No resolution of Revis situation expected tonight


The clock is ticking in Tampa, where the Buccaneers reportedly will cut cornerback Darrelle Revis absent a trade concluded by 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no resolution is expected on Tuesday night.

A resolution must come on Wednesday, and the options are simple.  The Bucs will trade him, or they’ll cut him.

With each passing hour, it becomes harder to trade him.  And it becomes more likely that the only teams that would acquire Revis and his $16 million annual contract are those teams that stand no chance of luring him on the open market, where he’s likely to land with a contending team sporting a franchise quarterback.

The Browns are the only team believed to be interested in a trade.  The team’s level of interest isn’t known.

In turn, the player’s level of interest in playing for the Browns isn’t known.  Presumably, the Browns want him only if he wants to be there.  If that’s the only way Revis gets $16 million for 2014, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t want to be there.

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  1. What a stupid move my the new GM. Why does every new Tampa GM feel the need to start off their reins with idiotic moves?

    Allen lets go Sapp and Lynch
    Dominick lets Brooks go

    And now this new GM throws away one of the top 2 or 3 corners for no reason. We get it, you’re the boss, you don’t need to make a statement by doing something stupid as soon as you get power.

  2. The current GM is handcuffed and just trying to find some way to make the best of the situation. They don’t have a solid plan to win with Revis and as such they need to remove those cap constraints which are quite broad and reconfigure. It has to be done.

    Their CBs also could have an easier time now they added Michael Johnson to the mix. Let’s see how everything balances out after he tips the scales a little.

  3. I still fail to see why Revis “MUST” be traded or cut.

    Sure, they may want to trade him or feel hes not worth the full 16 mil, but they certainly have the cap room to eat it. Id rather pay a few extra bucks (no pun intended) to hang on to Revis than just drop him after spending a 1st, 4th, and 16 mil on a year long rehab assignment.

  4. If you were Revis, coming into the second half of your prime, everybody talks about Sherman now the way they used to talk about you, would you really want to go to Cleveland?

    If the Browns want to put so much money into their secondary then other areas will suffer. Haden is going to need an extension too.

  5. Browns need to make this happen. Revis and Hayden tandem. With Whitner too. Best secondary in the division would make them contend. Then draft all offense.

    Im sick of the sadness! Make a splash. Do something. Its a chance, and a better option then going 4-12 again and again

  6. Why does anyone think this guy cares about wining? If the Washington Generals paid him the most he would play there.

    His dirtbag agents have advised him to fight a trade simply because they feel – correctly – that an open market will drive up his salary. Plus, teams may start with a higher ceiling since they also won’t have to part with an asset to obtain him.

    So let’s stop with the “contender only” spiel. Especially being that New England has one of the poorest rosters in the league outside of their QB. This isn’t the 2008 Pats anymore. One wrong hit to #12 and they’re a 3-13 squad.

  7. At this point, I’m not sure if Revis even cares about winning. He only cares about the money. If he gets injured again and he can’t return back to form, no team will waste their time with him – not even a contending team. Classic Catch-22.

  8. Why wouldn’t a defensive player want to be on the Browns? They’re head coach was a defensive coordinator, they have Haden on the opposite side of him with Witner as a saftey and Karlos Dansby as linebacker. Talk about a scary defense to be a part of…

  9. If the Browns somehow end up with him, you may stand a better chance of scoring with the Browns offense on the field.

  10. If you rate the CB position on picks alone then you clearly know nothing about football. I guess passes defended, times thrown at, passes completed against, ability to play the run, and turnovers in general are just some of the things you need to consider. Sherman is Deion w/o the speed, Revis is a different kind of species. Revis shuts down #1’s. If Sherman is so great, why wasn’t he covering the guy who set a SB record for catches? I forgot, Decker is the second coming of Megatron!!! Or maybe DT never lined up on his “side” of the field? Revis will line up wherever he has to. Wayne, Marshall, Moss, Welker, and Megatron all approve this message.

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