Report: Raiders bring back Darren McFadden on one-year contract

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The Raiders are bringing back Darren McFadden for 2014.

The club and McFadden have reached a one-year, $4 million contract, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Tuesday.

According to Joel Corry of, $2.25 million of McFadden’s compensation is in “unlikely to be earned incentives.”

With Rashad Jennings likely departing in free agency, McFadden would likely be the clear-cut starting back entering 2014. Latavius Murray, Kory Sheets, and Jeremy Stewart are the other backs on the Raiders’ roster. It’s also possible Oakland could add a back, what with McFadden signed through 2014.

43 responses to “Report: Raiders bring back Darren McFadden on one-year contract

  1. Good move…..

    Downgrade your line…..

    THEN sign your oft injured RB.

    Kind of the progressive thinking that gets you 5 wins.

  2. I guess the only good thing about this is that I don’t have to buy my 2 boys new jerseys!

  3. Reggie , are you smokin crack?! Do you watch the games and notice Mcfragile is never on the field? Im starting not you like you. Get you head out of your arse.

  4. Espn reported this an hour ago along with Rashad Jennings waning to stay in Oakland as well.

  5. 1 year for $4 million is a better deal than 3 years for $9.3 million that the Lions gave to Joique Bell. I’d rather have the money savings and/or whatever Bell could have been traded for not to mention a player that has more potential upside.

  6. The Raiders OL last two years has been inconsistent and unstable to say the least. Veldheer, why keep and pay top dollar for someone who played in zero games last year!!! Solidify the OL with young talent and DMC could shine again in the NFL as a third down passing back. Paid him too much though.

  7. That sound you hear when Reggie signs Josh Freeman for $8MM/year is 20,000 Raiders fans heads exploding like in Scanners.

  8. Reggie has already shown his incompetence by signing Matt Flynn last year after having 5 years to evaluate him everyday on the Green Bay practice squad/scout team, then today he signs Saffold for more money then he offered Veldeer to stay. I have ZERO confidence in Raiders Management now for sure. I had my doubts before, but doubt no more…..Wow. Letting Rashad Jennings walk too, most productive player the Raiders have had in 2-3 years.

  9. I am a Bronco’s fan but recently even I have been rooting for the Raiders to turn it around……but watching McFadden get $4M and loosing your top DL / OL and then Jennings signing with the Giants…….this makes zero sense with the available cap space…….strange, very strange

  10. Could of had a compensatory pick if if Mcfadden signed with another team. Well, starting to like Raiders are going to need a new GM. There’s always next year….

  11. Love it. Now we just need to sign Mike Bush or L Blount to help DMac with some of the work load then we’ll be straight at that position.

    They should consider Michael Oher. Only reason his play slipped is because he lost John Matsko. Under Sparano I think he’ll return to form.

  12. The Raiders signed him for 1.75 million.

    $100,000 guaranteed

    With incentives it can reach 4 million.

    I’d pay 4 million for a RB that can meet the incentives that are most likely included in his contract.

    This is a great deal for the Raiders who can still cut ties with McFadden and lose nothing.

    Jennings is a soon to be 29 year old RB that suffered a pretty severe concussion last year. I’m sure if the Raiders could keep him at 1.75 mill a year they would have.

  13. I like RUN DMC but hes always hurt. I made my peace with him being gone then Reg signs him?

    I was really looking forward to Latavius starting or even Sheets. Hopefully they’ll use him just as a 3rd down back.

  14. Reading comprehenshun is phun! He wasn’t signed for $4M. He was signed for $1.75M with UNLIKELY TO BE EARNED incentives. He is worth that on a 1 year deal.

    I don’t get the Veldeheer/Saffold move AT ALL. I’d like to think Big Reg knows something about his now former player that the rest of us don’t. But wow, why pay more for Saffold than JV was willing to accept unless JV went to management and said he really didn’t wanna be in Oakland anymore, in which case I get the move.

  15. i know there are a lot of dmc haters out there, but I love this …One year deal …4 million…not bad….now get him a big nasty tough o-line…

    Now reunite him w/ Michael Bush as well.

  16. Reggie has lost the confidence of the fanbase. Certainly has majorly whiffed on most decisions. Matt Flynn!!! If ANYONE should have had insight on that signing, I mean, really? Last year’s draft… a bunch of reaches and mediocrity. Veldheer, Houston, Jennings gone. Does anyone think Watson can play in the NFL? Barnes and Nix? Reggie, being ugly is one thing, but stupidity and incompetence seem to be leading this team. McFragile?!? FOUR MILLION DOLLARS?? I hope Mark fires you asap.

  17. Don’t go along with the media and their freakin stats. This is the best thing the Raiders did today…Jennings runs like a duck and had two concussions that made him miss a couple of games as well!

    Darren is a stud and was denied the opportunities Jennings had. Like the screen passes and running around the end with the quick flip. But he never bitched about anything and just went along with all the BS with Jennings.

    The guy is the best athlete in the game and is still young. he will, with out a doubt have a huge year…

    He’s glad to be back in black and has always said he wanted to stay a Raider. He is not going to let us down…


  18. So… Reggie’s big splash is to bring back an always injured RB that they shouldn’t even have been considering bringing back?
    That’s it???

    At least he was cheap.

    Someone should let Reggie in on the fact that there is a MINIMUM that teams are required to spend.
    He may have missed that memo.

    Just shoot me now….

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