Revis rejected request from Bucs to cut pay, won’t take less as part of a trade


It’s going to be very hard for the Buccaneers to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The problem, as it usually is, is money.  The contract Revis signed last year gives him $16 million per year.  A season in to his relationship with the Bucs, the team that traded for him wanted him to take less.

Per a league source, Revis declined Tampa’s request to reduce his compensation.  Which sparked the effort to trade him and the inevitable decision, if they can’t trade him, to cut him.

The source explains that Revis won’t take a pay cut to facilitate a trade.  Really, why would he?  If a team like the Browns would pay him $12 million in 2014 as part of a trade, they’d at least pay that much if they can get him without giving up a draft pick or a player or multiple of either.

So unless someone is willing to acquire the current contract as written via a trade with the Buccaneers, a trade won’t happen.

The next question becomes whether and to what extent another team would pay Revis above whatever the Buccaneers were willing to pay on a reduced deal.  While it’s tampering for other teams to answer hypothetical questions, agents need to know what’s behind Door No. 2 before rejecting what’s behind Door No. 1.  It’s safe to assume those conversations have occurred.

There’s another dynamic to consider when it comes to employing Darrelle Revis.  Teams prefer having a happy Darrelle Revis.  If he believes he’s underpaid, he won’t be happy.  And he will be considering his options, including but not limited to a holdout.

Even a happy Revis is something some teams may not want.  He has a reputation, forged by a pair of holdouts in New York and the threat of another that prompted owner Woody Johnson to punt.  Some teams don’t want the potential headache, even though the talent remains.

Our prediction?  Revis will be cut, and he’ll sign for more than the Bucs wanted to pay.  Keep an eye on contending teams with franchise quarterbacks, including but not limited to the Patriots, Broncos, and Falcons.  For non-contenders, the only way to get Revis will be to trade for his contract, and hope that he’ll be happy.

100 responses to “Revis rejected request from Bucs to cut pay, won’t take less as part of a trade

  1. Of course he won’t take less. Guy held out several times for more, no shot he takes less. Honestly I’d love to see him end up back in New York, Idzik would be a God.

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  3. 16 million a year, for someone that doesn’t touch the ball every play? for someone who can change the game but doesn’t ultimately have TOO much of an impact on it? cut him and get another corner. he’s replaceable.

  4. This guy is all about the $$$$ I don’t think he cares if he’s on a winning team or the Jags as long as he gets his loot

  5. In this situation, I actually agree with Revis. I generally think he is a self centered D bag, but not this time. He was signed to that deal, and I gather he wants to be in Tampa as much as Tampa wants him there (in other words, not at all). So if he is forced to stay in Tampa, he might as well get paid as much as possible. And if he wants to get cut so he can then choose the highest bidder, it again is in his best interest to make the Bucs choose to keep him at that price or release him. For once, I say smart move Mevis

  6. Way to appease all 32 teams in one go, Darrelle.

    You planning on putting your feet up this season then?

  7. You may be right about the Patriots or Broncos picking him up. He may be tired of playing for crappy teams and may want to try and get a championship. It’s not like he doesn’t already have a stout bank account…

  8. ‘For non-contenders, the only way to get Revis will be to trade for his contract, and hope that he’ll be happy.’ So you’re contradicting yourself…you basically said he’ll go to whatever team pays him the most. So which is it?

  9. Revis is delusional.

    He’ll be cut and will be paid what he’s worth in a “prove it to me” contract. He needs to get over the fact that his arch enemy (Sherman) is better then him. And has a ring to prove it too.

  10. LOL @ Revis. Total hype machine, can’t stay healthy, hasn’t played at a high level in years. Wonder if he has anything left to say to Richard Sherman.

    Of course the Browns and Raiders are in on the feeding frenzy. The Cowboys and Redslurs would be too if they had any cap left. 4 of the worst-run teams in all of pro sports. Welcome to the Terrible Owner Clown Circus.

  11. This guy could be the most underrated diva of all time. He could care less about the welfare of his team. He is and always has been about money. He doesn’t care where he plays, who he plays with or how talented the team is so long as he gets grossly overpaid.

    As a Jets fan I was glad to see him go and now the rest of the league is seeing what Jets fans already knew: Darrelle Revis is the most selfish, pompous player in the NFL. Hands down.


    Derrel Revis retires instead of taking a deal worth 8-11 million dollars.

    $16 million??
    that’s ridiculous.

