Report: Browns consider trading for Darrelle Revis


The Buccaneers are expected to cut Darrelle Revis tomorrow, unless they can find a trading partner. So where will they find a trading partner?

Perhaps in Cleveland, where Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Browns are considering trading for Revis.

Why trade for Revis when he’s about to be on the free market anyway? One reason could be that the Browns think Revis can command even more money on the free market than the $16 million a year he makes on his current contract. Another could be that the Browns think that if Revis were to become a free agent, he wouldn’t want to play for the Browns.

Browns coach Mike Pettine knows Revis well: Pettine was the defensive coordinator of the Jets from 2009 to 2012, and Revis was a first-team All-Pro in all three of his healthy seasons playing in Pettine’s defense.

Revis is one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks, and the Browns have the cap space to afford him. Revis in a Browns uniform sounds farfetched, but it could happen.

125 responses to “Report: Browns consider trading for Darrelle Revis

  1. The trade would be:

    Browns get Revis
    Bucs get to become the NFLs go to punchline instead of the Browns.

    Winning trade for one side at least…

  2. I’m not a Browns fan, but I would love to see this happen. I feel bad for Browns fans and the sport could use them being competetive, or at least better again.

  3. It is a sad statement on the state of the franchise. No one is willing to trade for him because of his salary, but Cleveland has so little confidence in their ability to sign him on the open market they are willing to give up an asset to acquire Revis’s bloated contract.

    In other words the only way we can have the right to overpay Revis is to give an asset to do so.

  4. The Browns could have had RGIII but NOPE they trade for Richardson and Weeden. I tried to warn you all. Way to pass on your only slither of hope. If you don’t have the QB, don’t bother going for elite position players because it won’t matter. No QB = No hope. #ThankGodImaRedskinfan

  5. I would be a huge fan of Browns defense if they get him and Whitner both. Already have Haden. My goodness

  6. Revis’ agent: “Darrelle – I have good news and bad news to share…”

    Revis – “What’s the good news?”

    Agent: “You were traded!”

    Revis – “That’s GREAT news! I need to join a team who will compete for a ring! And what’s the bad news…?”

  7. So, everybody is linked to the Browns? Paying that much is stupid. Trading for a guy that you think wouldn’t want to play on your team is twice as stupid.

  8. That’s a waste. They don’t need Revis in that division. They already have Haden. They should just change their name to the Clowns.

  9. I think Whitner to the Browns is going to happen, probably today. I’m not sure Revis would be happy with that trade and that in and of itself would make them think hard on pulling the trigger on that trade.

  10. In the list of reasons why Cleveland might want to trade for Revis, the writer forgot the most obvious one of all:

    They have no clue what they are doing.

    That organization had a chance to turn it around this offseason and then fumbled it away.

    Poor ol’ Browns. Things finally started to look up for a minute and suddenly they’re in the Terrible Owner Clown Circus with Raiders, Cowboys and Redslur fans.

    Factory of Sadness, indeed.

  11. Then teams do what they did to the Jets when they had Revis and Cro…abuse them with the slot recievers and TEs and by passing to RB out of backfield…

    It all sounds great on paper to have two elite corners, but somehow teams will still find a way to score…

  12. I think that the owner of the Browns is trying to convince the U.S. Government that is actually insane and mentally unable to stand trial.

  13. Ha ha this would be funny if Cleveland actually traded away one of their 1st round picks plus paid Revis $16 million! On the FA market I doubt he would get $10million anymore… But leave it up to the clowns to overpay and send draft picks to a guy about ready to get cut!

  14. With all those pro-bowlers on the roster, two #1’s, and that much money to spend things should look nice in Cleveland.

    If it doesn’t come to fruition the first cut next time should be the owner.

  15. Lets let that silly skins fan that got Haynesworth and Neon Dion multi billion dollars wasted it seems, to tell us just how good they are and just how bad the Bucs are… goof.
    Bucs will be just fine with Lovie and Licht in control.

  16. Cleveland’s needs are on offense. While Haden and Revis would make for an absolutely filthy DB combo, I can’t see the Browns spending that much on one position when they have more positions to fill. They’ll need a center if Mack doesn’t resign, and if they draft a QB, they need to add a legitimate receiver on the other side of Gordon, not to mention not having anyone at RB

  17. If no one else wants to trade and the Bucs will cut him it shouldn’t take more than a 6th or 7th rounder to get him.

    I don’t think the economics of paying a corner 16 mil a year hold up though.

