Report: Revis would “love” to return to the Jets

The bad news is that the Jets seem destined to lose the 2014 third-round pick they presumed they’d get from the Bucs for the 2013 trade of Darrelle Revis.  The good news is they could get back Revis.

If they want Revis.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Revis would “love” to play for the Jets and coach Rex Ryan again.

While Ryan and some teammates and plenty of fans would “love” it, too, the guy who made the decision to trade Revis may not be interested.  Owner Woody Johnson, weary of the constant threat of a holdout or other Revis-related drama, opted to trade him with a year left on a deal that Revis expected to have renegotiated last year.  Johnson surely isn’t ready to re-embrace a player who seemed only to be happy when he wasn’t happy about his contract.

A cynic would suggest that Revis realizes the team (i.e., the owner) doesn’t really want him back.  So by making it known that Revis would love to return, the knife will twist a little more if/when Revis ends up with the Patriots.

It’s believed that contending teams with franchise quarterbacks will pursue Revis the most aggressively, and that he’ll be inclined to take the best offer made by a team with which he thinks he can win.

33 responses to “Report: Revis would “love” to return to the Jets

  1. If he helped the Jets win a Super Bowl then that would be really embarrassing for the Bucs. Revis is just subtly suggesting that they extend his contract and give him a raise so that the team he wins a Super Bowl with can be them.

  2. Revis would love to play for the team that will pay him the most money, that’s how it’s been since his 2nd contract. Buyer beware, if he gets hurt he wants his money, if he plays great, he’ll hold out for more. Ty Law protege.

  3. Trade Revis to the Bucs for a 1st rounder (which became Sheldon Richardson), let someone else pay him $16 mil to recover, then bring him back for $10 mil a year. Idzik will look like a genius if this happens.

  4. No thank you.

    This is just more posturing by Revis’ camp anyways. Revis plays the media like a fiddle. All he cares about is money, or do you not remember his “naw, 16 is better” tweet?

    Fact of the matter is, Revis will go to the highest bidder and that certainly will not be the Patriots but keep churning out whatever narrative you think will generate the most interest.

  5. After he disrespected them, sure they’re stupid enough to pay him a Ransom. He claims he wants to only go to a playoff team, so the Raiders dropped out quickly, there’s plenty of talent in the draft and cheaper. But playoff team criteria? He must have hit his head too many times to think the Jets are even going to be any better than the Bucs. Next year, he will be looking for another team to take over his contract. With that big money last year, he really made the Bucs

  6. He’ll follow the dollar signs… that’s all that matters to Mevis.

    I hope nobody gives in to his demands and he retires.

  7. Why is their no news on what the chiefs are doing? national media and local media here in Kc are saying nothing. why aren’t the chiefs trying??

  8. Redskins need all the help they can get.

    Logical voices says they don’t need him, they’d rather resign hall who gets abused out there repeatedly. See Djax . Good one buddy. Hahahahahahaha

  9. I met Revis last year in Miami at the Clevelander during his Bye week. I was there for the Miami/Ravens game. He was a really nice guy. Totally approachable. But…..he was wearing an Oakland Raiders hat? I didn’t ask why and I can’t see anyone wanting to go there. Just saying…..

  10. It’s a business. Football contracts are not guaranteed (see Revis, Darelle–whose contract is about to be canceled). It is the job of the player to get the most money he can because the team can just decide to stop paying him. It is the job of the team to pay as little as possible for a player it employs. That is the business of football so it should not “burn bridges” when a team or a player chooses to part ways to maximize its benefit. If it is in both parties’ best interest they will find a way to be happy with each other and get back together.

  11. I’m reading that Woody is/was pissed at Revis for how things went. If Rex could convince Woody to bring him back, I’d assume he’d get offered a take it or leave it type contract.

    Idzik: Here’s 4 years, $36 million with $20 guaranteed. You have till the end of the day to accept or the deal is off the table.

    The Jets could still bring back Cromartie for cheaper if he says no.

  12. I am so sick of hearing about Revis. He is the Dwight Howard of the NFL in that he just has to have the attention focused on him every single off season.

    People complain about Richard Sherman but Revis is 10 times the Diva that Sherman is. At least Sherman has an excuse…last time I checked he owns a Super Bowl ring…something that Revis doesnt.

    Shut up, Revis.

  13. Listen i would be fine with that because we got a RDPOY and then we would get him back and plus we got tons of cap space the bucs are already saying goodbye by signing veneer and bringing in till man so i would be completely fine with that.
    And also i got a Revis jersey for my bday two years ago so i would love to wear his jersey proudly again !!!

  14. Revis had officially been exposed . We all blamed Rex for the antics going on in Jets camp and with revis . But this dude had constant drama no matter the zip code or
    Team or coach . Holding out practically every season and throwing teammates and coaches under the bus makes him a cancer personality .

    I’m a Seahawks fan myself but the jets should only offer him a prove it 1-2 year deal at a reduced rate or let his a$$ walk . Eventually a team needs to maintain leverage over this guy bc every chance he gets he complains .

  15. Long time jets fan,”jets just please say no to Mevis ” let’s just move on , draft or sign another free agent . See you Mevis don’t let the door hit you in the rear .

  16. He’s played out in NY, too much contract drama. It’s best for him to seek employment elsewhere.

  17. I love the thought of Revis playing opposite of Haden with the Browns but, don’t know if the me-cancer he brings will offset the benefits on the field. Kind of like Terrell Owens…great talent but too much of a me-cancer.

  18. You can’t win with Revis. Some games absolutely yes but with his attitude and posturing every year demanding more money he is not a team player and is such a distraction. The Patriots would / should not give him a second thought

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