Report: Jared Allen speaking with Bears, Seahawks

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With Jared Allen’s asking price seemingly too high for the Denver Broncos, the former Minnesota Vikings defensive end has turned his attentions elsewhere.

According to Adam Schefter of, Allen is now speaking with the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks.

Both Chicago and Seattle have addressed pass rush needs over the last two days with the Seahawks re-signing Michael Bennett and the Bears adding Lamarr Houston. But Chicago also had to part ways with Julius Peppers and Chris Clemons remains a possibly cap casualty in Seattle as well.

Depending on the price, the Seahawks would likely have to free up additional space – potentially by releasing Clemons – if they elect to sign Allen.

While neither Seattle or Chicago are overflowing with cap space, they clearly still view addressing their pass rush as a priority this offseason.

The door seems to be shut with Allen in Denver as the Broncos have shifted their focus to former Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware. Despite being 31 years old, Allen is coming off his sixth-straight season with double-digit sacks. Allen posted 11.5 sacks last year for Minnesota.

54 responses to “Report: Jared Allen speaking with Bears, Seahawks

  1. Allen and Houston would be quite the duo. As long as he isnt super overpaid I’d welcome it. Still a little bitter about Lance Louis though.

  2. Bears are slowly building that poor defense back up to some sort of respectability.

    Meanwhile quietly ILB D.J. Williams re-signed.

    He played well inside for us before he got hurt and the Bostic experiment went horribly wrong.

  3. Allen would be slightly better than Clemons, but both are a bit long in the tooth. Either would be good for next season and I hope that one of them is a Seahawk when the dust settles.

    Interesting to see how this turns out.

    Go Hawks!

  4. “Jared Allen speakng with Bears, Seahawks”

    Missing a vowel there Chris. Anyways go to the Chiefs Allen. Go to the Chiefs!

  5. At least he is now free to bail from that dumpster fire that is the Minnesota Vikings! SKOLOLOLOL

  6. Jared Allen would never come to the Seahawks.

    He doesn’t take illegal substances.

    And the only way he would join the Bears is because he would want to steal money from them and Hibernate – no pun intended.


  7. as a vikings fan, i wouldn’t exactly like seeing allen in a bears uniform.

    i’m still angry that spielman did not trade allen to the seahawks or broncos during the season so they could have picked up like a 4th or 5th round pick for him

  8. If Allen really wants to go to a contender, why the hell would he be talking to the Bears??!! Vikings are probably more of a contender than Chicago.

  9. The Seahawks obviously envy the Vikings.

    They are obsessed with our free agents that we don’t even want anymore.

    How are those sloppy seconds PEDhawks?


  10. I expect Allen in a hawks uniform , hawks alsmost traded for him during the last season . And like his motor and believe they can put him in the right position to be successful and limit his weaknesses and especially limit his wear and tear by being a key rotational player .

    The biggest thing the Seahawks offer to free agents is a fun competitive environment , talent laden roster , Super Bowl caliber franchise and qb , and due to talent they can bring in players for proce it deals at lower costs bc they won’t wear out their players . Your career can be extended in Seattle bc
    Your not going to be relied upon every down and bang your body up so the chances of you fulfilling your contract are greater , so you can take a little
    Less knowing you’ll make it long term as apposed to other teams paying a boat load just to drop you two years later . Makes sense to come to Seattle .

  11. The Vikings are so bad that, that their good players can’t get out of town fast enough.

    Then in an effort to fill a roster they have to over pay unproven players.

  12. Vikings are the D league, Minor league team of the NFL. They don’t always come to Seattle but win they do….They like it! LOL to the Hawk haters from Minny. We enjoy each time you hate, it reminds us that we haven’t been beat this year and your season is already over!

    Go Hawks!

  13. The “Go Hawks” have almost taken the throne from the Pats as the team with the most annoying fans! Just sayin.

  14. jared don’t go to the pedhawks and ruin your rep you are a class act and you will be known for using in seattle

  15. Sign Allen quickly and while you are at it make a run at DRC who just got shown the door in Denver after the Talib signing. DRC to replace Peanut. Then re-structure Jay’s deal to bring Melton and Wootton back into the fold. Finally draft Jernigan or Khalil Mack in first round. Defense fixed!

  16. There are quite a few jealous(of the Seahawks) NFL fans on this board.
    Seriously, though – character wise, who’s better? Allen or Ware?