    On the bright side for Revis and whatever team he lands with is that most players coming back from an cal tear struggle the first year back but as long as they don’t reinjured the same leg are often back to full speed the 2nd year after the surgery.

  18. Joe Haden and Darrelle Revis at corners? Hmm that would have to give nightmares to that Red Rifle in Cincy , Big Ben, and Flapo of the former Browns. I’d like to see that and see if they make it work. Revis Island and Haden Archipelago!

  19. Somewhere Revis is thinking “Thank God I don’t have to wear those uniforms.”

    Somewhere Richard Sherman is thinking laughing: “The guy that’s been dumped by his last two teams says he’s better than me?

  20. Of course they’re considering trading for Revis!!! Ha!!! No one is laughing harder than Jim Harbaugh who was NEVER going to uproot his family & move to Cleveland to coach the damn Browns. Only someone as dumb as your shady owner (& Mike Lombardi) would actually believe that.

    Thanks again Cleveland for making the Dolphins look like a well run organization.

  21. He already makes $6M/yr more than the next highest CB. Why would the browns think he’d command even more?

  22. Please – for Cleveland to take Revis and his contract off of Tampa’s hands – it won’t take a big draft pick (since their other option is to get nothing if they cut him).

    My guess – 4th rounder (to jets) this year, 3rd rounder next year – gets this done

  23. trade a 5th rounder for him. The Bucs would have to take it or get absolutely nothing for him by cutting him.

  24. So why trade for someone who obviously you know doesn’t want to play for you in the first place.
    This is why the Browns organization is clueless.

  25. browns FA is like their coaching search, lots of rumors and speculation until they find out no one wants to go there.


  26. The article says the browns would trade because they don’t think Revis would want to play for them… why would you want a player who doesn’t want you and you have to pay through the nose to get him?

  27. Soooooo..

    They want to trade for him because if he becomes a FA somebody might be able to entice him for more than 16M a year?



    Wow. Cleveland rocks.

  28. Most of these comments are highly critical of the potential move from Cleveland’s perspective yet lack any insight as to why other than basically saying “It’s the Browns, they suck!”. Thanks for the insight, guys.

    There is no way a first round pick is included in this trade if it were to happen. Tampa would be lucky to get a second with no suitors and a deadline to cut him tomorrow.

    Flush with cap space and a rash of picks, why not? With the bump in the salary cap enabling a much bigger pool of money to be spend on the same supply—-I suspect the salaries will be a little funny, and its not like a quarterback is just sitting around and available that would be an obvious upgrade.

  29. The Revis haters must be followers of Richard Sherman, why wouldn’t the browns do this. Cleveland is on the rise, if they get one of the big 3 qbs on board, draft a running back or get MJD.

    Stop looking at everything from front runner status, teams like Cleveland must start somewhere.

  30. This move makes no sense. Revis and Hayden plays the same side of the field. It sounds good in theory but it makes no sense.

  31. ‘✦ Pittsburgh is the City of Champions ✦ says: Mar 11, 2014 12:10 PM

    QB. You need a quarterback not a cornerback.’


    LOL. What’s the difference??? They’re never going to win anything.

    However, it would be kind of fun to watch Johnny Football run for his life in Cleveland & then trash the organization.

  32. I’m sure the browns has money and want to please their fans… but come on, the browns need to score more and putting a good corner isn’t going to help them score more.
    decision making is a key here…

  33. I love how everyone wants this guy on their team but when they hear a report that he may go elsewhere he’s a washed up bum.

  34. He won’t get more than 16 mill. The only reason to trade for him is the legitimate worry that revis would not want to play for the browns.

  35. I could see him getting $6,000,000 to $8,000,000… but… revis proved that teams can lose with him just as easy.

  36. Browns have the right idea here, just wrong player, $16 mill for a year, u can get at least 3 average or slightly above average guys to plug in more spots for the same price. But then again this is the Browns, smh

  37. Revis is the Haynesworth of 2014. “If you’re not first, you’re last!” “It’s the fastest who gets paid and its the fastest who gets laid” – Reese Bobby

  38. Rapoport also reporting that Revis would be asked to renegotiate the deal to get the trade done. Exploring the possibility of landing him makes sense, especially if the Browns aren’t going to do it unless he agrees to take less than that ridiculous $16 million.

  39. I think Brown summed it up in his last sentence:

    Revis in a Browns uniform sounds farfetched, but it could happen.

    Not happening IMO.

