Pats putting the squeeze on Edelman, again

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A year from now, the Patriots may still be complaining about Julian Edelman’s agents.

The Pats want their most durable and reliable pass-catching option from 2013 back, but on their terms.  Per NFL Media, the Patriots have offered Edelman a three-year deal, and they want an answer by the start of free agency at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Last year, when Edelman became a free agent for the first time in his career, Edelman signed a one-year, $715,000 contract.  It contained a “split” provision, allowing the team to pay Edelman less if landed on injured reserve early in the season.  Later, they persuaded him to shift $40,000 of his $50,000 workout bonus to a roster bonus payable if he made it to the Week One roster.

It was a bargain for the Pats.  Appearing in 16 games, he generated 1,056 receiving yards, most on the team by more than 400 yards.

This year, he deserves more pay and more security.  While it’s unclear what the Pats have offered, it appears that they’re ready to move on to someone else if Edelman doesn’t accept.  Sort of like they did last year with Wes Welker.

Edelman’s agent, Don Yee, should know by now what someone else will pay.  If someone else will pay more, the question becomes whether Edelman will leave for another team — or take less to stick around, like another Yee client, Tom Brady, did last year.

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  1. Julian, just take your talents to another franchise who will appreciate you. Don’t play for a franchise who had to cheat and break the rules to win three tainted trophies that they had no business winning. Plenty of fish in the sea, don’t confine your self up there in that cold hellhole! #ZeroSuperbowlssinceSpygateforNE

  2. Please leave Julian. They don’t appreciate anyone other than Brady. They view you as ‘replaceable’ just like they did w/ Welker.


    Dolphins Fan who is tired of watching you little slot WR’s shredding us to death

  3. Pats have a little leverage because teams may think this is a flash in the pan or he is a system guy, or both.

    Either way, I would like to see my Patriots be a little kinder to the folks who brought them success. I’m not saying over pay by a silly amount but throw the man a bone.

  4. Pats like to pay for future expectations rather than pas performance. Since future expectations are somewhat nebulous, it allows them to squeeze the lemon pretty hard.

  5. I think the deadline is only because they need to know if they are keeping or cutting Danny Amendola

  6. Brady took a pay cut so that the Pats can afford to keep their most reliable offensive weapons. They let Welker and Woodhead walk. They need to sign Edelman and maintain the continuity instead of starting from scratch with the WR’s again.

  7. the 4pm deadline seems to me like they want to know about that position. If the Patriots can sign Edelman before 4pm today, then it will free them up to cut Amendola by 4pm and they can save some money and we know the pats love saving money.

  8. No big deal. I mean, the Pats are already loaded at the position, right? The receiving corps was a real strength of that team last year. Brady must be thrilled.

  9. The Pats do have a lot of fallback options, they have like a half dozen WRs from last year beyond Edelman, and there’s several dozen available on the FA market and at every price point. They have all the leverage and either Edelman likes their offer or not, but they aren’t going to offer him more money than other teams. Part of what makes the Pats a good team is they are able to get a handful of guys to take less money to play for them. If you aren’t with that program then they can find somebody else who will be. Edelman gets to choose for himself and that’s plenty enough respect. Any more respect shown to him could make their SB run more difficult, this shouldn’t be about making friends, it’s just a calculated business decision and the Pats do not need Edelman to win the Super Bowl.

  10. Go 12-4 every year and have a chance to win the Super Bowl if Gronk stays healthy…or catch 45 balls from some scrub QB and go 6-10 every year and have more cash. Choice is his.

  11. Smart move by Edelman. He’s literally on the doorstep to free agency after a stellar year. For a 7th round pick, being nickel & dimed for four or five years by the Pats…why on EARTH would he not want to explore free agency options at this stage?

    He deserves the chance…and I DO hope that he returns to the Pats. He’s a very versatile and tough football player.