  13. This is just going to end up in his release. No one is going to pay 16 million for damaged goods. I would love to have him on my team, but either the Bucs can eat the salary and play him, or eat half and rid themselves of him.

  14. It’s all about the money money money!!!!! Take your holdouts west young man. When Oakland wants you and and pretty much no one else, you are screwed. At least you can buy all the rings you want, but never win one. All the same reasons we sent you packing Darrelle!!!

  15. Welp, he’s gonna take less once he gets cut. If nobody will trade next to nothing to take his contract, it’s the contract that is the problem. Can’t give a CB with an attitute problem QB money. TB learned that the hard way.

  16. Revis has 21 interceptions over 7 years in the league. Richard Sherman has 20 interceptions over 3 years.

    Revis Island sank beneath the waves after the 2011 season. He has been one of the best. But his time has come and gone.

  17. Revis plays hardball, I gotta give him credit. And he doesn’t seem like the type to blow money.

    He might come off as a jerk but he is actually just giving these teams a taste of their own medicine.

  18. Here’s to hoping my Philly BirdGang stays away from Revis. Yes the dude can play, but our glaring weakness was in the middle of the field at the safety position. I’d rather spend 8-9 mil/yr on Bryd the Cover safety and then draft Pryor the Enforcer. This would be the more ideal scenario, and it would cost a lot less ..

  19. One player does not make a team. No intrest in this type of nfl player anymore. Its players like him that makes watching college ball that much better.

  20. Revis isn’t worth his current contract and is an arrogant complainer.

    He was the best corner in football like 5 years ago.

    He’s going to get cut and have to sign for much less than what he makes now.

  21. I’m not sure the team is going to get enough of a dose of medicine to really learn their lesson here. It’s hard to find a good supply of meds when you are stranded on an island.

  22. Even if Revis is the best corner in the game (and I no longer believe he is), that is way too much money to give to one guy. You could sign two of the upper echelon free agents for around the same price, and have a far more formidable defense than having just one guy taking away another team’s number one receiver. With many teams having multiple offensive weapons, you need depth and to not be weak at any position. I hate to mention Seattle, but their greatest strength, is there really isn’t a weakest link defensively. Revis isn’t worth the money, which is something he values more than winning.

  23. To any team considering this guy:

    Draft a rookie, use $16 million to sign defensive linemen and/or upgrade your safeties.

    Or make a big fat offer to Alterraun Verner, who is younger.

  24. myeaglescantwin says:
    Mar 11, 2014 2:03 PM

    Derrel Revis retires instead of taking a deal worth 8-11 million dollars.

    $16 million??
    that’s ridiculous.


    Darrelle’s name is completely butchered.


    Revis is only 28 years old and won’t be “Forced to retire”.


    Revis is going to take a discount of 8 to 10 Million per year….However, it will not be with the horribly ran Browns or Bucs.


  25. I’m a capitalist, and not mad at any man for getting as much as he can. But he is out of balance. There are some pro athletes who love their game so much they don’t argue over salary very much. Some love their game, and just want to get fair market value. Then there are the guys who view their game only in the context of money. No matter how much you give them, they still want more, and they pout and whine and cry until they get more. I will never forget Eric Dickerson saying, “I’d play better if I were paid better.” I hate people like that. If you take your game seriously, work hard and excel, you’ll get your money. And you’ll realize that once you have aged a little and have lost a step due to injury, you’ll accept that you have to take a little less until you prove you’re all the way back.

    He’s in for a rude awakening when he realizes no one is going to give him $16 million anymore.

  26. He is easily the most selfish player in the league. He is overrated and grossly overpaid already. Cut bait and get rid of him Tampa.

  27. With Revis, it HAS to be about the money. He played for a non-contender in New York, then went to a non-contender in Florida, FOR the bread. A player knows, when his team isn’t likely to do well, but he also knows that his coaches (and the fans) expect HIM, to do well. If he’s going to put the work in, and can only see buying his own finger bling in the future, it has to be about the money.

    Mike: Could Denver even afford him?

  28. “go back to the lowly jets where you belong”

    You are aware that he’s currently employed by the *ahem* Tampa Bay Buccaneers, right?

    Watch any football this past year?

  29. So a year ago, the Bucs were dumb to pay him $16 million a year. Now, the word is that if he’s cut, he’ll make even more.


  30. He shouldn’t allow the trade for less money. He will be cut and gets to choose his next team. He will still get paid the same as what a team would offer during the trade.

    It’s business, not personal…….that goes for the player’s who hold the cards, as well.

