Report: Jon Asamoah will land with Falcons

Offensive line is a major need for the Falcons this offseason and they’ve reportedly landed a player that they hope can provide better blocking at guard than they got last season.

Former NFL scout and current 95.7 The Game in San Francisco radio host John Middlekauff reports that the Falcons signing guard Jon Asamoah for $4.5 million a year is a “done deal.” There’s no word on how many years such a deal would run or how it would be structured in terms of guarantees.

Asamoah was drafted in the third round of the 2010 draft by then-Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli. Pioli now works in the Atlanta front office, which probably didn’t hurt as they pursued Asamoah over the last few days.

Asamoah has started 41 games over the last four years in Kansas City, but fell out of the starting lineup over the second half of last season. There wouldn’t seem to be much risk of that in Atlanta given the current state of affairs on the Falcons offensive line and Asamoah’s arrival would be a good first step toward fixing last season’s disaster area.

His departure would also leave the Chiefs with some work to do as they are also expected to lose guard Geoff Schwartz to another team in free agency.

8 responses to “Report: Jon Asamoah will land with Falcons

  1. This is a great signing, was really hoping TrickyRicky would of made a push for him. Would of been an upgrade over Fusco, and who ever they decide to start at left guard.

  2. This signing doesn’t really impact if they take Mack or Barr.
    Robinson and Matthews are offensive tackles, where this guy is a guard.
    So the first round still remains which of the 4 do they take?
    Falcons need more than one player on the O-line.
    This signing impacts more what they might do in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. (then again, not really. Signing a FA Guard is not a surprise.)

  3. They re-signed Mike Johnson yesterday. I agree with your assessment about the OL. They need A LOT! But dumping some that didn’t pan out last year and then signing Asamoah + Johnson (he was out all last year with injury) could mean that their first round pick is Mack or Barr and then their second pick could be someone for the OL.

  4. This is not a cap buster. Garrett Reynolds was a liability and with his salary off of the books it only costs us 3mil a year. I was hoping for Michael Johnson too but I have a sneaky suspicion that they are going after the Raider DE/DT Houston. As a hybrid he blends well into either a 3/4 or 4/3 end

  5. You can have him Falcon fans. He’s not that good, and seriously lacks aggressiveness.

    Beware of any Pioli influence. That dude is a train wreck.

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