  12. Patriots let Welker and Woodhead walk last year, and how did that turn out? They were in line for the top seed in the AFC until they had a bad game against Miami. The Patriots way of doing business may be cold to some people, but you can’t deny it almost always works for the best. Welker gets dropped and Edelman has a even better year.

  13. Belichick really enjoys setting up an environment where most players are scared to be cut. Edelman knows that without Belichick and Brady, he is pretty average. Belichick knows this too and will offer a modest amount.
    BB rarely pays top $, he likes to be a value shopper but time is running out for Brady and he needs more WR talent.
    This year they have the money to make more of a splash than usual.

  14. Love how Pats fans always say people should take less to stay with them so they can get rings. LOL. But where are all the rings? You all say they won’t win a ring without Brady. How many rings has Brady won since that SB team came apart. Since their cheating system was exposed. Patriots have been chasing ghosts ever since. Brady is now what 38? OK that’s a recipe for future success. Yet somehow everyone is supposed to go to one knee for the privilege of playing for the Patriots? Time to come back to reality folks.

  15. You can’t blame the Pats for what happened last year. Edelman was UFA free to sign wherever he wanted for as much as he could get.

    The contract he signed with the provisions you mentioned represented fair market value at the time. It just sucks that they didn’t have the foresight to add a few additional years on there.

    At this point, it comes down to whether or not Edelman feels NE are offering a contract at or above market value. But if he opts to test the market, things could end up the same way they did for Welker last year. Slot receivers don’t command big money contracts.

  16. Some pertinent realities:
    1. Edelman is an average talent. He is often injured and a significant injury risk heading forward. (look up the surgeries).
    2. If Edelman were on any team other than the Patriots, he most likely would never have been a starter and would certainly never have amassed the stats he has, due to scheme + Tom Brady.

    Now, I like the guy and think he is a useful part of a team that knows how to best utilize him. But, he should be the first to acknowledge the facts, be happy he landed in NE and at least be grateful for the chances he has. He can leave if he feels he is being under-valued. But is he really being unfairly treated? If he were to go to another team, it’s likely he will never approach the success he has enjoyed in NE.

  17. I love all of these Pats fans who say Brady took less. They forget his SIGNING BONUS was larger than many players take in their entire career–$30M to sign. Is that taking less??

  18. Edelman has had one year of good production. He’s been injured for the majority of his career as well. The Patriots invested in Amendola (for better or worse) and have Boyce waiting in the wings.

    Nobody thought Edelman would produce like he did last year. The Patriots moved on from Welker and were vindicated by Edelman’s performance. The slot receiver is a position that is very replaceable in the Patriots offense.

    The Patriots have far more pressing concerns and needs to address than Edelman. He’s a good player that can help a team but just like Welker he’s not a guy you can rely on as a number one target on a championship team. The Patriots look like they’re moving on and they probably won’t regret it.

  19. Once my idiotic Panthers get rid of Smith and you guys take him, we can go ahead and snag Edelman. He would be a HUGE step up from what we currently have.

  20. I think we all know how this is going to end.

    He’s going to say no to their offer and make a counter offer. They won’t even listen to it. Seeing that Eric Decker bolted Denver for big money, Edelman signs with the Donkeys.

  21. Would love to see Edelman stick around, but not for more than $4 mil per season. He’s a hard worker and had one great season. Other than that he’s been a depth/special teams guy with frequent injuries. If someone gives this guy #1 receiver money they’re overpaying big time.

    – Pats Fan

  22. When exactly did Julian Edelman become Jerry Rice that the Pats HAVE to sign and overpay for him? If it weren’t for a HOF QB throwing him the ball, making him look good, please tell me where he would be? He has had 1 good year, because managed to stay healthy…..should that translate into breaking the bank for him. Not in my opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Edelman and he certainly helped the pats last year, but if some team is going to give him silly money based off 1 year…good for him.