  40. ‘…Why trade for Revis when he’s about to be on the free market anyway? One reason could be that the Browns think Revis can command even more money on the free market than the $16 million a year he makes on his current contract. Another could be that the Browns think that if Revis were to become a free agent, he wouldn’t want to play for the Browns.’

    Wait a second…If the Browns actually believe that ANY team other than themselves or the Raiders would pay $16 Million or more for Revis right now than they’re even dumber than I thought they were. $16 Million is $6 Million more than any other CB in the NFL & while Revis at one time was BY FAR the best CB in football it remains to be seen if he can regain that form after his torn ACL.

    BTW–I still think it’s laughable that GB paid Sam Shields more than we paid Brent Grimes & I actually like Sam Shields. But let’s be serious here–he’s not worth more than Grimes or Talib or Rodgers-Cromartie who are among the best in CB’s in the NFL.

  41. Browns shouldn’t have to give up much to get him. The Bucs would love to recoup something! But Revis’ knee on that dog track of a field? 3-4 games at most. Restructuring his next contract won’t be the only thing that needs to re-done.

  42. The Browns need to hit the salary floor anyway – might as well pay for an elite CB. They’ll only need a fourth to snag Revis; the Bucs were reported as asking for only a mid-rounder after people reported them as asking for two #1s.

    Maybe the Browns can re-sign TJ Ward and run Revis, Haden, and Ward out there. What a terrifying thought for the AFC. Hell, they have the cap space to sign Jairus Byrd too, but Byrd seems to want to play for a winner after all that losing in Buffalo. However, the fantasy secondary of Revis/Haden/Byrd/Ward seems pretty awesome in the mind of this Seahawks fan.

  43. If the reports of the Bucs cutting Revis if they can’t trade him are true, it’s only going to take a mid-round pick to get this done. It makes too much sense. Revis already knows the defense, which has plenty of talent already.

    The Browns just have to give one of their excess 3rd/4th round picks for a pay-as-you-go contract on Revis? How do they not do this? Zero risk since they could cut him at any time.

  44. It’s a Catch-22 here…..

    The Browns have the picks to trade in order to acquire either Revis or potentially move up the draft to get whichever QB tickles their fancy. But they don’t have enough to do both (unless they want to deal part of their 2015 draft picks).

    So they can possibly have a CB tandem of Haden and Revis, or they can package a deal to move up the draft if it becomes necessary to get the QB they like. Each option has its individual pros and cons.

  45. Great move…they’re dead on…he would never consider them via FA so suck it up and move some pieces for him. One of the most important things in football is a pass defense, Joe Haden is a terrific corner and adding Revis to the mix would give them the best CB tandem in football (sorry Hawks, you still have the best total package).

    To the people complaining saying he’s not worth the headache, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Revis has never done anything to set himself apart as a prima donna or any sort of headache to an organization, that’s asinine.

  46. I can’t imagine it taking more than a 4th or 5th round pick to get him from the Bucs. It’s not like they get anything from another team if they cut him.

    The biggest question is swallowing his salary, if any team has the room to do it, it’s the Browns.

    As awesome as a DB field would be with Haden and Revis, I don’t see the Browns paying him $16M a year. Not when they have to add so many pieces.

  47. They couldn’t have possibly found a better (or more appropriate) photo for this story. From the bowed head to the pained expression…….

  48. anyone who trades for him should give him the nickname “egregious island”

  49. If I weren’t reading it I wouldn’t believe it. Why would ANYONE think Revis or any CB on this green earth is worth $16 million a year is beyond ridiculous. If the Browns do anything right this season it would be to stay away from this as far as possible.

  50. This is the whole Super Bowl Hangover thing.

    Step 1) Pick team who won Super Bowl: Seattle
    Step 2) Find strongest part of Super Bowl winner’s team: Cornerbacks
    Step 3) Copy cat and think you’re going to win the Super Bowl.

    As much as I’d like to see Haden/Revis line up together, the truth is you go get Revis if you’re looking for a high priced one or two year rental. My assumption that the Browns won’t be Super Bowl contenders in the upcoming season makes me feel this would be an awkward move at best. I think Revis fits a team that needs a CB to get over the top or is missing depth. Denver would be a great fit.

    I’m not going to complain being a Cleveland fan, but I think expectations have to be realistic.

  51. Anyone else want to see the Browns trade for Revis, resign Ward, and sign Byrd in FA. That would probably be one of the best (and most expensive) secondaries ever assembled (on paper at least). That would be fun to watch.