  31. Revis is going to be out of the NFL soon.

    Seriously, he makes 6 mil more a year than the second highest paid CB in the NFL (Brandon Carr at just of 10 mil a season). That is a ridiculous difference.

    I wouldn’t touch this headache with a 10-foot pole if i was an NFL owner.

  32. Falcons? I seriously doubt that. We have 2 young CBs and are trying to upgrade the pass rush. No to Revis.

  33. First of all, giving him a $16 million contract was idiotic.

    Second, once he got a taste of that money, we all knew he wouldn’t take a pay cut. It’s all about the money for this guy and the team is a distant second.

    BTW, I used to side with Revis in his verbal Twitter rivalry with Sherman but you know what? I’ll take Sherman any day of the week and twice on Sunday over this self-centered bonehead.

    Here’s a funny scenario. I’d like to see a bunch of corners signed before Revis, thus drying up the market and forcing poor ol’ Darrell to sign for much less than what he thinks he’s worth.

  34. I don’t think I would want this guy on my team. He’s good but he has always been motivated by money not winning. I can’t really fault him for that but in the same breath I don’t want guys like that on my team.

  35. Maybe being on a bad team makes more sense for a guy like Revis to make more money.

    He’s good enough that on a bad team, there are wide open passes and runs all over the field. Other teams don’t even have to go his way to win. That makes Revis look better and maximizes his value.

    Dude could be a genius and we just aren’t thinking about it the right way. He doesn’t even get hurt much because he’s rarely hitting guys, so he has a longer career than most CBs.

  36. seaeagle707 says: Mar 11, 2014 2:26 PM

    With Revis, it HAS to be about the money. He played for a non-contender in New York,


    Not for nothing, but he did play in 6 playoff games with the Jets including 2 AFC championship games. That’s not exactly a “non-contender”.

  37. Well, then Revis needs to be prepared to get cut outright.

    Then he’s going to find out how much he’s really worth as a CB, and it isn’t going to be anywhere near what he believes it should be.

  38. i remember a lot of bucs fans saying that revis wouldnt pull anything with them HAHA.

    thanks for sheldon richardson!

  39. What they mean is that the team he signs with is probably gonna pay more than the Bucs are willing to pay. The Bucs aren’t willing to pay $16 mil. They’re probably willing to pay like half of it. And the team he signs with will likely pay more than $8 mil.

  40. I can’t believe people get so upset about a undoubtedly phenomenally talented player getting the most $$$ possible. This is business, period point blank. Ofcourse Five Guys burgers could sell their burgers for the same price as McDonalds, but why would they? Did you ever think while your in line at “fill in the blank stadium” that ofcourse its the same exact 16 oz Budweiser yet you pay 4X as much? Ofcourse the owner of the team could set the prices of the concession stands much cheaper but why would they when people are willing and able to pay the inflated price? I find it repulsive that some fans get all “butt hurt” over a player that 9-10 times came from very humble beginnings wanting to max out on their earning potential. People call it selfish, ridiculous, etc.. Not taking into account how many peoples lives(family and friends) these atheletes are able to positively effect. I experienced it 1st hand! While I was a Freshmen in High School a guy named Stephen Baker moved into one of the buildings in my complex. He happened to play for the Giants(#85 WR) he took me under his wing(I grew up in a single-parent household) and began to mentor me. He knew that I was interested in RC cars(radio controlled) but I didn’t have very much $ at the time. He bought me my 1st RC car, a RC 10 for those who know what that is!LOL He also took the time to help me build my car, as well as school me on how to race. He also took me to “giants camp” during the summers and gave me tickets as often as I wanted to the home games. My point is, because he made good $ he was able to be a blessing to others. I wish instead of downing players for making a lot of $$$ some folks will look at it as multiple blessings that will find its way to many people that are in need. The owners for the most part are not 1st generation money, they have always lived in opulence. You would think that people would be offended by their greed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  41. Smartest man in the NFL. See Steve Smith for the “what about the team loyalty” crowd. If you are a player past his rookie deal (not a QB) and aren’t taking the approach that your career is year to year, and you need to be looking for the highest payday possible at all times, you’re an idiot.

  42. Revis and Sherman are the best in the league………… holding receivers. The officials let them get away with it because ESPN says they are “shut down” corners. Sherman admitted that he holds people along with the rest of the seahawks defense. All great defenses are allowed to hold. Thats just the way it is. Thats how they become great defenses. Revis holds the piss out of people. He’s not that good.

