Report: Redskins have eye on Andrew Hawkins, Kenny Britt

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Jay Gruden jumped from running the Bengals offense to running everything for the Redskins this offseason and he may want one of his old players to come aboard his new ship.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the Redskins have made inquiries on wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, who is a restricted free agent that the Bengals tendered at the original round level. That gives Cincinnati the right to match any offer, but neither the Redskins nor any other team would have to fork over a draft pick because Hawkins was undrafted out of college.

Hawkins only played eight games last year because of injuries, catching 12 passes for 199 yards. He was more productive out of the slot in 2012 and isn’t the only receiver coming off a rough year that’s reportedly on the Redskins radar.

Jones reports that they’ve also made inquiries on Kenny Britt, who had just 11 catches in 12 games while playing a steadily diminished role in Tennessee last season. Britt has had numerous injuries and off-field troubles over the years, which should keep his price low enough for some team to take a flier that there’s something left of the player who looked so promising in his first two seasons.

With Josh Morgan and Santana Moss headed for free agency, Hawkins and Britt probably aren’t the only receivers under discussion in Washington.

12 responses to “Report: Redskins have eye on Andrew Hawkins, Kenny Britt

  1. If Kenny Britt could stay out of trouble, he has enough talent to be an elite wide receiver. But can you trust him??? Hard to justify big money to a “Pacman Jones” type of player

  2. I love Baby Hawk… but… take him.

    The Bengals fanbase need to get over him and accept the fact that a 5’6″ wide receiver who can’t jump, doesn’t consistently get separation, and gets smothered at the line is not improving the team.

    2013 Baby Hawk = 199 yards – 0 touchdowns

    The only reason Hawkins had a “good” 2012 (51 rec. – 533 yards – 4 td) was because Sanu only played FIVE GAMES and Marvin Jones only played ELEVEN GAMES… but… his height is such a limiter.

    Soome Bengals fans act like Andrew Hawkins is Steve Smith.

  3. I would rather have Kenny Britt. I just hope the Skins stay away from Hakeem Nicks that would be a Vinny Cerrato type signing.

  4. According to media reports, the ‘Skins have “shown interest” in a lot of players over the last few days. 99% of this is either kicking the tires on guys to gauge their interest, with no real prospect of signing them, or a smokescreen to hide the true targets of their efforts. Hopefully, Britt falls into one of these two categories. The ‘Skins DON’T need another talented under-achiever with injury and/or behavioral issues.

  5. As a Bengals fan (that sees that #2 wr Marvin Jones is unreliable as a #2 wr… and… #3 wr Mohamed Sanu is undependable as a #3 wr)… I would like to sign a rehabilitated Kenny Britt.

  6. It figures. The Bengals lose much more than BORTH Coordinators. Now Gruden is raiding the old cupboard and I expect Zimmer will start soon. The writing is on the wall for the Bengals. They’re going to dump bag loads of money on A.J. Green (deservedly so) and Andy Dalton, (inexplicably so) to the exclusion of everyone else.

    Combine this with a has been OC and a never was DC and the Bengals decline is inevitable.

  7. Gruden knows Hawkins and I like his game. Britt could see a resurgence on a new team with a fresh start. I’ll take Hawkins on the cheap, I’d still be too worried about Britt.

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