Revis contract gives team unilateral power to restructure


As the Buccaneers look for a potential trade partner for cornerback Darrelle Revis, an obvious impediment comes from his $16 million cap number for 2014.

His contract provides an easy out.  As recently explained by Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune (as part of an item pooh-poohing the idea that Revis could be traded), the Revis contract contains a provision allowing the team to unilaterally convert his $13 million base salary into a signing bonus.

If, for example, the team shifted $12 million of the base salary to a signing bonus spread over the remaining life of the contract, the device would create $9.6 million in cap space for 2014, pushing his cap number down to $6.4 million.

Of course, having the power to restructure the deal is meaningless.  Revis, like most players, should want to do it.  If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t want to be traded.  Which creates a separate problem for the team that may be acquiring him.

That’s perhaps the biggest question mark for any team that is considering a move for Revis.  Does Revis want to be traded to the team in question?  Or does he prefer another team?

Ultimately, does he want to simply be cut so that he can start from scratch as a free agent?

If the answer to the last question is yes, it’s going to be very hard for the Buccaneers to trade him to anyone.

15 responses to “Revis contract gives team unilateral power to restructure

  1. Deep down…we all are starting to come to the sad realization that he will be a Patriot by the end of the week.

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

  2. Revis is no where close to what he was 5 years ago…ever since that injury against the dolphins it seems like Revis aged 10 years in a 3 year span..dont mean to knock him just stating how it seems now

  3. But he’s better than Richard Sherman!

    Why would the Bucs ever want to trade him? He’s the best!!! Why you so quiet, Revis? You mad bro?


  4. This is Revis’ chance to sign with a contender. If he does, that will team will be really tough to beat. He is that good.

    He’s also the anti-Richard Sherman.

  5. I would’ve unilaterally liked to have kicked Schiano and Dominik in the teeth for making this stupid deal in the first place. Only idiotic football minds would go and trade two premium draft picks for the right to sign a CB coming off ACL surgery to money usually reserved for franchise QBs.

    They paid Revis far over his market value he would’ve had had he been a free agent AND they surrendered a 1st and 3rd!!!! Anybody with a brain knows that great defenses are built from the defensive line back, not the defensive backfield forward. That $16 mil could be better spent on a couple of pass rushers and if he’s not there on Wednesday, they get a 3rd rounder back. Looks like actual NFL minds (Licht and Smith) agree with my sentiment from last season when I said it was a horrible deal.

  6. Revis only wants to go to the Seahawks so he can polish Richard Sherman’s Super Bowl ring to a gleaming shine.

  7. On a previous article I said to the Browns and I stick w/ it. Only reason he doesn’t come back to NY is Woody was fed up w/ his contract crap and will not let one player stronghold the team. We don’t miss you Darrelle and thx for Sheldon and the 4th rd pick. If you would like to come back as a team player and get out from under that mind control freak of an uncle, you are welcome. Oh yeah, get a new agent while you are at it. Doubt it, so good riddance!!!

  8. Seems like the owners in Tampa have no clue hat they are doing from everything to hiring and firing a staff every few months, not letting people do their jobs that they were hired for, meddling with uniform and logo redesigns and cutting back on cleaning the facilities leading to Staph infections. Who would ever want to work or play for these clowns?

  9. Revis is still the best corner in the league. After last year week 8 he was back to his old form. I will be shocked if someone doesn’t trade for him. The Bucs are making a mistake here. Sherman can’t do the things reason does on a regular basis for example shut down the slot receiver.

  10. Worst trade in the history of the Bucs. No CB is worth 16mil a season. He is slated at 16mil which is about 6mil higher than any other CB in the league. He is making QB money and that is absurd. No one is going to pick up a 16mil contract in a trade. It is a damn shame that he is going to be released and getting nothing in return not to mention losing that really important fourth round pick to the Jets if he is raleased before 4 PM Wednesday. Even if he restructures the Bucs are only delaying bigger its on the cap in the future. Why would he restructure when he can be released and find the team he wants to sign with at the money he wants.

  11. So I go to the Jets page and there are three posts about a guy who isn’t on their team. What gives?

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