  52. I hope this is true. He deserves to rot in Cleveland in a hopeless franchise! It doesn’t matter he will just hold out, so he doesn’t have to put that uniform on

  53. Did anyone happen to notice the author used the word “could” when describing why the Browns “might” be interested in a trade instead of waiting for free agency? The author attributed HIS OWN speculation to HIS OWN report of the Browns’ interest in Revis. Nowhere does it say the Browns ‘actually’ feel this way….Just sayin…

  54. Being completely honest, might not be a bad idea for Cleveland. I say that because the Browns can probably get him for a 7th round pick since the BUC’s are going to cut him anyway. If Revis does get cut, we wouldn’t sign with the Browns unless they were just willing to pay him more than everyone else. And in the end, if you spend a 7th rd pick for him and he plays like Revis of the past, the Browns have the best corner duo in the league bar none. If it doesn’t work, you cut Revis and all you lost out on is a 7th rd pick. Given they have the cap space, make the deal and take a shot.

  55. Joe Haden and Derrell Revis in the same secondary???? So which one is Kobe and which one is Lebron. Once that’s settled they need to find a Bosh..

    Nevermind they found one… Welcome to Cleveland Bosh…… I mean Donte Whitner.

  56. Revis and Joe Haden? Yikes. The Ravens better get a power running game cuz other than Torrey Smith occasionally beating Joe Haden like a drum, none of our other receivers are getting open against Revis.

  57. If the Browns add Dansby, Revis, and even Whitner (though why not keep Ward?), it’s going to become very difficult to remain the Factory of Sadness.

    Revis isn’t a risky acquisition. The remaining five years are a year-to-year commitment at the moment. The current $16 million price tag isn’t a big hurdle for almost any team – any easy restructure could cut the front end numbers down greatly. The risk grows as dead money is added to the back end. However, it’s very possible Revis storms back to elite status. If he does, converting front end salary to a bonus could add $2-4MM to each year’s cap number. Even if he declines after three more great years, that’s only $4-8MM in dead money if cut. With a rapidly rising cap and salaries that aren’t accelerating on the same curve, more and more teams will elect to take that route and reap the benefits.

    On a side note: as a Redskins fan, that prospect is fun because Bruce Allen is spending just as much as Danny wants but spread out to allow more quality to be added (if he’s proven me wrong by the time you read this, I’m disavowing this post). I’m sure Danny is furiously texting Allen, saying he “authorizes” Allen to acquire Revis, Byrd, Vontae Davis, Decker, Steve Smith…and Allen is sending him kitten videos on YouTube, hoping to distract him.

    Fans of burgeoning winners building to win for several years, such as Seattle and San Francisco, must love this cap acceleration rate. Seattle just found the extra money to keep Wilson, Thomas, Sherman, etc. without sacrificing the happiness of those players or the depth of the roster.

    Bringing my comment back to this article: fans of the Browns should be ecstatic. Their team can add real talent to their young pieces without creating a pending 2017 cap crippling scenario. Raiders, Jaguars can add lots of talent as well but they don’t have the existing hope on their rosters that Cleveland does. As is, if Cleveland can acquire Schaub and he excels in Kyle Shanahan’s offense again, the AFC North will be the envy of every division not named the NFC West.

    The two teams planning to waylay all of these dreams? Denver and New England. Steve Smith is a classic Patriots signing at this point. It’s hard to resist the allure of possible video game stats in Denver, that and legal recreational marijuana may usurp the Pats usual status as a haven for declining stars seeking a ring. Set Revis free and he might face a similar path (minus the declining part, hopefully). Darren Sproles is probably walking around with a rager trying to decide between these teams. Kenny Britt is dreaming of a resurgence with one of them. Even Darren McFadden could be a weapon. Lord, I didn’t think of Chris Johnson. Does anyone want to see if Bill could outdo his job with Corey Dillon by bringing in Chris Johnson? I don’t. In fact, I threw my phone across the room just thinking about it. Excuse me, I have to go have my screen replaced.

  58. Revis would play for the Browns in a heartbeat. He cares about one thing. Money. If the Browns are willing to pay him more than anyone else, he’ll play.

  59. With a non-guaranteed contract,why wouldn’t you deal for a 3 round pick? At best he returns to form after a year of “rehab”,at worst you have an upgrade over Sheldon Brown opposite Joe Haden. I would think Revis would restructure his contract to get guaranteed money up front. If not,it’s a win-win situation for both him and the team. He’ll play knowing that he has to perform in order to demonstrate his worth in case he’s cut,and the Browns get to see if he’s worth retaining on his current deal. If not,that’s around 14 mil used for one year.

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