  43. All this is proof that darrelle revis doesn’t want to win.

    I mean…. yeah…. get paid… but…. go towards the light (a winning team).

  44. If he ends up with my team, it’s an outstanding move….If he ends up with your team, it was a foolish acquisition.


  45. Wow did he pull the wool over the NFLs eyes.Hes overrated and has been a cancer wherever he’s been so why is anyone surprised by this?Revis is about to discover he isn’t what he think he is worth.

  46. Bucs made a VERY bad decision when they made the trade and gave Revis a 16m per year contract. People shouldn’t throw this on Revis – he made clear he was about the money….so why act surprised he is unwilling to take a pay cut now?

    He knows Bucs are in for a couple rebuild seasons, so why would he want to stay except for the money?

  47. How would you like it if your boss said he/she wanted to cut your salary so he/she could pay your co-workers? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be happy about it. Revis isn’t wrong here. Tampa knew the deal a year ago & still agreed to it.

  48. bigblu,

    Its nice to hear that there are still decent people out there. I understand your point. i personally haven’t bashed Revis, but for some reason he just rubs me the wrong way, and I think that may be the case with a lot of other people. There is something to be said about maxing out, but at what cost? i would want to max out if I were in that situation, but I would also want to put myself in a good situation as well. It just seems like Revis maxing out is the best situation for him no matter where he lands. If that is what he wants, that is what he wants. more power to him. Big ups for Stephen Baker the touchdown maker.

  49. I don’t get why so many people hate this move by Revis. If I could get paid a load of money to work for a company that wasn’t the best at what it did, I’d take it. Would you?

  50. Good for him, the NFL is a business. Owners and GMs dont think twice about cutting a player when its no longer beneficial to them. You can easily get injured, and you are putting your body on the line every week. So why not get paid as much as you possibly can. Why should teams have all the leverage? if they offered him 16MM then he shouldnt have to lower that figure so they can trade him easily.

  51. Let me give the takeaway from his news conference with whatever foolish team signs this pariah…..
    Revis says as tears are welling up in his eyes and his voice cracks…”It was never about the money, it about being respected” wipes the fake tears away from his eyes.

  52. Obviously Tampa should have never signed him. They just provided him his exit ticket out of the Jets. Maybe he is doing this to get to choose his next team and not necessarily setting that 16 M in stone his demand. One would hope so because at this point 16 M is excessive for his production. He will most likely sign for 12 from the team he wants.

  53. I really don’t understand all the hate that is being shown toward Revis. He held out twice with the JETS and they caved and gave him more money . . . the only leverage a player has in the NFL is to hold out . . . the BUCS traded for him just last year with the existing contract, knowing it was $16M a year. Now the BUCS want to renegotiate, but they aren’t a very good team. Why would Revis agree to negotiate solely with one team, when free agency creates an open market where all 32 teams will set the price for Revis. Maybe the BUCS will offer the most in the open market and resign him, maybe they will offer the most and he will choose to go to another team, maybe another team will offer more than the BUCS are willing to pay . . . any way you look at it, why would anyone expect a player to limit themselves, especially when there is a market that exists for that player. Most times when a player re-structures their contract, it is to get more money via a conversion to bonus money, in the short term (1 or 2 years) and the end result helps the team with cap space, but those are typically players that are 30+ years old, with limited interest in the open market. That isn’t Revis’ situation, he approaches it similar to how the NFL teams do, it’s business first and a game second. I understand fans are emotional, but NFL players have short shelf lives and usually non-garuanteed contracts . . . he shouldn’t be faulted for seeking an avenue to free agency. By the way, the JETS never had to give him new contracts, they opted to . . . if he was way out of line with his monetary demands then they should have cut him, let him go to market and purchased his services at a lower cost, but has the highest bidder.

  54. This dude is an absolute trip. Parlayed the ‘Revis Island’ moniker into a major holdout, injuries, a trade and now again refusing to be anything resembling a team player.

    Dude obviously has unquestioned talent…but he’s a true headcase.

  55. Its a business right??? Or its not ok for a player to pimp the front office how they pimp the players???? Me personally I think he’s way too over paid but it’s a short life in the nfl you gota get what you can get when your the one worth some kind of value and you control your own outcome he’s just as much a business man as those top office cats! Greedy..Yes….stupid….NO

  56. I don’t want him on my team….Year after year whining about contracts..

    Soon enough he’ll be alone on Revis Island watching the NFL on TV…..whatever he needs to do…

    As sad as it is the Jets will probably retire his number one day…..

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