Report: Jason Hatcher to visit Seattle

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The Seahawks, whose defensive line depth has been thinned a little in recent days, are reportedly set to host one of the top interior defensive linemen available in free agency.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher is likely to visit Seattle this week.

Hatcher ranks No. 36 on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100.

Hatcher (6-6, 299) had a strong season for Dallas in 2013, recording a career-best 11 sacks and making the Pro Bowl. He will be 32 in July.

The Seahawks lost disruptive defensive tackle Clinton McDonald to Tampa Bay on Tuesday. The club also parted ways with 6-foot-4, 323-pound defensive end Red Bryant, who signed with Jacksonville.

23 responses to “Report: Jason Hatcher to visit Seattle

  1. No doubt. Laughing at Tate’s pre free agency comments about not wanting to play for another team for more money. But hey, they all say that.

  2. Watching a few Cowboys game last year Jason Hatcher was the only person on that d-line that stood out. He was making plays and generally disruptive.

    Rather than Seattle sign an older free agents I would like to see young guys like Jordan Hill, Scruggs or Williams get a shot. Our own McDaniel is still out there and he was as stout against the run as they come.

  3. Considering Kiffen and Carroll are long time friends, I’m sure Seattle knows whether Hatcher fits Seattle’s scheme. Sounds like a decent acquisition if the price is right. Replacing 5.5 sacks with 11 sounds like an upgrade. Tate won’t be that big of a loss with Harvin back…Finley wanting in…and the WR depth in this draft. I’d like to see Seattle hit on a couple offensive lineman in May….gotta keep Wilson in one piece, he took too many hits last year.

  4. Pantherpro “one year wonder ” is derived from having one year of success . Since you were saying this dice December your not talking superbowls . Not sure if you were in a drunken stuper or a mile high but the Seahawks were 30 seconds from
    Playing in the divisional
    Championship game in 2012-2013 .

    I’m not sure maybe you missed the previous season where Seattle cemented themselves as contenders and were picked to win the Super Bowl preseason .

    Your probably the same cat saying teams who sign big name players flop example the eagles when they signed everyone and their momma “dream team” . Or the same guy saying Russell Wilson would slump and was a fluke , or that Seattles defense was exposed after losing 2 starting cbs week 11 . Or you rejoiced in Percy harvins injury only to feel like crap when watching Seattles offense look so much more dynamic in one full game than your terrible offense did all year . Just look at the stats brotha.

    Pantherpro .. To you I say good day ! Go hawks

  5. No worries Seahawk nation. We may have to say goodbye to some of our friends but by August we’ll be reloaded with some new friends and ready to repeat. Let the haters hate. We are the class of the league, best Owner, GM, Coach, best overall Players, Stadium, City, State, Tax Rate ($0) and by far the best fans in the league. I’d hate us too if I were them.

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