Report: Ravens expected to be “strong potential landing spot” for Steve Smith

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Assuming, as expected, the Panthers fail to find a trading partner for wide receiver Steve Smith, they are expected to cut him loose to find a new home in the open market.

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens are “expected to emerge as a strong potential landing spot” for Smith if and when that comes to pass. The Ravens are definitely in the market for help at wideout this offseason and Smith would make a nice fit across from Torrey Smith in the role that Anquan Boldin played during the team’s Super Bowl run.

Steve Smith turns 35 in May and isn’t quite the same receiver he was earlier in his career, but he’s still a tough and productive player who would do some of what the Ravens were missing in the passing game last season.

Wilson also mentions the Buccaneers as a team that “makes a lot of sense” as a landing spot for the veteran wideout, although it is unclear how their uncertain quarterback situation might impact Smith’s decision about where to go after his long run in Carolina comes to an end.

34 responses to “Report: Ravens expected to be “strong potential landing spot” for Steve Smith

  1. The Ravens are rarely big spenders in free agency, so this seems to make a lot of sense. I wonder if they are thinking of bringing in both Smith and Owen Daniels on 1-year deals.

  2. Why would he want to play with over paid and way way way over-rated JUMP BALL JOE?

    All that money for the 32nd ranked QB in the NFL, what a joke! Say it ain’t so JUMP BALL JOE!

  3. Hey, if it happens at least he can retire with a Super Bowl. We’ll make you a Champion Steve Smith unlike that sorry Carolina franchise.

    Jimmy Smith
    Torrey Smith
    Darryl Smith
    Steve Smith?

  4. Fans in Baltimore would instantly fall in love with the attitude he brings to every game. Forget diminishing skills, his toughness and leadership are still among the best.

  5. Too bad it isn’t seven or eight years ago. What are they supposed to do with a 35 year old receiver who always runs his mouth?

  6. I’ve always liked Steve Smith (as a player anyways.) I wanted him a couple years back, but I guess as long as he can still play I would welcome him to Baltimore. Still though, should have kept Boldin!

  7. He would provide that one rare, precious, special commodity that Boldin provided…. spunk.

    All the 6″5′ 4-something guys can’t provide what these two have. Agression.

  8. Personally, I don’t agree with the GM’s decision about Steve Smith and the way it was handled!!!

    GOOD LUCK where ever you go #89!! You will always the BEST Panther ever!! Whatever team you end up on I will cheer for…You are the man!!

  9. In Ozzie i trust, but 35 years old is old for a kicker. Let’s hope wE go in a different direction.

  10. LOL.
    Trade Bolden (for a ham sandwich I think?), a beast of a player and receiver and a nice guy.
    Find out life sucks without him,
    Sign Smith, a beast of a player and receiver and a less than nice guy.

  11. Gettleman is a double agent for the Bucs, Saints and Falcons. He is sabotaging the Panthers.

    If Smitty leaves along with Gross, Munnerlyn, Ginn, Hangartner, LaFell, Wharton, Mitchell, etc. Gettleman will find it hard to live in Charlotte -especially if the team starts slow.

  12. This would be perfect for him.

    All those who point to Smith’s declining stats the last 2 years – that doesn’t mean he’s washed up. It’s because opposing defenses knew the only receivers the Panthers had that were worth a damn were Smith and Greg Olsen. With Torrey Smith taking the opponents top corner, Smith will have a field day against the #2 corners in Pittsburgh, Cincy and Cleveland. If he goes there, he’s probably going to go to the Pro Bowl. And the Ravens will become my second-favorite team.

    But if he goes to Denver, New England or an NFC South team, I’m going to slam my head against the wall. Hard. And when I come to, I’m going to call my Congressman and ask if he can get the NSA to spy on Gettleman.

  13. If you think Steve Smith is a “poor man’s Anquan Boldin” you’d better check the stats. Steve has more catches, more yards and more touchdowns than Boldin. #89 is the only active player and only the third receiver in NFL history to record the “triple crown” (Lead the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns in a season-2005). You want to talk about a receiver making plays with NO legitimate #2 receiver taking some heat from the secondary and a star studded list of QB’s that includes, but is not limited to: Chris Weinke, Rodney Peete, Vinny Testaverde, Jimmy Clausen and Jake Delhomme. Even Overthrow Joe looks like Broadway Joe by comparison. Steve may have lost a step, but the Panthers have lost their soul. #89 will put up staggering numbers in 2014 if he’s in the right system (NE, DEN, SD or BAL).

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