sissy and crybaby you horrible people hiding behind keyboards. This is a grown man who could break you in half. I hope someone says the exact same thing to your children…if you haven’t done it yourself already.

  15. laxcoach37 says:
    Mar 11, 2014 11:00 PM
    Bye-Bye Sissy Boy. I hope the Niners enjoy the “Sensitivity Training” and the Seahawks enjoy the Division Titles ! As for the Dolphins what a great day to get rid of a Cancer and benefit from a 5th if he passes a Physical.

    Someone doesn’t fact check.

    More like a 7th in 2015 if he passes his physical.

  16. This wipes out the 2nd round rookie contract Miami was stuck with…the pick is just candy.

    Hickey for the win.

  17. hawksforever says:
    Mar 11, 2014 11:27 PM
    LOL!! The dude lost his starting job in Miami for gods sake.

    The whiners front office must be smokin some serious crack.

    Their free agency foray so far is a complete cluster fuk!

    Education System didn’t fail this dude!

    You are acting like Martin is going to be starting. He will be the 3rd tackle behind two pro-bowlers.

    Oh so they lost Whitner? But they replaced him with a guy who might not be as hard a hitter but he isn’t a Liability in coverage and doesn’t generate a lot of dumb flags.

    Gabbert in place of McCoy is a wash.

    re-signed Dawson and Wright.

    9ers will kill it in the draft because they don’t build as much via free agency.

  18. The Dolphins really showed him. They spent a 2nd round pick (42nd overall) on him less than 2 years ago, he pretty much destroys what little reputation the Phins had left and then basically cries and kicks his way off of a joke of a team and ends up going to his former coach and to a team that plays meaningful football in January/February. But hey at least they got what will probably be one of the last 10 picks (240ish) in the draft for him.

  19. I see a bunch of post from people that don’t know football. Harbaugh and STAFF are as good as it gets at getting the most out of players. Harbaugh will help Martin and all you sucka fish haters will realize how much you don’t know!!!! You’ll see a lot of Martin in the jumbo package the 49ers use a LOT. stop hating people and get a life.

  20. Now Robert Quinn is going to eat this guys lunch and get called out for bullying after a 4 sack game. The NFC west is a mans division. Martin won’t last there.

  21. 9ers get depth at tackle (don’t kid yourself, 9er fans, Martin is not particularly good, depth is all you get) and Fins get out from under this mess. Win-win.

  22. I think he goes down as the worst Dolphins draft pick ever. What a terrible player and terrible person, he absolutely sabotaged that team this year. Niners gave up next to nothing for him and that is exactly what they get, I do not think he is one of the top 1800 players in the league.

  23. where are all the idiots who said no team would take Martin, and every tea would want Incognito?

  24. Dolphins Nation says: Mar 11, 2014 11:55 PM

    I would have been satisfied with two Mcgriddle coupons for him, but we actually got a draft pick, AWSOME SAUCE!!!!


    Your team turned a 2nd round pick into a conditional 7th round pick. The Niners turned a conditional 7th round pick into a 2nd round pick. GET THAT???? YUP, AWESOME SAUCE!!! WHATEVER THAT IS.

  25. Very predictable to land in his home state with his old coach. Ho humm. Have anything to do with this, RG? Or is it merely a front office move to push the forehead of an embattled HC. Why keep this story going? Martin will not be a starter for SF. Is he worth retaining for depth? The “behind the scenes” BS in SF is flashing a big “I don’t think so”.

    Jon, do yourself a favor. Go be a lawyer. You will be outstanding.

  26. To all the people complaining about how the 49ers haven’t improved this offseason… Well they must not know much about 49er football… We and all the good teams in the league don’t improve in march we improve in may… We only use free agency to bring in a veteran for a year or two while we develop the future pro bowler we just drafted to eventually take over

  27. Give Hickey a gold star for getting rid of this turnstile at tackle and all around garbage player. And getting someone to actually trade something for him.

    I’d have given him to the 49ers for 2 Warriors tickets if I were Miami.

  28. 2nd round draft pick for a 7th round conditional pick as a back up. Sounds ok to me.

    Chances of getting anything out of a 7th round pick are pretty small. May as well take a chance.

    Sure he’s soft. And you got to be hard to make it as a pro in the league. But he’s also big and athletic. And there aren’t many of those guys around.

    And from Miami’s perspective I’m sure they are glad he’s gone. One less problem for them to deal with.

  29. Wow, losing Donte Hitner and acquiring Jonathan Martin.

    That’s a textbook way of how to make your team softer in 1 day.

  30. @All you people saying Martin was no good. Let’s see how he plays when he is in a much better situation without all the abuse. Next year he’ll be in the playoffs and where will Incognito be?

  31. Salsco…

    I played LOT for a d1 school…I would have had ashot at the NFL if I hadn’t been injured. I can honestly say Martin is a huge crybaby. I saw NOTHING in the wells report that suggests anything other than normal lockerroom behavior.

    You pay the biggest strongest men on earth millions of dollars to play one of the most violent sports in modern times. If you don’t have the killer instinct you will not survive.

    Eat or get Eaten

  32. Throw in Stephen LOSS and Philbin with this deal! END THE COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY! SELL THE TEAM, LOSS! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

    The Shula’s should buy the team!

  33. This could make the after practice showers at San Francisco very interesting. I’ll bet every player today went out and bought soap on a rope, so there are no fumbles!

  34. This could make the after practice showers at San Francisco very interesting. I’ll bet every player today went out and bought soap on a rope, so there are no fumbles!

  35. Welcome to the 49ers Jonathan, and welcome back to the Bay area.

    And to all the critics and haters out there, I think Neil Young said it best – “All you critics stand alone, you’re no better than me for what you’ve shown”.

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