  17. Man oh man would I would love to see Allen in a Bears uniform. It is a position of need at the moment as long as we don’t overpay and maybe 1-2 year deal. Mmmm…I would love to see him terrorize the NFC North next year!! I mean come on he had 11.5 sacks last year and still getting doubled up! And just to see all you annoying ass viqueen fans become squeamish everytime he hits the field in a BEARS uniform….everytime I click on any of these links that’s all I see in the comments….ignorance…but if it doesnt happen, oh well GO BEARS!!!

  18. He should be happy to leave the purple crap eaters and head for a future champion. He and Clay Matthews would make a formidable rush.

  19. The bears might be making the biggest splash during the free agency in the nfc north. Bringing in jared allen can really help them. A couple more pieces and they can be a lock for the divison title

  20. One defensive end does not a pass rush make. The Bears could really, really use more help on the d-line. The defensive line was non-existent last year (ex: Eagles ran for over 250 yards with a long run of 12). He would be a huge boost. Already have a top 5 offense, if the defense isn’t a complete train wreck the Bears could be really scary again. I would absolutely love this.

  21. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 11, 2014 11:16 PM

    The Seahawks obviously envy the Vikings.

    They are obsessed with our free agents that we don’t even want anymore.

    How are those sloppy seconds PEDhawks?

    Tarvaris Jackson played in and won a superbowl before Adrian Peterson. That’s just not right.

  22. @thevikesarebest @thepftpoet to paraphrase Richard Sherman, “you’re weak, need to lift a little more” and “you’re a waste of time out here, you’re wasting my time”.

  23. I think Jared Allen is the one player that best embodied the losing spirit of degenerate Viking fans everywhere. It was Jared who taught the people of MN to “embrace the suck” as they lost their 4th straight season series to the Packers. Losing will never be quite the same in Vikingland.

  24. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 11, 2014 11:08 PM
    Jared Allen would never come to the Seahawks.
    Of course he wouldn’t. The intense glare reflecting off the rings of Harvin, Jackson and Bevell would completely blind the poor guy.

    Rice will maybe Instagram the reflection off his ring to Jared…

  25. Come to Chicago!!! Besides we all know that your not a real football team if your team color is purple!!!!

  26. I suspect Allen is using the Bears to increase money from Seattle, The Bears can’t beat the packers they have no shot at a SB.Especially with Cutless at QB

  27. Yea take Allen… So my Vikes can run the ball right down your throat! We all know Jared can’t stop the run! Plus he’s not what he used to be so be my guest! Allen’s overrated!!

  28. I could see Seattle, but the Bears seems like a bit of a stretch if he wants to win a championship. Maybe he over-estimated his value a bit and now has to eat some humble pie.

  29. thevikesarebest says:
    Mar 11, 2014 11:00 PM
    Two hapless mediocre franchises you have to choose between.thats what happens when u leave a great franchise like the Vikings.SKOL

    You sir…are in need of medication. No ONE wants to play for those clowns in MN.


    bears1234567890 says:
    Mar 12, 2014 12:46 AM
    The bears might be making the biggest splash during the free agency in the nfc north. Bringing in jared allen can really help them. A couple more pieces and they can be a lock for the divison title.


    And you better hope the Bears sign a QB that won’t crap the bed in the second half of every game or Cutler gets surgery to repair his color blindness to get there.

  30. Bears fan here, and it sounds like I’m in the minority, but I don’t care.

    Jared Allen is an obnoxious, overrated, egomaniac cheap shot artist. My opinion is, he’d be toxic in our locker-room, and I just don’t want him playing for the Bears.
    Not to mention he’s getting up there in age, and declining in skills. Plus, we have enough savvy vets/vertran leadership on defense – we should be looking to get younger, not overpaying for overrated big name retreads.

    If we were gonna go that route, why not just keep Peppers (who is at least quiet and humble?)

    Frankly, the Bears would be better off by investing what money they do have available in rebuilding the SECONDARY (while continuing to address needs on the d-line through SENSIBLE, cost-effective FA additions and the draft).

    Invest in a top tier Safety. Re-sign Peanut or bring in another top tier CB.

    Re-sign Melton.

    Just don’t waste our time or money on Jared Allen — let that overpriced obnoxious gasbag be someone else’s problem. Go away, Allen. Go somewhere else.

  31. does not matter for the Vikings, if he signs with seattle chances are he wont even make the cut much like winfied last year and if he signs with da bears he will be schooled twice a season by Matt Khalil. Either way he will be overpaid, best just to retire as a great Viking

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