  23. Those of you asking him to wait and take the money need to realize that last year, with Welker in this position:

    1) the Patriots made a take-it-or-leave-it offer to Wes
    2) Wes said “I’ll leave it”
    3) Then the offers he got from other teams were a lot less than the Patriots offer
    4) Then the Pats signed Amendola
    5) Then Wes wanted the previous offer from the Patriots, but they said that they’d moved onto plan B (Amendola + Edelman)
    6) Then Wes signed for LESS MONEY with Denver than the Pats had offered to start with

  24. So, the Pat’s are trying to play cheap with their top wr but have no problem always signing every free agent/released TE thats out there. Makes sense.

  25. It’s simply wrong to characterize this as a “squeeze” when he has no idea what the offer is. He has no idea what will happen if the answer is no. There was no report saying that if JE refuses the offer, they Pats will go in another direction. AND by the way, what’s wrong with a team making an offer and wanting to have a timely reply.

    Last season 31 teams evaluated Julian Edelman and decided he wasn’t worth a $7oo,ooo offer. The Pats on the other hand, developed this kid into the WR he’s become. Stuck with him through multiple injuries in all but his last season, and no doubt put an offer on the table that will be at least a 400% raise over multiple years.

    Yeah, the Pats were really horrible to Julian Edelman.

  26. Edelman had 18 catches in 2012. 106 catches in 2013. I’m gonna suggest, with absolute certainty, the reason why was due to Brady losing his top 5 receivers (Gronk, Hernandez, Branch, Welker & Lloyd) from the season before. And last I checked, he has to throw the ball to someone. But step on up and keep insisting to anyone that’ll listen how Edelman is irreplaceable. Kinda, sorta reminds me of how Welker was deemed irreplaceable last season. I mean, it’s not as if the QB makes the receiver in N.E. or anything, right?

  27. Stop it with the Patriots cheaped out talk.

    Edelman had been injured every single year in New England. Last year he was dealing with a foot issue and couldn’t even practice until Training Camp. He tested free agency and NO other team wanted him except the Patriots.

    He stayed healthy and met all of his playing time incentives. I love the guy and wish him well. This probably is his only chance for a big payday and good luck to him getting it.

    The Patriots don’t have to be the team that gives him that payday.

  28. .

    The Patriots have a receiving corp , of which Edelman is a part. What happens with him affects Amendola, Boyce, and any free agents the Patriots may be in contact with.

    Regarding deadlines, the NFL must be the only place on earth where you get to whine about them. Everyone else gets them from their bosses on a daily basis.


  29. This is what happens when a coach is treated like a God and a team that could win it all. You should almost pay them just to step on the field…

  30. If edelman is over pricing himself he can go to the redskins or some other no winning team and see how much having an elite quarterback made him look good

  31. This is the second straight year the Pats gave their WR an offer and demanded a decision before Free Agency. That’s a red flag that Edelman is getting low balled. If I’m Edelman, I walk like Welker.

  32. Anybody signing Edelman to a big contract is an idiot. BB may make mistakes, but he isn’t an idiot.

  33. Patriots didn’t over pay for Deion Branch, Ben Watson, Daniel Graham, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, or any of the other WRs who played with Tom Brady. Because it is all about Tom Brady. The Patriots continued to replace and win after each guy was gone. So don’t hold your breath on Edelman. Good player. Not great. They will not over pay for him. They have set their value. He is free to accept of go. Just like all of the others before him. Belichick will ride the Brady Horse until it is over. Then both will retire. They are just fine if Gronk, Dobson and Amendola get well and can give them 12-16 games next year. They also have Boyce and Thompkins back. And both are very talented. And could blossom in the 2nd year. That’s what they’re gambling on.

  34. I love it. Apparently now Edelman is Jerry Rice in his prime.

    How dare the Pats pay less than top dollar for an injury prone system receiver like Edelman. Cheap I tell ya.

    Of course I appreciate his contributions to the Patriots last year but guys like him are a dime a dozen.

    Caveat Emptor.

  35. The Pats replaced a 100 rec WR in Troy Brown, They replaced a 100 rec WR in Wes Welker, if he walks they will replace a 100 rec WR in Julien Edelman.

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