O’Brien Schofield heads to the Giants

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The champs have lost their second free agent in less than an hour.

Linebacker O’Brien Schofield is leaving the Seahawks, and he’ll be playing for the team that plays in the place where Seattle won the Super Bowl.

Per a league source, Schofield has agreed to terms on a two-year, $8 million contract.

Waived last year by the Cardinals and claimed by the Seahawks, he appeared in 15 regular-season games with two starts.

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  1. Not a huge loss, but liked his production for his pay. Can’t blame him, 2yrs/$8M is a good deal.

  2. The giants just got much better. With Schofield and Beason, they can now stop people. With Eli throwing, they will need to stop people … often.

  3. This guy is a very good player who could really break-out with the Giants. The perfect example of a Seahawks kind of player who did something unique enough to warrant the kind of Contract the ‘Hawks couldn’t afford to pay in 2014.

  4. I don’t want to assume because of an old prophecy, but I assume that Jerry Reese is going to let Jon Beason walk…Awful move JR!

  5. Important to note that neither player lost was a starter.

    Seattle will keep who they want and replenish the depth in the draft and mild free agent signings.

    In Schneider We Trust


  7. Wow, great for O’Brien! I think he got cut from some team before playing for the Seahawks last season. I was rooting for him in the preseason as my underdog of the year. It’s great to see him getting his payday.

    But I gotta ask: What’s in the water out in NY? I don’t really understand paying him $4m/yr. Good player, but that’s the kind of contract you give to a guy that will be playing every down. Not sure he’s quite at that level.

    Great news for Schofield, though! Good to see our reserves and bit players getting out there and getting paid. Should help with recruiting new blood.

  8. Giants should ask Reese to tender his resignation effective immediately. The player’s production merits vet minimum and they sign him for 8 over 2… abysmal.

  9. Not a bad player for the Hawks, he was signed when the Hawks had to survive Bruce Irvin’s four-week suspension. He played well and provided high-motor pass-rushing. The Giants got a decent OLB today.

  10. You guys must be joking or you just tell everyone that you are a diehard seahawks fan because the are the champs.

    Any “diehard” fan knows who he is. Mayowa ring a bell?…How about Scruggs…

    Didn’t think so.

  11. Good signing for the Giants. For those Griants fans who are freaking out about his numbers from last year, I suggest you learn a bit more about his role in the Seattle D.

    He was the primary back-up to the LEO role most commonly occupied by Chris Clemons or Cliff Avril (depending on the down/distance). His particular niche is rushing the QB and causing disruption, but he’s serviceable against the run. He was very effective in limited snaps this year, and would have had a bigger role if it weren’t for the Seahawks glut of pass rushers.

    My guess is that he will flip between OLB and the Elephant role and will be good for 6-7 sacks next year. I think most teams would pay a DE/OLB $4mil for that kind of production and versatility.

    As a Seahawks fan, I am bummed to see him go. I saw him as a potential replacement for Avril when he chases a big contract next year.

  12. No way even a casual fan of Seattle doesn’t know who Schofield is…He flashed in preseason but as Clemons got healthy, we got Irvin back he also sat behind Avril and Bennett doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent.

  13. Just a heads up for everyone screaming “sign Beason! Sign Beason!” Beason can’t talk or sign with ANYONE until Friday because he changed his representation to himself, league rules say he’s gotta wait 3 days before he talks to anyone.

  14. Teams are pretty much fighting over all the Seahawk free agents. Same with the regular season though. As soon as a player gets cut somebody picks him up. Usually the 9ers. They probably get them to SF and try to get them to give up Seahawk information. Dirty rotten scoundrels . And you “Seahawk fans” should get to know the players on your team. They’re an interesting bunch and worthy of at least being known.

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