Rashad Jennings says he’s signing with Giants


A neck injury makes it hard for the Giants to count on running back David Wilson and Andre Brown is a free agent, which meant the Giants were a good bet to go after running backs once free agency opened. 

They appear to have landed one already. Rashad Jennings tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that he’s flying to New York on Tuesday night and that he’s looking forward to signing on the dotted line with the Giants. The Giants haven’t announced anything, but their offer to Jennings was reported earlier on Tuesday by Fallon Smith of CSN Bay Area.

Jennings spent the first four years of his career with the Jaguars before signing with the Raiders last year. He wound up playing a lot thanks to Darren McFadden’s annual spate of injuries and performed well, running for 733 yards and six touchdowns on 163 carries and catching 36 passes for 292 yards. The Raiders were reportedly interested in bringing him back, but they re-signed McFadden on Tuesday and Jennings will be moving on to the NFC East.

The Giants also re-signed Peyton Hillis on Tuesday and they have Michael Cox on their depth chart along with Wilson, which likely means Brown will be plying his trade elsewhere in 2014.

20 responses to “Rashad Jennings says he’s signing with Giants

  1. Any teams out there looking for a new fan, because I’m done with the Raiders. They apparently have no clue how to hold on to players that are productive.

  2. After all the free agent signings elsewhere, and despite having (roughly) a gazillion dollars to spend – the Raiders have, what, like 3 or 4 players left on the team?

    Bye, Reggie.

  3. So I guess Reece is going to play multiple positions at once this season… is anyone awake at the control switch.

    Good for Jennings, Reggie probably told Jennings that he’s gonna be the guy, then they go and re-signed #20 and Jennings said, goodbye. Can’t blame him. Raiders better plan on drafting a RB this year.

  4. Why do i have to be a Raiders fan 🙁 im done their terrible

    I think the league should seriously consider taking over this team until they can find someone with some common sense to run the team

  5. Not sure how good this kid is, but he did a ‘showcase job” at Metlife last year.
    Good signing!

  6. I am thoroughly convinced now that Reggie has been replaced in the front office by his more inept twin Raleigh…I am befuddled, perplexed and beyond disgusted already.

  7. LOL Rashad one of the few bright spots on a dismal team bails on the R Mckenzie trainwreck.

  8. You guys are not informed. Reggie offered him 3 mill year at the combine as reported by Adam scheffter. Obviously he wanted to leave. Face it no one wants to come to Oakland unless we overpay. It’s going to take time so if you are not patient, get off the bus and move on

  9. He’ll be 29 in a couple weeks do this is another dumb move it’s for more than 2 years. Hopefully they didn’t over pay.

  10. Who cares if he is 29, he wasn’t an every down back. Legs should be relatively fresh, plus I don’t see the Giants handing him the rock 30+ times a game.

  11. I mistrust (and dislike) Reggie McKenzie more with each transaction. Jennings was outstanding at RB (733, 292) and on special teams, and was a vocal team leader.

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